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Solar System program help??

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posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 11:12 PM
Is there anywhere i can see what the planets were aligned like on a certain date and then see when they will be aligned the same way again??

Please help whether it be online or a downloadable program.


posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 12:00 AM
I have been searching for the past 30 to 45nmin. trying to find if the internet even offers a website to allow some one to do what you are asking for free. My conclusion is "You are going to have to get the software to do such a feat."
I went to NASA, SOHO, and other various sites with no luck at all. I personally do have that kind of software on my home PC,but unfortunately ,I'am at work right now. I don't think they would allow me to download any of my personal information to this computer,I will look into the website for the particular software I have and touch base with you a bit later,K?
Once you get into this part of astronomy,you tend to find it way to easy to see how the Egyptians,Mayans and so forth all made thier astronomical charts and evident predictions. THNX!!!

I will U2U the 28th of Feb. some time after 4PM.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 12:06 AM

Sky map maybe of some help involves emailing date and times nearby city etc but you should get what you want.

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 12:20 AM
I'm not aware of any programs that can perform that specific function, but Celestia is a fantastic program for general space simulation:

You can certainly use it to view the arrangements of planets and moons on specific dates. One cool thing you can do is view the stars from the point of view of a different system. For example, you could see what the night sky looks like from, say, Zeta Reticuli.

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 10:15 PM
Thanks everyone for your time and effort.

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 11:36 PM
I like Starry Night
I have Pro v4, and it does the time seek bit: put a date in manually, scroll thru dates with buttons, or frame-rate forward or back.

Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Pack Deluxe Edition

Starry Night Enthusiast 5

Starry Night Pro 5

Starry Night Pro Plus 5

Product Page


posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 03:51 PM
Hopefully this helps:

Check out the natonal Geographic Virtual Solar System.

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