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Too much time at Church? Demon attraction?

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 10:49 AM
Maybe I have been going to Bible study too much because I find myself increasingly thinking about Satan with a curious fascination. Anyone knowledgeable in those kinds of cultish things interested in chatting sometime?

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 12:31 PM
Welcome to the board my friend.

When it comes to the fight of the powers.In many cases furthering yourself in one field can attract reaction from the supposed opposite.When it comes to the struggle between that of the angels and devils,we can break this down into almost any kind of study out there.

Now as far as action and reaction is concerned.If an evil entity or esscence has no need to deal withsome one who is not concerned with it,most of the time there will be no confrontation,mabey the person in question will feel the presence of the entity but will barely notice it.Many spectres demons and entities will do checks on people they come into contact with,for many of these things such as angels,this is as easy as reading the cover of a page.For they are connected with exsistence in ways we are not.

Now in some of the circles which hold us as being part of this web which is supposed to be part of eternal struggle for dominance and peace.
It is said that the more work for the good side you do,the more you will be effected by the bad side. Which makes sense if you think about what I said before.

If someone doesn't nesseccarily oppose something,such as a cause,there is little interaction between the two partys.Now this is until the two do cross eachothers path,which may never happen.If it does the action therefore will cause a reaction and start the ball rolling in many different directions.

An easy example is this.Say a child is scared of a supposed entity giving them trouble at night. Most children do not have a set standard for their conduct when it comes to which side they are on,(good or evil).

Therefore it is said that this is why the entities of both sides are more active in children.Trying to win them over or control them(this happens to adults aswell but that is not for right now).While the other side trys to protect them or nurture their spirit pertaining to which side they are generally on.In many circles this is described as this.

It would seem that while there are many variations of destiny pertaining to the cast of an individuals role.Most are either of good nature to begin with,or bad. Being born under different signs and conditions one may struggle against who they are gut in the end will end up playing their part in this cycle.With this we try to understand as both parts being neccessary .For example take the yin and yang cycle.Each is equal in size yet has part of the other at its core.This study alone is something amazing but again that is for another time.

Hope I didnt run all over the field too much there.
All for now.

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 10:08 PM

My first question, despite being personal in nature, is how old are you? Many adolescents and late teens who are religiously active feel a general calling to question their beliefs, and if you are Christian the obvious train of thought would be to think about the other side. Not necessarily Satanism but just the darker side of the natural and preternatural. I don't want to come across as one of the "bible beater" that frequent this forum because I am religious in the loosest Christian sense of the word, but just stay the course and concentrate on the positive.

Whether or not some entity might be attempting to influence you into these thoughts the most important thing you must realize is that these entities (if they are in fact contributing) THRIVE on negative emotions, it is quite literally what gives them power over us in the material. Surround yourself with things that make you feel positive not just necessarily church. Perhaps you are having family problems, who knows? But maybe something in your life is out of sync and you need to work to get things back on the level. You aren't alone many, myself included, have thought about the darker side of our spirituality, the strong person learns from it and moves on.


posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 01:14 AM
Go to the dark side!! Lianna I'm your father

Seriously though. When being indoctrinated, with whatever idealism, it is natural that at a certain time you start to wonder what the opposite side is like. It's ok to explore it, within reason. You can't understand what something is unless you also understand what the opposite is.

This is why most people don't know themselves no matter what they think. People refuse to see their negative side, let alone accept it is there. By doing this they're refusing an important aspect of themselves and how do you think they can grow as individuals if they ignore aspects of themselves?

There is also a difference in Knowing (knowledge) and truly knowing (wisdom). Everyone can gain knowledge about anything they wish, but this does not make them understand anything. You won't understand and grow in wisdom and strenght unless you experience your knowledge firsthand. The most learnfull moments in life are the ones that cause distress and push you to your limits to seek a solution.

That said...only a rare few here know what "light" and "peace" is because they never experienced the other side. They talk about it, they have knowledge about it, but they don't understand it. And I'm not talking about pubelescent rebellion as being "the dark" aspect of life, because everone undergoes that and it is natural. Try going further, explore, no harm can come from it. At the end, if you do die, so what you'll be an experience richer and be reincarnated.

Since you're a Christian believer...ever heard the story of the little angel that was inside the sun saying it was so light. God said, how do you know it is light? Do you know what darkness is? The angel didn't know and was send to the darkest corner of the universe. Once there the angel got scared and yelled "Oh father why have you forsaken me". But god said "I never forsaken you, because I'm everywhere...including darkness".

Demons are manmade, christian made even. Mankind couldn't fathom the teachings of Christ so they had to create an opposite....therefore satan was born. Because Christianity was trying to reform the world they took symbols of other religions like greek/roman. Other religions they didn't deem "right"according their own set of morals and called everything Paganus (latin for "he who lives in the fields"). Even Hinduiusm and Buddhism were put in that catagory :S.

Christians took Baphomet, a god of nature, and used it as icon to represent Satan. Fools they are. God is all, both the positive as the negative. Demons don't excist, however people fight psychological aspects within themselves which they refer to as demons. Instead of seeking the strengt or root of the problem within themselves most people rather put the blaming finger to an outside source like demons and satan like gods, while in fact they are causingn 85-90% of all the problems themselves.

But true demons are called Daemons which means Spirit. Spirits have no human morality of Good or Evil, they just are. They will help you or not depending on what they see and they see more then we do. Demons is a christian word, Daemons are not.

As for "bad" entities, they aren't demons and cover a whole other load. Simply because they are more human then anything else.

Remember that NO ONE is in charge or control over you. God gave you free will so use it. If some entity or "demon" tries to persuade you by putting ideas into your head...keep in mind that you're the one in charge of making the final decision and acting upon it. No one else is responsible for your actions and decisions made. Same goes for people in daily live, they can only advice you, but the final decision is and always will be your own. And you are responsible for the outcome not some supposed entitiy or manipulative friend.

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posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 10:34 PM

I really enjoyed your post. If you belive in run and return system do you belive that everyone can come back? If not the bad souls would they not be demons?

I know we must speculate here but please do.

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 09:25 AM
i have seen a picture on the net with a cross upside down on a chirch wall

ill try and hunt it down, try and help me find it and post it!

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 11:19 AM
Lots of good read on this post. To add, fascination not equal to cultish.

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