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Photos from Dublin Riot

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posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 10:31 AM

There are lots of photos in this link showing the absolute mayhem that ensued.

Criminal thugs were today blamed for the rioting that left a trail of violence and mayhem in the centre of Dublin.

And senior Garda officers suspect some of the rioting may have been orchestrated by paramilitaries.

Detectives will now pore over video footage to establish if identifiable republicans were masterminding some of the violence, prompted by the intended Love Ulster march.

But officers were adamant most of the frontline rioting was carried out by thugs who converged on the city centre in anticipation of trouble.

Many had texted accomplices to join in and gardai said they had no doubt a lot of the violence was "opportunistic".


I was in Dublin at the time as were my mother and sister. Grafton Street was alerted around 15.00hrs to a bomb scare. My mother was in one of the shops as they were pulling down the shutters and locking shoppers inside. Many people demanded to be let out and they made their way out of the city in huge traffic jams. You could smell fear in the air.

A bad day for Dublin. It's a shame that it's not more acknowledged that there were a vast number of people prepared to protest peacefully until the rioters took over.


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