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ATS Wargames Take 2: Scenario 1

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 05:45 AM
The Russian Federation announces that it will help its iranian brothers , eitrea and the NPPK with any of there military or economic needs and as we have stated before any attck on these nations will be dealt in kind by TRF

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 08:47 PM
Breaking news:

"The President of Iran announced today that it would be sending oil at very discounted prices to all its allies and those who choose to be its allies. It gave its word that the substantially lowered prices would be locked in for a minimum of five years to those that help it in the face of the American aggression."

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 11:32 PM
Once more we would like to state that although the planes have most probably been tracked to our disused military airfields this is nothing to do with us.

We appreciate the help being offered to us by our international brothers but ,we will reiterate we can defend ourselves should the time come.

We would further like to announce our intentions regarding this international threat by releasing the following sensitive information

1. Our army is fully armed and ready to fight any force intending to breech our borders

2. Our airforce whilst low in numbers is high in quality (Of planes imported from russia,along with who knows what else)

3. Our newly acquired naval subs have mined the area known as the"Bab El Mandeb"

We now feel our borders are safe and the ephiopians will be found guilty of this murderous act and that the worlds press will leave our developing country to our own devices,It is our way it is Africas' way.

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 12:52 AM
This is a CNN special report.

A US Navy Arleigh Burke class destroyer working in the recovery effort from the crash of BA10001 has been severly damaged by what appears to be a mine. There was an explosion creating a 20 foot hole near the waterline and starting a fire onboard. The crew was able to put the fire out, and keep the flooding to a minimum until assistance arrived from other US Navy ships in the area. The Pentagon has refused to release any information about the incident until the families of crew members have been notified. All recovery efforts have been suspended at this time while the ship is brought to a port and repairs can be made to keep it from sinking.

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 05:56 AM
The mining by the new subs is dissallowed Kuhl. It's too soon for the subs to have arrived there. They're running at 8-10 knots which means you're looking at several weeks to get there. You can mine the straits still, but not with the new subs.

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 07:05 PM
Time : 12 noon
Date : 01 march 2006
Place : world wide

The Eritrea situation :

The USA deplores and condems the flagrant war mongering of Eritrea – and anouced a embargo on all traffic to and from eritrea

As of 12:01 , 1st march – the only way in or out of Eritrea is over land via sudan or etheopia -

30 AV-8B – strike aircraft are to redeploy – to the forward bases created in jizar facing the red sea .

The garrison at dijoubti is ordered to a war footing - USMC will deploy to defend the border

Auxillary units Deployed will assist in the handling and reception of aircraft assets inbound

The USS oakhill will secure the sealanes to the south – turning back all vessels

The Iran situation :

Following unfortunate developments in the Persian gulf – iran is warned that now is the time to think its position out , very carefully

The situation in countries with identity crisis :

Evacuating women and children first – the planned withdrawl from bases in japan and korea is going according to schedule

The USN is authorized to aquire 37 vessels totaling 1.2 million tons under the STUFT program . These will me mostly container carriers and ro-ro vessels – to accommodate the sudden and unprecedented redeployment needs of US forces .

When asked if the withdrwal target could be accieved a DOD spokesman was confident – that by the deadline – no US service man – or any US assets will remain on Japanese or korean controlled soil . oh and The last us service man to leave – will turn out the lights

Strategic mobilization

B-1B : Deployment of all 20 aircraft of the 28th Bomb Wing from Ellsworth AFB, SD to To Diego Garcia, The B-1B lancers will be Fitted out with ferry tanks – they will fly none stop
Depart in 14 hours – ETA – 27 hours .

The dept of the navy announced that operation tuscan is to be implemented effective immediately – this will see the biggest peace time deployment of USN vessels ever – putting an unprecedented 197 of the USNs battle fleet at sea simultaneously .

All USN shore stations are going into over drive to accommodate this massive undertaking . Some construction and other works are being deferred for a 45 day period – to free up vital recources and facilities

Notice to shipping

As of 12:01 hours , on march 1st 2006 – the Persian gulf is closed to all shipping via the straits of hormuz .

