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The words to the 18- 12 overture. (for Scots everywhere)

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 10:30 AM
Ye come up here tae paradise , tae beat us at your game,
Aw'wind and piss and full o' #, Yer aw the bloody same.

Ye caw yersels World champions, the nations most elite,
But Scotland are the greatest noo, cos Yuv just been #in 'beat.

A game that wis invented, fur English gentlemen,
No Highland Jocks we tartan frocks, well bluddy think again.

A baw that's shapit like an egg, it's jist a stupit farse,
Bit A suppose it makes it easier, tae ram right up yer arse.

So git back home an lick yer wounds, yer a buch o stupit fools,
It's time fur you tae cheat again, and change the #in ,rules.

Rugby,fitba, cricket tae, yer jist a shower o chancers,
Stick tae whit ye dae the best, you Morris f*****g dancers!!!



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