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Communications Dominance via Ionospheric Modification

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posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 10:03 PM
Snip from Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, an airforce research paper.

]url=]FAS Dot Org[/url]

Modification of the ionosphere to enhance or disrupt communications has recently become the subject of active research. According to Lewis M. Duncan, and Robert L. Showen, the Former Soviet Union (FSU) conducted theoretical and experimental research in this area at a level considerably greater than comparable programs in the West.43 There is a strong motivation for this research, because induced ionospheric modifications may influence, or even disrupt, the operation of radio systems relying on propagation through the modified region. The controlled generation or accelerated dissipation of ionospheric disturbances may be used to produce new propagation paths, otherwise unavailable, appropriate for selected RF missions.44

A number of methods have been explored or proposed to modify the ionosphere, including injection of chemical vapors and heating or charging via electromagnetic radiation or particle beams (such as ions, neutral particles, x-rays, MeV particles, and energetic electrons).45 It is important to note that many techniques to modify the upper atmosphere have been successfully demonstrated experimentally. Ground-based modification techniques employed by the FSU include vertical HF heating, oblique HF heating, microwave heating, and magnetospheric modification.46 Significant military applications of such operations include low frequency (LF) communication production, HF ducted communications, and creation of an artificial ionosphere (discussed in detail below). Moreover, developing countries also recognize the benefit of ionospheric modification: "in the early 1980's, Brazil conducted an experiment to modify the ionosphere by chemical injection."47


Is HAARP all part of it all?

Could commincation warefare be as simple as pushing a button?

posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 09:37 PM
I think HAARP may be guilty. I also believe it has already begun. The war is already here. Just go out into the streets and talk to people, and you will get an idea, of how mind controlled most people are. Just look at the weather already..The technology is already being used. Its not coming..Its here.. We have all heard of chemtrails, which by the way, are real....It is a fact that there are good and bad forces in the world. So it would also be a fact to say that the technology can be used for good or bad purposes. But the bad will inevitably have the edge, because they are willing to do "whatever it takes" including murder, lie cheat, and steal to reach thier "ideal", or idea of the perfect world.

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