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Does the concept of eminent domain make you nervous?

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 09:20 PM

If they want my house by Imminent Domain...they better come with a army..they are gonna need it.

I'll second that. Like the great Patrick Henry said, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. Sic Semper Tyranus.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 09:40 PM
My grandparents emigrated from Prussia in the 1860’s. They became citizens and had 11 children. They were wealthy when they landed on these great shores. According to our family history, they had more than three million dollars from the sale of their land in Germany. They used that money to buy a huge tract of land and continue to raise cattle and farm as my family had done for generations. In the early part of the last century it was discovered that large deposits of uranium were everywhere on their ranch. Since the land was patented they owned all mineral rights above and below ground. Something that is not possible today. The government wanted that land and took it. Paid them fourteen cents on the dollar (from a family history penned by my grandmother) and informed them it was their duty. The uranium removed from that land would be worth billions in today’s dollars. They took that money and bought a lesser ranch ( a dump actually) a couple of hundred miles north where my father was raised. My Grandfather could no longer support himself and had to take backbreaking work in a nearby mine. Between that and a meager living off the new ranch they survived. Then, Uncle Sam, decides he needs that ranch as well. Eminent domain and this time no payment whatsoever and my Grandfather and his children are reduced to living in a one room house provided by the mine. At this time my Grandmother decides that these horrors are happening to us because we have a German name. No matter that we have been US citizens for many years. She may have been right. She had our family name legally changed to a British name that resembled it.

My Father just before he died, took me to see what we could of second ranch. It has a tall chain link fence around it and razor wire on the top. There were signs every few feet announcing that deadly force could be used. We have no idea what goes on there. There are no visible buildings other than a little white farm house sitting on the side of a mesa and a dirt road leading to it. Nothing else (this was in 1969 and I have not been back since). I have spoken to a man who delivered a sealed trailer to the house (in the 1980’s). He says he was locked in a room with no windows and fed a nice steak. When he was done he said the truck was turned around and emptied of its contents. He said he repeated this several times. Always a sealed load and always locked in a room with no windows in the house.

The concept of land ownership is fantasy and always has been. It is not possible for instance to own anything that is taxed. We live in a country were the government can and does take peoples homes and land for failure to pay taxes. You can work like a dog your whole life to pay for a decent place to raise your family and then when you retire the government has no compunction about taking it away from you. One of my neighbors became ill and was unable to pay his property taxes. He owed only $6000. They seized his property and threw him and his children out of their house and sold it at auction for much less than it was worth. They kept everything over the monies owed as a punishment. His crime? He developed cancer at a young age. What horrible man!

All of this is our fault! We let them do these things to us. We are all a bunch of cowards who talk the talk but we do not walk the walk. If we were not cowards then explain how any of these things could happen to us? We keep electing the same creeps who screwed this country up. Democrat, Republican – not matter! There is no difference. As long as they can keep us fighting amongst ourselves they know they can do whatever they want to us. As long as we are divided nothing will change. This site is proof that they have won the battle. A thousand years from now the same families will still have all the wealth and power and we will still be arguing our lives away and voting in elections where it really does not matter who wins. We loose! If you think there is any difference between the political parties then their plans have worked perfectly. Democracy is a work of fiction and it always has been. The form of government does not matter. It’s who has the power that matters. The only reason they maintain this air of legitimacy is to protect themselves. Then they go home at night and have a good belly laugh at what a bunch of fools we are and how easy we are to control. It’s not who you are in public that matters. It’s who you are in private. I think someone famous once said that. I don’t remember who, but they were very wise.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 09:47 PM
Shrug, now that thousands upon thousands of courts have taken both action and reaction to this judgement, thousands of people were displaced from their homes.

God Bless the USA!

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 10:01 PM
Wow Blaine, that is one hell of a story. It is so hard to believe that something like that can happen to a hardworking American family who was guilty of nothing more than being of German descent and owning property that had valuable mineral rights. What you said about our rights as Americans (or lack thereof) and the power of the ruling class really hit home with me and I couldn't agree more. Instead of a fascist state we live in a system that preeches honesty and hard work and the American dream and smiles to the masses while they secretly enslave us all and bleed us dry. What an amazing tale. I can't imagine how your father must have felt being helpless like that. What a shameful mess this country has evolved into. So far from the original forefathers intentions. Our government likes to play the role of the good guys but some of this stuff is no different than the tactics used in Nazi Germany. I guess if you truly want to find out how free you really are, just dont pay your taxes this year and see what happens. I love America and all of it's founding principles, I really do, but folks ......we need a serious change.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 10:47 PM
Throughout all of this we have remained loyal Americans. These things happened before my birth and had little impact on me in reality. They did however directly impact my point of view. All is not lost though. I still have faith in our will to survive and that most people are good. They made the one mistake that can not be taken back. They educated us. As long as we are aware their is hope that things can get better. I think most leaders start out with the right intentions but become corrupted by the process of maintaning their offices. Even so, we are fortunate to live here. Many in the world are much less fortunate. I have never gone to bed hungry as do many others in this world.

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 08:47 AM
Blaine91555, your story really touched me.

Folks need to know not only your story, but also need to understand that this has happened to a LOT of people.

100 years ago and before in the US, if you had land and built a house, it was YOURS! Today, it can be taken just to generate more tax MONEY!

I love freedom and democracy. Unfortunately, the US is no longer the leader of the free world, we no longer have a democratic system.

If a person works for and you pay their wages, and they act like the US government - they'd be fired.

It is funny how you don't see "We the People" anymore.

You see by the 1000's, maybe millions, that have been screwed like this by the government and nothing is ever done. Why? They have control of the people and have had it for a long time. It was SUPPOSED to be the people controlling the governement.

Yes there a good things to focus on, but it is getting harder when they are squeezing us tighter and tighter.

We are becoming something shameful. We own nothing - not the land, not our homes, not even the money we make. The middle class are being pushed down. I make a middle class inclome and it is still paycheck to paycheck. What happened????

Again, that is why I rent. I own my soul and my memories and that is all I consider mine. I work to feed my family and give times of fun and pleasure to my kids.

They haven't passed a law yet to take my soul, but give them time - they'll take that from you too.

About being a coward though, I disagree. It is not that we are cowards, it is that we know that no matter what we do, we cannot stop it. Many have tried and failed.

The people were supposed to be stronger than the government so we could overthrow them if need be, but since about 80 years ago or more, the government became stronger than the people through verious means.

Bravery is not stupidity. Even if we got all the willing people together, we would be wiped out without even making a dent. We would be labelled terrorists, showcased on the news, become hated by our own people and died without even hurting the ststem. If fact, it would probably help them gain more power.

At least we know why empires rise and then fall. You can only take so much till theres nothing left.

But hey, at least the rich are happy right? They will die and be buried in a fancy casket and then forgotten.

It is pretty bad when you can say that you can go to another country and have more freedom than the US. There are many places where you can buy land and a home and it actually IS yours.

I better stop now. This is really making me think negatively, but it is sooooo bad now - I can't stand this BS!!!!!

When they can TAKE what you own and/or built without JUST (or any) compensation, there is a REAL problem.

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 08:58 AM
Those members of the Supreme court who voted for this abomination of the constitution should be impeached!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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