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The "Old Iraq" or the "New Iraq"; you decide.

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posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 01:44 PM
After reading numerous posts (too numerous to mention) expressing negative aspects about the U.S. war in Iraq and, of course, the positive aspects about the war in Iraq, I realize that there is a question that begs to be asked.

With the gift of hindsight that we all have, I ask whether you feel that the old, Saddam Hussein Iraq is preferable to the "New Iraq"?

On one side of this question, we have a dictatorial regime governed by a malevolent tyrant. Kurdish genocide is tolerated. Brutal torture against political adversaries is tolerated. Barbaric punishment, by Western standards, is the norm against Iraqi's who have incurred the wrath or ire of the Hussein administration. And, finally, we have a population that would be, by any measure, hopeless to ever see their plight change.

On the other hand, we have a U.S. led "solution". The Saddam Hussein regime is overthrown. A lengthy period of turmoil and incredible violence -- both against the American/coalition forces and between sectarian groups -- ensues. There are no reliable utilities; electricity, water, fuel (because of anti coalition violence) for what can only be viewed as a 'lengthy period'. But there is hope for a regime that is more civil (by Western standards) and one that is answerable to their citizens. Utilities , hopefully, will be restored and the tragic mistreatment of individuals will come to end as will sectarian violence and discrimination.

There are two aspects to this question. You choose. Which is preferable, the "old Iraq" or the "new Iraq"?

posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 03:15 PM
What is wrong with me that I am so apathetic?

Admittedly I seem to be politically ignorant...I just really never get it. I hope one day someone can explain things to my peabrain that doesn't seem ludicrously insane to's all a game to me.

Everyone tells me think this way or think that...the left is it's the right...I just see the whole divide and conquer thing as ludicrously obvious and I am so apathetic perhaps because I don't like my strings to be pulled...yet I feel powerless and a bit afraid...

and yes, I vote. Even the apathetic vote.

So, as for Iraq...I see the old Iraq and I think-what a shame...but it's not my's not my shame. Do I care about the people, the children-of course, but can a war really help them-unlikely...I don't really see it has yet.

As for getting rid of a hostile threat to the US...again, I don't see how we have managed to really do that-the terrorist threat still exists.

So what are the benefits and what are the costs...we have lost so many American''s almost like a form of euthanasia...

You know Hitler, Stahlin all the guys we love to be horrified by...killing their own people...what is Bush doing? He is just using someone elses soil to clean his own house, and make the rich richer.

So new Iraq old Iraq-they are both screwed just in a new and different way. I do not see the benefits...especially when weighed with the cost...some benefits, maybe, but net benefits? Not really

and who am *I* an American to say whether Iraq is better?!?! What are the Iraq people saying? Ask them, you know? HTH do WE know?

At least I know that I don't know. LOL -it's like the lesser of two evils in everything and no one really knows.

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