Intelligence received indicated that Iranian surface vessels and submarines have conducted extensive mining operations – in the straits of hormuz

The extent of the problem is being assessed – and we will keep you updated – as we learn more .

In order to protect shipping – the USN will enforce an exclusion zone – as bracketed

As soon as we can spare the vessels – mine clearance activities will begin , But for the time being We will sink any muthafukka who attempts to run the straits “ for their own protection “

Have a nice day

Notice to shipping :

As of 12:01 hours , on march 1st 2006 – the southern apporoaches to the suez canal via the red sea are close to shipping

To prevent congestion and free the canal for essential traffic – only south bound vessesls headed for Egyptian , Saudi and isreli ports on the red sea will be permitted to pass

In response to eritreas flagrant act of war – all vessels headed for Eritrea will be stoped and seized – any vessel which resists – will be sunk .

Lloyds of London has withdrawn insurance cover for all vessels that attempt to navigate the two hotspots – masters are advised they proceed at their own liability

posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 03:27 AM
The status of the USS Ramage DDG 61

The department of the navy can confirm that the ramage suffered a catastrophic underwater explosion . while conducting humanitarian SAR duties in the red sea

The incident happened at 05:06 , 1st march 2006 – a mine laid by ERTITREAN NAVAL UNITS IS THE PRIME SUSPECT .

Suspicios activity from erritrean patrol boats was noted in the proceeding hours – but was overlooked – as they claimed to be assisiting in the search for BA10001 .

The ramage is holed below the water line – and has lost a section of her bow , initially she was able to stabilize her self – and too the radical descision to make way astern at her max speed of 2.5 kt . hoping to reach port in Saudi Arabia

But After consultation – it was agreed that the keel would not take the strain – and thus ramage Beached herself

Her current location is

N 18 34 24 46

E 41 03 08 95

All casualties have been evacuated – to Saudi hospital facilities – and marines – have been deployed to assist the vesse;ls security

At this time – every major sustem except hull inmtegrity has been restored to an efficiency of 90% or greater

Weaps and power are both at 100% .

The vessels small boats have been deployed – with

As painfull as it is – to see a USN vessel stricken – it is expected that revovery will take over 2 months – as a specialist carrier – like the one that recovered the cole – will have to refloat the ramage – and return her to dry dock for repair

But for the time being – she is still a fighting ship – and acting as the command hub for the blockade of erritrea


Press release from the state dept


The US embassy in assmara is now closed – and all staff are evacuating to dijouti

The erritrean ambassador and his staff in Washington are now persona non grata – and there diplomatic credentials afre revoked

They have 7 days to leave the USA

posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 06:15 AM
The Royal Navy announced today that they are sending the HMS Sumerset to the area where BA10001 crashed. The ship will remain outside the known mine area, and will have orders to defend itself if fired upon.

posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 07:09 AM
wow - ONE frigate - are they certain they can spare it ????

we dont mean to sound sarcastic but the entire world is going to hell in a hand basket - and the RN divvies up one effing frigate

posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by ignorant_ape
wow - ONE frigate - are they certain they can spare it ????

we dont mean to sound sarcastic but the entire world is going to hell in a hand basket - and the RN divvies up one effing frigate

....The Uk respects the US's position and is well aware of the loss of life to the american peopel, britain extends thier condolances and support to the US.

The current politcal and militray situation in the opinion of her majesties government requires cool heads and clear thinking, that is the reason her majesty is sending one frigate as a.....ambassador to the region. We would not want to insult our middle eastern buisness partners with acts of war.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 03:58 AM
An audience with the president of sudan

The American ambassador requests an hearing – to pitch an offer – direct from president ape .

His message is blunt .

We want your oil .

