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Knowledge Projected Through Dreams and Beams of Purple Light

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 01:07 AM
Like Saul on the Road to Damascus (with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour), Philip K. Dick was struck by a beam of light out of the sky, which gave them certain "insights," and knowledge that would not be otherwise available to them. Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli received many of their most profound notions while they were asleep. I've read of other examples (that I can't immediately reference) of people literally being struck by beams of light from the sky (lightning) with a corresponding kick-start to their brains.

Philip K. Dick understood it to be a kind of transmission from an alien spacecraft, hidden in the darkness. He thought that every once in a while, tiny seeds of knowledge are blasted into people's heads in order to move us along, culturally, technologically, intellectually. Some land on fertile ground, geniuses with the intelligence to interpret and translate the information, but most blasts hit ordinary folks who just shrug it off as a weird experience and forget it, if they can.

I wonder how many people here have experienced something similar. A literal "bolt from the blue," that opened up certain pathways in your mind that otherwise might have stayed shut. That curious feeling of "epiphany," when the subtle workings of the Universe are clear and simple for a fraction of a second. A dream in which the fundamental forces of nature intermingle in an obvious way.

I've felt it. Once every now and then. I've dreamed of things I don't have the mathematical or linguistic skill to express, but I knew them to be accurate representations of the workings of the universe (or at least a small part of the universe, anyway).

I wonder how many others out there are picking these things up. Randomly, maybe from VALIS, maybe broadcast from the future. I wonder.

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