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General & collaborative brainstorming

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posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 10:26 PM
To summarise the concept of this thread, let me quote who said it best;

Originally posted by MemoryShock
a space to brainstorm and collect ideas pertinent to a given project between members... to allow for more detailed well as to encourage a broader understanding within the project. Such rudimentary collaborations are where ideas and direction are created and focalized..... that works out and offers helpful suggestions for scholars to communicate more thoroughly....a basic outline for group collaboration techniques and so forth.

NOTE: Not a scholar? You can still get involved via the link above, which is welcome.

I encourage and fully support an open forum for all scholars to participate in. Let's not allow the gathering of scholars to be a rare occasion, much more can be accomplished with the opposite.

You all now have the floor, please be polite and avoid each others toes.

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posted on Feb, 28 2006 @ 10:38 PM
TIhanks ADVISOR.......for the thread and the implied compliment...

So, let's get this thread rolling....


What would you like to see happen with the Subliminal Research Project at this point? The Team Leader needs to provide direction!!

.....I of course have read the initial post in the project thread, but feel that your interpretation of the manifestation of your initial mission statement would be relevant....

My personal opinion is that showing instances of subliminals having been used in the past isn't enough......the success rate can't be quantified. Though interesting and relevant, it's not enough.....

I have a suggestion.....if subliminals are a valid concept, then it is likely that there is something to be found through an analysis of the marketing industry. That's not to say that we'll find anything, or can access their research, but it is to say that if some of the examples posted were advertisements, then there has to be something born from the industry to make the application viable. I would like to see more of what we can find regarding their's an idea that I have had for a while, but didn't get around to.....though I would like to rearrange my priorities in this direction......

Also, check this link out and let me know what you think.....

Intra-company presentation for Memory Glasses, a piece of equipment that utilizes subliminal messaging as a means to support memory enhancement…

I have hesitated in producing this within the research project proper because, though I think that there is a relevant extrapolation on the motivation for this product to be introduced on the public market with regards to someone(s) having a bit more than just faith that subliminals work..(otherwise, why would they spend money on it?).....but I also think that the lack of any other background means that I am only drawing at straws. I just didn't think that it was substantial enough......hence the inclusion here in the thread.....let me know what you think and maybe you can find something on the net that I haven't that connects to this dot......that is to say all members of the Subliminal Project could maybe pull this thread and supply their own interpretation/strategy.........or even any other scholar....

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 07:45 PM
MemoryShock, thank you. I have been thinking of what direction our project needs to go in. I agree with you, and I also feel that we should maybe begin investigating alleged broadcasters of these messages. Perhaps even get ahold of a few "key players" in each one, and see what kinda stories they'll give. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll mess up somewhere.

posted on May, 5 2006 @ 09:35 PM
Greetings and Blessed be to all of you.

I have just recently joined this amazing forum and become a Schollar.
I would just like to introduce myself .
My name is Benjamin(Omega85) and i am from Queensland,Australia.
im 21 in a few weeks too , YAY hehe.
But on a more serious note i just would like to say that i would like to work on the thread The Philadelphia Experiment Research Project originally posted by
I would like to thank ADVISOR for letting me be apart of this and i would like to thank everyone else who contributes to this forum for the chance.And now i shall be off to u2u
brodband to ask for his blessings in doing so.
I would like to thank you for your time and once again i would like to thank ADVISOR
and the rest of the Schollars for letting me be apart of this great forum.

Many thanks.
Yours Faithfully.


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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 01:28 PM
Glad you have you with us, your interest is much appreciated. As it is the members who make the forum what it is.

posted on May, 20 2006 @ 03:03 AM







  • Severe Geomagnetic Storm Research Project
  • The Philadelphia Experiment Research Project
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion - Fact Or Fiction?

Above members and projects are within the one month update allocation. The following projects and respective members of, have fallen behind Dept 48 Research Project forum requirements. They are encouraged to u2u me with new "estimated time available", in order to retain scholar status. The below list is made of available projects, both new and those that have become inactive. Any and all interested parties, feel free to u2u.

Synthetic Organism Research projEct Study (SORES)
Individual Mechanized Armor & Future Warfighter Research Project
The Psychokinetic Ability Research Project
Hollywood/Tv Show/advertisement triggering and brainwashing: Identify and possibly re-create
The New Military
The Omega Agency Research Project
Research Project on Mind-Control and Programming
The Astral Projection and Astral Plane Research Project
Reptillian Research Project
Population Control Bioweapon? Medical Accident? What is Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD)?
The Examination of the Interactions between Extra-Terrestrials and Humans Research Project
Subliminal Message Research Project
The Voynich Manuscript Project
Permenant Magnet Motor Project
The Overweight Research Project
The book of Revelation Research Project:
The pros and cons of DE weapons, electric propulsion, and other advanced electric powered systems.
RFID Technology Research Project
Legitimate Arguments for the Existence, and Non-Existence, of a Higher Being Research Project
The B2 Electrogravitic Technology Research Project
James Randi vs the 9-11 scam
9/11 Emergency Research Project
Astral Projection Project
Secret Societies research project
Alternative Energy Research Project
Aurora Aircraft Research Project
Chlorella, Spirulina and Mangosteen---Superfoods For Optimum Health
The Great Pyramids Research Project
The Cancer Research Project
The Corporate NWO: Research Project
The Dogon Tribe Research Project
The Majestic 12 Documents & Personnel research Group
Government Revolving Door Research Project
Alternative Set of Majestic12 Documents
Gulf War Syndrome Research Project
The Yellowstone SuperCaldera Project
British East India Company Research Project
20th Century Psychic Programs and Experiments Research Project
Area 51/Groom Lake Project
Silicon-Based Life Research Project
Israeli/Palestinian Research Project

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posted on May, 26 2006 @ 03:03 PM
The Psychokinetic project is still going. We are going to concentrate more on TK, which is where we got most of our results in the first place.


posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 05:18 AM
hey all , what projects are still active then, there are so many that seem to be at a stale mate at the moment

posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 12:22 PM
Welcome to the research forum, take you time and no hurry, just familarize your self with every thing and it should all work out.

posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 12:29 PM
im actually trying to get together my own research thread just trying to figure an idea out in my head just now. i contacted a few of the thread starters about there research but have heard nothing back *sighs* lol

posted on Nov, 11 2006 @ 11:33 PM
My thanks to those who have shown interest in this project. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have had to discontinue work on this project. However, the RFID and the Mark of the Beast post is currently in the re-write process. I should have more to post in the next week. Once again, thank you for your interest and please, feel free to continue to U2U me with your comments and suggestions.


posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 03:32 PM
Hey my fellow ATS Scholars, i carnt think of a new project, i really want to do another one, i aiming for 10 projects before the end of 2008 but im stuck at number 1 for 2008, so not off to a good start.

Ive been readiong alot about phycology and serial killers, but i dont think that would be right.

O how about a JFK project ? how do you think that would be ? Would it be a long long long conspiracy post from weeks of research, or is it research forum matriel.

mhmmm, how about some sort of ...... medical project. I liked the what is really in our food project, hwo about another medical one. Lies about injections ? AIDs and other stuff ?

carnt think alot at the mo.

How about a kurt cobain one, alot of people say that wasnt no suicide, so how about that, but thats too short to be a research project i guess.

ooo how about anceitn intervention ? aliens and so on in eygpt,. greece and so on, also not aliens, werewolves are well documented in Greek texts that are still aorund today.

Any ideas people ? give a guy a hand here....


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