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The Aesthetic Experience / Moment

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posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 10:02 PM
Has anyone experienced an Aesthetic Moment while alone? Maybe you are
driving your car while listening to music and you become detached from
your surroundings and only an observer ? I look at the same objects every day, cars, clouds, animals, people, buildings, streets but recently all these
have taken on a new meaning. There is a timelessness in what I am viewing outside of my car. At times I feel I'm watching another civilization
on another world yet I'm very involved in it. The Aesthetic Experience has
been well documented. Beauty has taken on a new meaning here. Have
any of you had theses feelings?

posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 11:16 PM

Pileus, great concise description.

I think that the creative experience, whether music, dance or the production of almost anything can bring on a transcendental moment like you described.

It is not exclusive to creativity and can just happen but IMO, people involved in the arts experience this detachment more frequently.

Musicians and athletes and others refer to this place as the "zone" where the only thing that exists is what is happening "Now."

Is this the experience that meditation/psychadelics/mysticism offers?

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 08:47 AM
Where your just sitting their and everything around you feels weird and you don't wanna come out the state your in as it's kinda relaxing but you must?

posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 10:25 AM

I always considered it more like a "Moment of Awareness". I was home alone for a week, pretty paranoid and just sitting in one spot not moving for long periods of time, just eating and vegging. Well on one of my trips to the kitchen for some more Doritos, I was drawn to the screen door. I could actually hear and feel the calmness outside. I stepped outside and I was completely at peace. At any given moment, there is usually some tension or stress in at least one place on my body, but now I was fully at peace. I stepped down into the grass barefoot and it felt great. I felt very hippy-like and started picking berries off a bush in my backyard and collecting them for no reason.

Later that night I came online and I was so happy that everyone thought I was drunk/high. =).

I actually sent someone an email of the whole ordeal in much greater detail than this. I may have their response still saved in my inbox, I'll go see. Then I can shed more detail onto the experience.

Edit: Here it is. Sorta crazy now that I read it again. Wow.

Subject: 8:47.o =))) HAHAHAHAHA LMAO.
Sent: August 24, 2004 9:10:39 PM

*smiles uncontrollably* I love you so much! The world is awesome. I have had a moment of inner peace. I was in the kitchen getting some doritos and a coke, and I had left the screen door open instead of glass from when I went to water the garden. I went to close it, but I heard crickets chirping and felt the most comforting, breathable air I have ever felt. It was like I was on drugs. I walked down and put my bare feet in the grass and knelt down and felt it between my fingers. I walked around admiring the flowers and I noticed that our black current bush had berries on it, so I picked them off smiling and sat down cross legged in the grass to eat them. I eated the purple berries
. They were wonderful. The world is wonderful. Everything is wonderful. I love every single part of you. You are beautiful. You are perfect. I will never stop loving you. I love everyone in the world. I wish you were there with me. I wish you could feel it. Calm summer evenings are my new favourite thing in the world. Stupid arguments dont matter... politics dont matter... debating anything doesnt matter.... stress doesnt matter. There is so much more to life. I'm not afraid any more. I dont even have to close the back door. This house is such a downer. The air is so different in here. I feel heavy. But I still have the feeling of outside and I'm going to go run outside for a little more. I love you =D. *attempts to do a cartwheel and fails miserably* HAHAHAHAHA. =)

HAHAHAHAHA. I love you x 2 =).
STOP SMILING AND KISS ME SEXY =). WheEEeEEEe! =) I love love love love love love love love love

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