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You are part of the war on terror

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 06:33 AM
Hi all,

Let me start by explaining my title so people can see where I am comming from on 'The war on terror'

My proposition for a debate is this: The ATS board and members of are acting as a force for propaganda in the W.O.T.

I am a new member but have been watching and reading this board for a long time (a number of years)
I would like to raise this point purely so that the members can evaluate what I have to say when both posting and replying to threads.

There have been numerous (try and count them) posts on Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia and China – The usual hit list of countries that were (cold war) or modern day opposed to NATO and or the USA
Naturally people on a board like this debate subject matters of importance regarding details on past and possible conflicts however did it ever occur to many of you that this board has been used in the past and currently to whip up feelings which acts as positive propaganda in the W.O.T

I’m not saying the W.O.T is a bad thing but its path should I believe come under much more controlled debate on ATS

Lots of users some of which could actually be doing this on purpose post threads which due to their title, content and wording are not supposed to lead to debate only gathering support for negative thinking

One typical example (just look back over the last 12 months to see how many post follow this format)

I heard (some quote taken out of context from the most radical source possible), we all know that (A) is this and that, this is bad for everyone!
I say that we do x and y to (A) before its too late.
(A) has always been against us and plots every day. Their military strength is X and I have links to support this here and here.

It is very easy to agree and jump on the band wagon when a thread or post is constructed like this. No one ever seems to look back at how the thread started and before long it degenerates into ‘country bashing’
By blindly signing up to possible propaganda you are pushing views further which effect subsequent members. Please apply caution before adding fuel to a fire, people will get burnt

I am not saying that certain countries in the world are perfect but before you start or reply to statements from others why not think what its like to be in that country for just a second. Life isn’t like a PC game in which you just blown them up and all the enemy are gone. Real people (normal people like you and me) get effected, just think about them before you jump on the ‘country bashing’ debating how may 10’s of nukes should be launched in which direction.

There are some very clever people who use this board, but there are also morons who mis-quote or try to find bad quotes on purpose, try to spread fear where non exists or try to spread their own brand of fanatic thinking

Remember deny ignorance, think for yourself please

A fan of this board

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 02:20 PM
Good post snatchypaws!

Don't be surprised if the 'reality' you just explained is ignored by almost everybody here. They have already been successfully fed into 'it'.

On the surface it would appear as if there is hope for their warmongering spirits because they are so full of hate for who they believe is the enemy.
Unfortunately it will probably just continue to eat at them because it is very unlikely you are going to get people here to turn that hate into rage when they realize who the REAL enemy is. When they do understand who is killing Americans and why, they are drawn to focus deeper on the 'war of terror' because they believe nothing can be done to change their own fate. (For some reason most Americans believe we can change the lifestyles and habbits of everybody else in the world, except ours)
That's delusional.

They hate the 'radical Islamic' people for their resistance and outrage on the other side of the world, but none of them budge when you show them the 'excrement' that their own government is serving as the main course on their dinner plates. I hate that 100x more !

What puzzles me is that very few people realize that they are becoming the people they hate, and the more time we spend focused on the people who are dying and suffering around the world,
the more their pain becomes ours, and for some poor people their level of 'hate' just increases.
Maybe that is why we need something to direct all that hate towards...
apparently people don't realize that this is causing them to hate their own world, and to hate themselves even more in 'the process'.
Most people here and the entire U.S. for that matter, couldn't care less when they see or hear about more Muslim people dying for their 'cause' because our media has done such a professional job at portraying this entire group of people as "the problem" with the world today.

It's almost as if nobody realizes that we are nothing more than what we chose to experience or make ourselves aware of in this life.
Most of you still see what is happening on the news around the world as happening to 'other' people, when it is part of your life as well. Nobody else see's the people screaming out for justice or fighting for what they believe in as a part of themselves, mostly because you have placed a 'bad' label on them and don't consider them as loving human beings very similar to you.
You still think you are different than 'them', when in all actuality... that IS a part of who YOU are.

I wish Americans didn't feel so comfortable knowing that this government uses our military to destroy thousands of people or entire countries for no reason at all. Take into consideration the people who have died since the hunt for OBL started after 9/11, and now it has escalated into the U.S. supporting Israel in a war against Allah's "chosen people", regardless who they are or if their neighbors are innocent people.
Drop bombs on em'!

It won't be so entertaining when Americans start to stand up for what they believe in, if that ever happens.

And yeah, there are some very effective 'manipulators' here

... you have to 'follow their line' and discuss topics exactly the way they instruct you, then watch them change the topic of your own threads and tell YOU to stay on topic.

(and I apologize if I got your thread moved snatchypaws)

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 02:42 PM
Well said! I too, find it perplexing that so few people are able to identify the true enemies in this War. it's nice to see that not everyone has been fooled. Here in Australia they have even rehashed an old campaign from 9/11 days which encourages people to ring a hotline number and report "suspicious behaviour" in the name of fighting terrorism. I'm sure you both can recognise the dire consequences that this type of campaign will result in, but unfortunately we appear to be the vast minority at the present time.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by mytym
Here in Australia they have even rehashed an old campaign from 9/11 days which encourages people to ring a hotline number and report "suspicious behaviour" in the name of fighting terrorism.

It would be awesome to see some more people rehash some of their old campaigns.

[edit on 1-3-2006 by Regardless]

posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 03:39 AM
Unfortunately most people don't want to face the truth because it doesn't suit them. Sadly for many it doesn't even interest them. They would prefer to believe their government is their friend, there are no such things as conspiracies,etc,etc.
They,d prefer to stay within the perceived safety of the brainwashed masses grazing on the lies fed to them by the talking heads on TV.

Ignorance is not bliss, but it can appear so right up until the illusional bubble bursts.

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