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Why does GOD fear us?

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 09:40 PM
Many thanks for all of the thoughtful posts.

I started this thread because the mere concept of a "fearful GOD" is a contradiction in terms. If an omnipotent GOD created and controls the universe, then what is there to fear on GOD's part? On the other hand, if GOD did not create (and does not control) the universe, then fear on GOD's part is understandable from a mortal perspective.

So, pointing towards his controlling behavior in my second post, I tried to establish that GOD, as many of the monotheistic religions have defined him, follows the path of fear and uncertainty. In light of this realization, GOD might be further defined as "inheritor" rather than "creator" of the universe.

As I see it, this frames GOD in 2 ways:

1) GOD benevolently inherited the universe and all it's problems and is doing the best he can to cope with the creation, or

2) GOD, as opportunist, usurped the creation from the original creator and is causing mischief with his mismanagement, willful or otherwise.

Either way, GOD is not the original creator.

This begs the question of who the actual creator is in the first place.

I leave that to others.

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 09:56 PM
Well you've got me, but the people who wrote the Bible were definitely polytheistic up until the time of Isaiah's second book. Ashra, the Queen of Heaven; Wisdom is definitely deified; Baal, although a dead god; the "let US go see what they're doing" in the story of the Tower of Babel; not to mention the, "let US create man in OUR image" in Genesis. Then there's the "sons of men" who had sex with the female mortals who then gave birth to great warriors (Gen., 6:2).

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 09:12 AM
god is not a person! or one type of being!

as christ is on the cross he says "they dont know" "they dnot know"

He is talking to everything!, the sky starts to act weird basicly representing mother-nature and the bond of everything inc our minds.

Its our minds that control mother nature, but its like voting..

50% of the ppl on the plannet think of rain
50% dont want it

and you end up with spurs of rain randomly?

another example:

20% ask for rain
06% dont
30% barlly
44% want pentium 5 computers :bnghd:

the 6% and 30% will get what they want
44% was greedy
20% wont change unless there percentage is over 36 or if the 36% has gone lower or higher

but that is mind power of the people..

its like the saying

"the pencil is mightyer than the sword"

1. the pencil can have more meaning in history
2. the pencil represents the one who can see the consiquencies
"think before you act"

1. the sword leaves a bad mark on history
2. the sword represents the fool, the one who will kill just to protect himself:bnghd: coverup ect ect.

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