He Requests that his country increase oil production to maximum levels – and open up all available terminal capacity – to western oil com[panies

With the entereance to the red sea – and the Persian gulf closed – the viability of transporting sudanese crude up the suez cannal – now becomes attractive – very attractive

Now is the time to sell every drop of oil sudan can wring from her wells – the western oil companies will buy – pouring much needed foreign currency into sudans coffers

Whats in it for sudan , apart from the money ? -

Eritrea is currently persona non grata – so any milirary action – that sudan may embark on – which under normal circumstances – would provoke a hostile response – will go un challenged - The message is clear – now is the time to avenge any sleights – real or imagined they have with Eritrea – and re draw the disputed sections of the border in sudans favour .

Having set out the USA position , the ambassador withdraws – giving the president 24 hours to make a descision

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 04:09 AM
an audience with thje king of Saudi arabia

the American ambassador requests an hearing before the king – to pitch a proposal – direct from president ape

in light of regrettable events in the straits of homuz and red sea – it is vital that the kingdom of saud stabilize the situation .

we request that Saudi Arabia ramps its red sea oil capacity – to maximum

we ask that he :

1 – restart the The Trans-Arabian Pipeline (Tapline)

2 – increase the East-West Crude Oil Pipeline (Petroline), - to 100% capacity – its currently opearing @ 50%

3 – open yanbu – and other red sea pots and terminals to 100% capacity

4 – restart the pipeline to joradan

The source for all these capacities is here :

the ambassador advise the king – that the wel being of the house of saud is one of our top priorities , the USA will honour all its defence promises to the Saudi king

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 05:52 AM
The Russian Federsation announces that it is breaking off all trade and closing all borders with korea , japan , eitrea , and iran for there underhanded and illegal tatcis in recent events it is clear that eritrea , japan iran and korea are run by unstable mad men we invite the USA and china for diplomatic talks in the next few days

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 06:18 AM

In a press release today, the NPPK government released this statement.

''we condemn the traitorous attitude shown by Russia, there acts have shown they cant be trusted''. He then went on to say ''We will not treat them any different then the American scum.''

He announced that the NPPK air force will be on the highest alert, in case of attack. The NPPK Navy is also being prepared, just in case any aggression is shown towards this greet country.

The leaders of the NPPK have also sent an open invitation to the Saudi leader, to discuss the possibility of open trade with NPPK and its allies.

More to follow.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by ignorant_ape

Eritrea is currently persona non grata – so any milirary action – that sudan may embark on – which under normal circumstances – would provoke a hostile response – will go un challenged - The message is clear – now is the time to avenge any sleights – real or imagined they have with Eritrea – and re draw the disputed sections of the border in sudans favour .

Having set out the USA position , the ambassador withdraws – giving the president 24 hours to make a descision

***phone call to presidant Ape***

"I have been informed you offer to the sudanese premier by my "sources" in Khartoum ,

I cannot condone the USA's positon publicly,however In private I support your stance .

And should the sudanese wish to move on Eritreia The Egyptian Government will sanction military action ,and provide air support and logistical aid to presidant Omar Hassan al-Bashir's forces under the premise of "anti terrorist raids" in return for a complete renogociation of the Treaty boundary along the 22nd Parallel, Egypt is economically developing the "Hala'ib Triangle" north of the Treaty Line; and we wish to have Sudan relinquish all claim on this area.

I will personally speak to the Ethiopian government to gauge ther response,however I feel they will be only too happy to aid our planned military action.

As I speak presidant Ape my chiefs of staff are finalising plans for our mobilisation and assure me that within the week Airstrikes can commence.
however Presidant Ape there is an old arab saying "A chameleon does not leave one tree until he is sure of another. " I will need assurance of no Israeli movements accross the Sinai and the security of our merchant shipping do I have your assurance mr presidant?".............................

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posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 01:41 PM
Due to the recent meetings between the Sudanese and the Usa ,Eritrea wants to once again state the authenticity and validity of our borders as investigated by the U.N.

We have done what we can to protect our honourable country from what we may only term as "Bullying Superstates".

We have been attacked in the press of the so-called international community for these actions although they are purely defensive in nature.

In a correction to our last statement we would like to point out the mining was done not by subs but by our fleet of fast yauchts.

