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The Dream Journals of Andrew Dewitte ( Dream poems)

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 04:58 AM
"Crystal caverns, in your dreams;
A fulcrum point, or so it seems...
Chinese lanterns cast vivid hues;
We are all here together,
and we all know what we do..."

Most of these poems are related to dreams. Some come directly from dreams,others may just embody dreamlike qualities...
I hope you enjoy them.

The Feverhead (Isle of dreams)

Every night I dream a dream,
but it's one I dream alone...
And everyone who knows me
just thinks my heart's of stone.
But as long as it's been beating,
it has always bled...

I'm dreaming,
I'm dreaming of the feverhead.

So, my dreamof life's this party,
and one I live so hearty.
Tho' demons live outside the reef,
they only vex the dead...

I'm dreaming,
I'm dreaming of the feverhead.

So at night my love still lives here,
'though i cannot say just where...
So I just keep returning,
to live beyond the mirror.
While others waste their time away,
I guess it must be said...

I'm dreaming,
I'm dreaming of the feverhead.

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 01:51 AM
A Dream...of a Better World

Well, if England was really Cleavland,
then my friends would all live in Liverpool.
If Donna Reed had been a singer,
she would have sang, "The Duke of Earl"...

And, if a guy named Charlie
wasn't really crazy;
Oh, if zen and tao were one....
Then we'd reach the highest zenith
by living for The Son.

And so now, you know his name is Jesus;
He loves you, each and every one...
Because through him, we reach The Father...
The true,and only one.

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 02:34 AM
I see the Future Faded...

...So I turned to see Miss Liberty,
but the copper was so rusted,
it looked like there were freckles
on her nose.
Then I turned to see an angel
flying through the sky,
and it looked like he was Black,
or I suppose...
Well his wings shone like a shield,
and yet he seemed too real...
And yes, there was a rumor
of a war.

I was looking through the past,
just to find my future,
and the picture was as perfect
as a dream...
But this is just my fantasy
of what is yet to be...
I was trying to find
the best there was in Man.

But then the vision faded...
Or was it just my mind so jaded,
that the image fled
as soon as I awoke.
Well, the Man, he spoke in pictures,
and still he shouted loud,
but noone there
could hear what he had said.
So when the truth comes a callin',
it's going to be so sad,
'cause we miss it
'cause we just don't know the words...

Well, I see the future faded,
parading through my dreams;
'Cause the days of tomorrow
now are done...
Yes, I see the soilders coming,
their voices calling
thru the clouds...

They have come to fight
the last war for The Son.

(This poem was written from a dream with no words. There was only a series of images, with no "soundtrack".)

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posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 11:52 PM
Lucky Stars

When you wish upon a star,
and you wonder just how far away,
your dreams may be today...
For so many can only see,
the door, but not the key.
Just wait for me...
Just wait for me...

And we will be your lucky stars.

As we pin on our gold bars
and wings,
we will not miss a thing...
As we soar,
and our souls sing...
Through the night,
into the light.

And we will be your lucky stars.

When the nighttime fades to grey,
and the dawn is on it's way...
Just watch the night
fade into light...

And we will be your lucky stars...

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 10:26 PM
Dream Lover

I value passion
like a jewel so rare.
Under this spell,
my soul I'll bare...
But my lovers are oh, so few,
for none may fathom
what I may do.

But,I love you,
and you look so fine...
But you are melting, melting...
Right into my mind.

I've searched five worlds
just for you.
So, you know my love is true.
For I'll destroy, and never die,
just to greet you eye to eye.
To all others, would be cruel,
But for you, I'm a cosmic fool...

'Cause I love you,
and you look so fine...
But you are melting, melting...
Right into my mind.

"Melt into my heart, just like a memory"

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 07:10 PM
Calling on the Tears of God

Calling on the tears of God.
Calling on the tears of God.
Give him all your fears
after fighting all those years.
He has finally heard your call.

His heart as warm as any sun...
Yes, he is the only one.
You don't have to cry,
just give the man a try...
Calling on the tears of God.

Passion like the heart felt deep.
He's watching while
you wake and sleep...
You don't need a creed,
he has all you need...
Calling on the tears of God.

So, climb that mighty mountian high;
like an eagle soaring
through the sky...
Running from the night,
into the dawning light...
Calling on the tears of God.

( I recall the rain, and the refrain from this dream...)

posted on Apr, 4 2006 @ 04:43 AM
The Breeze

The breeze just floats on by,
the children wonder why...
And, the caring woman cries
thu the wind of a thousand sighs.

The night time ink so deep,
while in another land they sleep...
But, the wise man always peeks,
then takes and makes his breaks.

The breeze just floats on by...

"The wind wispers mid my dreams, and warns me of the future."


posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 07:50 AM
"Born into the Evil World's Ways"...

Demons attack me in my dreams, attempting to subvert my spirit. I fight them and win, because I can...
And, when they are cast away they pathetically plead....
"Don't leave me alone"...!

Searching for romance in a world of isolation...
If there's any consolation, it's that true love is very rare.
Spirits without form crave insanely for the flesh.
Evil spirits in your temple, turn you into filth.

Can't you hear them laughing...?
No, I guess you can't.
They're using you perversely
and you think it's just so natural.
You've given up your life
and you cannot feel your own spirits death.

You're walking in a dream,
and you think it's only life.
Infected by an evil that masquerades as truth.
A peach so utterly rotten,
and yet you love the taste...

