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Collection of Bilderberg documents

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 03:15 PM
Greeting, fellow ATS forum members. Have not posted here for a while, as I haven't been interested in this sort of thing as much of late.

I am dropping in a note on a site I found that has loads of information on secret societies, groups like the Bilderbergers including ACTUAL Bilderberg documents that I have never seen before. There is also hell of a lot of genealogical information on there on the usual families like the Rockefellers with links going back to royalty and stuff. I don't know much about that though and have only recently signed up. One of the most interesting things I have come across on the site is two secret society membership lists for societies at Harvard. They are just as impressive as Skull and Bones with members such as John Jacob Astor IV and J.P. Morgan Jr.

I'm sure this will provide a lot to talk about in the forums.

I contacted the owner and he says the site has something to do with Trineday - the publishing house that publishes Anthony Sutton's book on SKull and Bones, but when I do a search nothing come up.

A WHOIS of the domain says that it is registered by Trineday though.

The URL is

One drawback is you have to pay for access, but it is only a couple of dollars and I think it was worth every cent.

Oh yes. There is an index of a lot of the stuff on the site you can get to on the main page.


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