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Iraq, civil war and ethnic cleansing

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posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 01:24 PM
Will ethnic cleansing happen in Iraq? Well Saddam was accused of doing the same during his regime.

Now it seems that with a low civil war that may be happening right now, Shiites targeting Sunnis could very well be the beginning of not only a civil war but also one of cleansing.

Sir Jeremy Greenstock, who was London's senior representative in Baghdad until 2004, thinks that while he calls Iraqi sectarian confrontations a low level civil war he agree is a civil war happening.

He fears local communities will look increasingly to militias for protection rather than the central authorities in Baghdad.

This will probably take the Iraqi tribal groups into a division that may actually impair the US dreams of a Unified Iraq.

"The unity of the country, the forward progress of the country would be lost," Greenstock said.

One of the things that go on in countries with sectarian divisions is that they do engage in assassinations all the time. They are called silence assassinations.

This would not stop in Iraq is part of the way these people live and act by.

They are also known from getting read of minority communities to cleanse their cities.


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