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Interesting Postcards

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posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 09:09 PM
My mother has a huge collection of old postcards from all over the world. Some of them are about 100 years old. In this collection I found a postcard with a rare photo of the legendary Norwegian coastal steamer "M/S Sanct Svithun", a beautiful ship who sank tragically 1962-10-21 after a series of unlucky circumstances. They say an old woman dressed in black and who looked like a witch (of course) was denied to board the ship for one reason or another (maybe she was broke?). She yelled some curse after the ship as she sailed from harbor for the last time ever. She sank some 10 hours later and 41 people died. "M/S Sanct Svithun" is not to be confused with the "D/S Sanct Svithun" which were attacked and destroyed by British planes in 1943. I took a snapshot of the postcard with my cheap digital camera
. "M/S Sanct Svithun" seen here in a Norwegian harbor sometime before 1962-10-21...

Click the picture for a bigger version (1024x704)...

Do you have any interesting postcards to share with us? Either a postcard with a pretty picture, a spectacular photo or simply just interesting in one way or another. Please post them in this thread if you have them

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posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 09:28 AM
Sanct Svithun

D'oh! The picture embedding has been messed up over the years... Embedding it again below. Hopefully, it will remain embedded this time...

Photo: Hellmutt took a snapshot of a postcard

The Cause Of The Disaster Is Still Unclear...

Google translation of German wikipedia

The cause of the disaster is still unclear. Is presumed that between the pilots and the helmsman a misunderstanding on the right course there. It looks like the helmsman commands the "42 degrees" and "35 degrees" misunderstood as a "342 degree" and "335 degrees". In addition likely that the officers the compass not properly controlled. Last clarity will probably never win, because all persons who are at the relevant time on the bridge stopped, and thus would give information, which located on the bridge took place - captain, pilot, First helmsman and helmsman -- the accident died.

"Last clarity will probably never win"... as all on the bridge died. How could this happen with a ship full of advanced navigation equipment and experienced crew? Maybe the old witch dressed in black had something to to with it...?

::: SANCT SVITHUN ::: Disaster at Folla

The ship’s exact location was not confirmed before 25 years had passed, some time in 1987.


The story is extremely intriguing and very exiting indeed.

- A modern ship of that time on a route it has done for many years with experienced officers and several compasses available.

- Captain going to retire at the end of the voyage, and the new captain on board (two experienced captains)

- The ship heading out on a wrong course for hours

- The ship getting lost as result of steering wrong course

- Weather turning really bad with strong winds and higher swells

- Ship naturally as a consequence sends out mayday with incorrect position based on sighting of a wrong light house (they think there is something wrong with the light house because the lights is not what they expect to see)

- Half of the people on board perish that night – and naturally all that were on the bridge the last few hours


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