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NY art installation/psychic workshop seeks participants

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 03:08 PM
Hello, I'm new to posting, but have been reading ATS forums for quite awhile. I'm a young (27) New York-based artist who has been featured in some pretty big shows recently (PS1/Museum of Modern Art's "Greater New York 2005", Museo Reina Sofia's "Musica-Video-Musica", the upcoming "Trial Balloons" at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla (MUSAC) in León, Spain) and my collaborative partner and I have a residency at Brooklyn Fireproof, a non-profit art space in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.
Basically, we've set up an environment that functions as a combination film set and workshop where we're recreating and expanding some of the remote viewing and psychokinetic experiments that have been done by academic and government-sponsored agencies, with the hope that doing such a thing with the bit of attention we've received for our prevoius work can help place aestheticized documentation of successful trials in prominent enough places to help subtly shift public/lay perception of the field in general towards acceptance, dialogue and open communication rather than what we see around us.
We're looking for more participants- people who can come in with a friend or loved one for about an hour or a little more- who would enjoy enacting some of these trials. We've had alot of success with our modest little operation, usually being able to get some positive results out of most pairings within about a half hour. If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact me (Jay King) at or through this thread. You can look me up a little bit by searching
King/Diaz de León (Jay King and Mario Diaz de León)
Brooklyn Fireproof

We'll only be able to do this project in this incarnaton until March 10th, though we're in the space constantly, so if interested, we can book times to participate/visit anytime between about 10am and 10pm, unless we've already filled that slot.

Thanks very much, I'm excited and a little nervous to be writing my first ATS posting on something I've worked on and thought about with regard to this type of community for so long.


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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 03:32 PM
Excellent Idea JayKing! I am an artist too! I would love to see your work. And, also to work with other artists. I do RV with a partner on-line a least a few times a week (he is also into music and art a little). And we telepathically send pictures to each other all the time. Plus, we work with RVing the p.c. energy generated pics at Gotpsi. Also, he asks me for help with RVing sports results in UK..just kidding! Although, we do both like to gamble and play roulette.

But, unfortunately neither one of us lives near Brooklyn. Anyway, we have not kept copies of all our succesful RV's but I have copies of a couple if you would like to see them. Or, if you and group could do any on-line experiments maybe?

Good Luck with your Awesome Endeavor...Please post results.


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