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 10:48 PM
Isotopo Monkey

...The dream was of ancient Egypt. The Pharoah confronted Moses. He told him he knew what he had done. (Killed an Egyptian) The Pharoah told Moses that he would be watching him. Then Moses left the palace. After Moses left, the Pharoah pressed a stone tablet with two hieroglyphic monkeys. One glowed red, and the other glowed blue. They lept from the tablets, and ran after Moses...

Out on the sands of Egypt.
Beneath a smoldering sun.
Being chased by radioactive primates,
that think that he is the one...

Well, his name just might
have been Moses;
But he didn't look like
that Charleston dude...
"Cause he never used dramatic poses,
and he never acted so rude.

So if I was just an imbecil,
I still would not follow your dream...
When your mind just dwells on the material,
and all you think on is schemes.

So when running the lenght
of the Nile,
'till the night grows more than just dark.
Then the moon starts glowing
like a lantern,
and the hyenas all start to bark...

So now you know you are on
a course to collision;
And all the insurance you have
is none...
And now time stands on
an axis,
that tilts to the left of
the wrong one...

"Isotopo monkey, hon...
Say, who should have such fun?
Isotopo monkey won...
And you don't even care
if youre wrong!"

"Wait to wake a thousand years.
Swim a river made of tears.
Learn to conquer all your fears.
Then truly see behind the mirror"


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posted on May, 15 2006 @ 08:11 AM
...Up from the Eather...

...And, I guess we could say
that this dream was induced...

Well it's kinda slow
still steady paced,
but dying will live out.
And when it seems
you're at your end,
still you've got one friend...

Up from the eather,
Up from the eather,
Up from the eather, (Ha! Ha!)

So when I call you
I will want you,
and then you won't be lonely...
'Cause there's only
one thing that I want,
and that's your s'only...

Up from the eather,
Up from the eather,
Up from the eather, (Ha! Ha!)

"Your subitly sir, is lost on my demeanor." A.D.

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posted on May, 23 2006 @ 10:13 PM
Who Will be Your Lover...? (in your dreams)

In a world so cruel and mean,
will our love stay pure and clean?
So, who will be your lover,
in your dreams?

Who will be your lover?
Who will be your lover?
Who will be your lover,
in your dreams?

'Cause I can wait throughout the year,
'till it becomes so crystal clear...
But, who will be your lover,
in your dreams?

Just tell me what it means...
But, who will be the lover,
of your dreams?

As we love the whole night long,
but then you will be gone...
So will I be your lover,
in your dreams?

So I can wait my whole life through,
but, not if without you...
So will I be your lover
in your dreams?

Will I be your lover?
Will I be your lover?
Will I be your lover,
in your dreams?

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posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 01:54 AM
Sophisticated Animals

...In the dream there was a group of people on the beach.
The orange people had black stripes,and the black people
had orange stripes. The women were buxom and supple.
The men were strong and wiry. They all seemes somehow,

I was turning on the channel five.
Oh, my God! Man alive!
It was the Manimal...
So,so,so, sophisticated animals.

Cat people screaming in my dreams,
striped black and orange,
or so it seems...
What does all this madness mean,
son of Hannibal?
Oh, my God! Sophisticated animals.

Mock fighting on the beach.
and they all scheech,
instead of speak...
Some will win,
and others taste d'feet...
They must be cannibals!
Oh, my God! Sophisticated animals.

Some fem, will come then run away...
But then, she only wants to play.
With wild black hair,
and skin baked red like clay...
Well, what else could I say?
But, let us run and find some hay!
Must be a Man...imal.
So, so,so, sophisticated animals!

"It's basic instinct not to fight your true nature."

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 11:15 PM
Bodihidarma Looking at Me (A waking Dream)

It's an illusion I know,
just part of the show...
But I see Domo
looking at me.

What can this be,
this passion I seek?
Is it mearly for
sex entertainment?

Dancing spirits
on the head of a pin;
sexual attraction
just a matter of zen...

Transfigured reality;
is it just the matrix?
Or I just made a mistake
and I want to erase it

I know where to go.
It's the final show,
and I'll laugh
'till the last curtain call...

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 10:17 PM
Shekinah (True Dream)

It's the glory of God
in a female form...
Beautiful, soft, curvaceous
and warm.

Descending from above,
she fits like a glove...
A manesfestation of pure,
true love.

Three times to alight,
like a beacon at night.
To guide me through
this warring storm...

"Melt into my heart, just like a memory..."

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 01:24 AM
(Said He) "It's just a dream..."
(Said She) "But dreams are real!"
(Said He) "But, it's just a dream..."
(Said She) "But dreams are real!"

Mi Sueno by A.D.

Lost...On the Beach of the Cosmic Stream...

It moves around you,
and yet it's hidden.
You dare not drink,
tho' it's not forbidden..

You deny this book,
but still it's written,
in the heart that you hide
from yourself.

Smoke and filth
around you lie,
and cloud your gaze
so you rely...
on the hazy image
you think you see,
beyond the reach of your vision.

On a beach strewm
with rubbish,
you clutch onto the trash.
Driven by impulsive decisions,
sudden and rash...
Wispers to the deaf,
leading to death;
Unconscious, like zombie lemmings.

Life is your ghost,
so to illusion you toast..
And laugh from the fear
that lies knawing inside...

posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 03:58 AM
I feel a sense of history ...

I feel a sense of history
I have not lived in life.
It happens when
I'm dreaming
in the dead of day or night.

There are people I remember,
Though I know
I've never known them...
And memories I recall,
even though I do not own them.

There are other worlds
of life and living.
Other times of death and dying.
A search for truth and mystery,
that seperates the myth from lying...

"Then I awoke,
was this some kind of joke?
And much to my surprise,
I opened up my eyes"...

The Rolling Stones

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