Finally the Eritrean peolple ask the countries of the world who can see the situation developing here for what it is, and not the propaganda some countries would have their people believe, to Unite and help defend us as we will defend ourselves.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 06:18 PM
Oil for Europe

Given the current crisis – the US has a plan , a cuning plan – to alleviate the situation

Question 4 zaph –

In the event of the crisis dragging on % capacity can we send north through suez ?

ALL tankers can transit the suez canal – north to south when empty – what percent capacity can we get – sending them ½ ladened – back up the canal

We have – I hope access to the red sea facilities @ Saudi and sudan -

The Hellespont Fairfax – the worlds largest tanker [ as of 2005 ] – can navigate the canal when empty

The canal is currently dredged to 58 feet – navigable draft

I know payload will fall – and petroleum prices will rise – but I wanna know by how much

Mostly – as an indicator of how long – we can allow the Persian gulf to remain closed

Iran , korea and japan will suffer for more from this than we will .

PS – an idea to get oil through the suez canal

Form 10 tankers – each ½ full and when they get to the med – transfer the oil – into just 5 , the full ones sail on to Europe – the empty ones immediately return as a south bound convoy – and reload

Would that be faster and cheaper than having 10 ½ full tankers making the trip all the way ???

All this of course is dependant on the Egyptian position

But of course – the US will remind them – that it is ertirea who has shot down innocent airliners , it is eritrea who his illegally mined a critical international sea lane

Eritrea has sown the whirl wind – she will reap –

And of course – Egypt is advise to review its revenue stream from suez canal operations – and the ammont of strade currently passing through the canal

Trade upon which Egypt is DEPENDANT ,

Of course , the US surely does not need to remiond Egypt of her history – it is exactly 50 years since the last suez crisis –

Is Egypt REALLY going to go to war – in support of a rogue nation like Eritrea ???

As we speak – the Egyptian economy is suffering – as a direct result of Eritrean beligerance

If Egypt joins the us initiative – to restore oil flow north through suez – it will benefit Egypt greatly –

If Egypt refuses – remember – our [ US ] refusal to support the anglo French invasion – led to its failure

If Egypt turns against us this time – we will not be so understanding

The current US initative , is the last best hope for the region - and the only one which will safeguard - ALL trade in the region - the middle east may be oil rich - but they are pitifily lacking in many basic areas - dependant entierly on thier oil revenue for goods and services from the wesy ... upon which they now depend

the president was blunt “ we see little hope that the pesian gulf – and the straits of homouz will be re opened soon …. Thus …. Alternate energy policies must be implemented … policies which will be on ou terms .... for the benefit of all .... we will not be held over a barrel .... by anyone "

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 07:10 PM
To eritrea

From POTUS , to president Eritrea – “ NUTS “

You have stepped beyond the pale – you will suffer the consequence

You the “ axis of the stupid “

You have mined a vital sea way – illegally

You shot down an innocent air liner

You have sown the whirl wind – now you will reap

To Egypt :

Your transnational issues with sudan – are your concern – you are both civilized countries – settle it however you see fit

Sudan stands to make a great deall of monet=y from this situation – I am sure that in return for stability and promise of future trae with egypt – as full partnes in new ventures – se will be flexible – on border issue – and let go of land she has little use for – to egypts benefit

One warning – what ever action you take – must not disrupt saaudi or Sudanese oil operations in th red sea

Isreal will get zero support from us if she moves into siani in force

Leave isreal alone – and we will take all nesecary steps to ensure that she stays within her own borders

Does this answer your concerns ?

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 07:17 PM
With the canal dredge to 58 feet, and having to send tankers through half full, you could, if you can get enough ships, send up to 70% through the canal, but more than likely it would be 60-65% max. Running the ships half way, then around would shorten the time between maintenance so you could keep it up for I would say....4-5 months before you started having problems with ship maintenance.

posted on Mar, 12 2006 @ 07:19 PM
edit - the measaured depth is 21m

58 feet - is the maximum draft oof ship that can make the passage

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