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Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader in Airstrike

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 11:35 AM
I don't get it. The article on Fox News is titled Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader in Airstrike, but the second paragraph states,

The Israeli military, which carries out pinpointed attacks against militants in the coastal strip, said it was not involved in the death of rocketmaker Khaled Dahdouh. And the Palestinian Interior Ministry said no missile parts were found in the incinerated car.

Israel is typically forthcoming about airstrikes against terror targets, but this time they're denying any involvement. The article goes on to state,

A witness, Ahmed Abdel Khalouk, said he was sitting about 100 yards from Dahdouh's car, which was parked at a speed bump, when he saw a large man walk over to it and open the driver's door.

"There was a huge ball of fire, and debris from the car covered the entire area," he said. "I think the car was booby-trapped."

Yet, Fox News ran with a title stating Israel did it. CNN just says he was killed in a blast, and MSNBC states the same (though paints doubt on that with the subtitle, "Palestinian group blames Israel, which denies responsibility").

The only group of people who are stating Israel did it is Islamic Jihad, and they're creating an uproar over their accusations.

Why would Fox News be so misleading with its title and be so inline with what Islamic Jihad says instead of what Israel and the Palestinian Interior Ministry are saying? Is there some kind of agenda here that I'm not seeing?

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 12:50 PM
The FOX article now simple reads "Islamic Jihad Leader Killed in Gaza City Car Blast".

If the Yehudis didn't do it, then it might be Hamas trying to crack down on people it expects to not cooperate with it as the government.

Or the Isrealis could be lying. They could be covering up their involvement because now terrorist groups are part of the government. I doubt that they'd assasinate the leader of hamas and then announce it, for example. So this might be the new policy.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 01:42 PM
Maybe they read ATS

That's an interesting perspective on a new Israeli policy. There are conflicting reports, some saying there was a helecopter, others that it exploded as soon as the guy opened the door. Seeing that the Palestinians didn't find any evidence of a rocket or missile, I would be led to believe that Israel didn't do it.

As to Hamas doing it to ease tensions, I read an article today (granted, from a biased source) talking about Hamas fueling Islamic Jihad with Qassam missiles being fired from Gaza. Source

What's interesting is the same website details many Qassam attacks after that article came out.

The other possibility I can think of is that Islamic Jihad did it, for two reasons. A coop in their leadership and a chance to issue more propaganda and incite unrest against Israel in a country that already elected a terrorist group whose charter is to remove Israel from the map.


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