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One of those "chills" moments

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 02:57 PM
This is an odd story and I wonder what anyone might have to say about it. I have always kind of thought as myself as different. Not a psychic but weird things have always kind of just came to me. Numbers/answers pretty much any time I want to put my mind to something it can happen. I get a lot of visions and most turn out to be nothing of this world. All that a side I want to share my most odd and chilling account.
I used to live at home with my parents and brother and sister. Normal home nothing out of the ordinary blah blah blah. Both my brother and sister have suffered from night terrors most of there lives. My brothers were the worst and I was always (almost jealous of the attention) wondering why i was never effected.
My brother was kind of crazy as a child. He always needed a bat or golf club or something by his bed so he could sleep.
So one night all I remeber is I was lying in bed and everything had a blue tinge to it. Nothing out of the ordinary I just remember the shade. I thought I herd something so I looked at my door. Like just out of a horror movie I started to see the door knob turn. I'm no tuff man so I was pretty freaked but didn't say a word. The door then began to open and I could see my brother. So I think he's having a night terror because he always acted them out and for some reason I was always in his dreams. So I say" hey steve?" no response. I get up out of bed and walk towards the door and just as I start to speak my brother burst into my room with a knife in his hand posied to strike. Just as the kitchen stake knife is going into my chest I wake up.
Completly covered in swaet and scared for my life because everything was just to real. As I am breathing heavily in bed the door knob starts to turn again and the door opens. Its my brother with the exact same knife in his hand coming into my room.(IT WAS THE EXACT SAME THING THAT JUST HAPPENED IN MY DREAM) I naturally screamed louder than any five year girl could and I was 16 and a boy! It woke my parents and my brother and just then he dropped the knife.
I told my brother what happened but he was to freaked out about the whole thing and didn't want to talk about it...
I have had many incounters with what I believe to be ghost and only at that momment did I really start to believe that there is more to humans than we understand.
Just wanted to get any feed back from anyone who may have had a similar event happen in there life and possibly just a little semi pro help on what might have transpired.

Peace and don't sleep with knives.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 03:15 PM
First off, wow, chilling story. Good thing you had the dream or vision first, or it might have come true right then and there. You must be destined for greater purpose to have received that kind of intervention, imo.

Normal home nothing out of the ordinary blah blah blah. Both my brother and sister have suffered from night terrors most of there lives.

Second, the two statements above appear, to me, to contradict each other. It is not normal, in my understanding, for night terrors to persist past early childhood. I could be wrong.

I get the impression there was more going on with them and/or in the house than you are aware of or are willing to share with us here. That's ok, and I'm not making any kind of accusation by saying that. Maybe you could try to meditate on it, or try to talk to your siblings about it some more, pool your recollections and opinions and see what you come up with.

I think there is a powerful bond there that, if explored and explained, could lead to some important revelations and opportunities for growth for you, and maybe your siblings, too.

Take it slow and easy, and protect yourself, and your psyche, from any negative fallout.

Peace be with you.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 10:12 AM
Every night now for the last 5 days I have been going to what I believe to be the same realm.THis place is horrible and infested with the undead.While we have weapons such as guns.What is left of the people who are alive is very little.Now I havent been doind any kind of work on the undead lately.

Afew nights ago there wasd also a small group of vampires aswell.
Now as these are very frightening circumstances,know tyhat these dreams are more like planeswalking(in my studies anyway,where I seem to take a roll of one of the people in these places.I believe that I am assuming the role of my alternate personas while in this state.

Now these things happen to me all the time,it is a part of whgo I am.But to be going to the same world line has been something that I have only experienced a few times before and not lately.

Whether or not these places aare real.I can re,member them almost as if it were in this world(reality).Awell most(not all) of these realms i seem to visit seem to be in some sort of dire state,whether it be a warin which I'm being hunted down.Or like these where I find myself up against a nasty amount of things trying to snuff me out.

Now why these things happen to me is easy enough for me to understand.
To explain it to someone slelse is another matter.

All for now.

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 12:30 PM
Very interesting story!

I have read several stories about things like this happening. Unfortunately I can't find any links, at least not yet.

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