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Denying Holocaust Deniers

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 04:54 PM
There is no doubt of the Jewish holocaust in World War 2 Germany. There are too many eyewitness accounts of people still living today, far too many second hand accounts from eye witnesses who have left our earthly realm, a massive amount of photo evidence, documentation both by the Allied liberators and the German executioners, etc. When someone comes out saying it didn't ever happen, like Dingus here, It shows their idiocy, ignorance, or agenda.

So why is there this concerted action to suppress people who say it never happened? We have a man in England being forced into bankruptcy and going to jail for three years for saying the holocaust never happened. We have A certain website censoring sites that deny a holocaust, and those who name the certain website as censoring such information.

Is this really the way to prevent such complete misconceptions? Censor them instead of letting them make utter fools of themselves and allowing people who don't have their heads up their...armpits refute their ridiculous claims?

All this censorship serves to do is create an underground that truely believes there was no holocaust, and keeps them in their bubble of ignorance. Take a hate group off of the radar, and you have a problem. You don't know the size of the hate group, their intentions, etc. Censoring this kind of speech is akin to programming our radar systems not to see ICBMs because we don't like what seeing ICBMs might mean. The hate groups are out there. The best way to fight them is to know they’re out there, what their beliefs are, and stop them. Unless, of course, this denial of the Holocaust is exactly what politicians are looking for. It would really help erase a black eye on Europe’s history.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 09:06 PM
There's a lengthy discussion on this in the Disinfo forum:
Holocaust denier thread
What is the big deal with denying the Holocaust?

Rather than duplicate our arguments, please add your comments there.


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