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Cancer Stastistics-Cancer Society or EPA

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 07:34 PM
Can anyone tell me where to gather statistical data on cancer per capita so to speak?

I tried to find out from the American Cancer Society if there was statstical data available to study the rate of cancer in my geographic area, but they were of no hope. After being dodged and ignored I was finally told that there is a process where if you suspect a higher incidence of cancer in an area, AND can prove reasonable environmental cause, then possibly you could get the EPA to research the claim and gather stastistical evidence, but that they, the American Cancer Society has no such statistics.

it seems the American Cancer Society would want to have such statistical data...would be pushing for it even...why are they NOT? This seemed very odd!

Now, then what I come to find out, making such a claim to an agency such as the EPA includes as a prerequisite having STASTISTICAL DATA showing a higher incidence of cancer and death by cancer in the area related to the enviromental cause in question, to back up making such claim to be investigated.

Now how does one go around in these circles and get anywhere?!?! :bnghd:

Knowledge? Information? Opinions? Suggestions?


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