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The Dreamland, Atoi

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posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 12:57 PM
First post

The Dreamland Atoi

In the dream, i walked into an apartment for no perticular reason. A few people i knew aswell as many i did not(about 15 people total) were starring at a big TV with flashing lights on it. A friendly looking woman handed me a piece of paper and explained that i should write down any weird noises or things i see at the screen. I stared at it vacently for a few minuites.I blacked out and was awoke. Then all of a sudden i was being chased down a hallway. I knew that these people were after me. I ran out of the hallway, onto the roof of a building. I jumped down, about 10 floors to the ground. I was soon surrounded by men holding spears to my throat. Then everything froze. A african man (who was accually i janitor i had had in highschool) came up to me. A few other African men dressed in tribal clothing, were came with the janitor.

One of them explained that what i had witnessed before(with the tv screen) was called a Trance party. A few people who were lucky enough to go into a trance while watching the lights. They were then able to be in Atoi. Atoi was the dreamworld. I will call them Trancewalkers. He explained that i was very lucky to be in Atoi. The people chasing me were people who in the "real world" were asleep. HE explained that when people were asleep they were in the dream world, but they were not concious of their actions. I will call them Dreamwalkers. THe dreamwalkers have are trying to "kill" or banish the Trance walkers. He also said that while in Atoi i may have some powers(such as not being hurt from jumping off a ten stormy building) but it is also very similar to the real world. He said that the main reason that people sleep is to protect atoi. He said that AFrican tribal people have been visiting Atoi for a very long time. They also try to help the Trancewalkers, as they have already mastered Atoi, and can themselves easily escape the Dreamwalkers. He explained that there was much that i dont understand/know about that can be found out in Atoi.
He said that the reason that half the earth sleeps while half is awake is that people are needed to guard atoi. He said that unless i pratice , it is unlikely i will be able to visit Atoi until i have forgotten about it.

After researching things of this sort, i found it extreemly similar to many African ritual trances, I decided to post this after looking at the Supernatural post. The author said that you can reach the "other world" through many different ways, such as fasting or dancing. Mabey you can dream it too.

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posted on Feb, 27 2006 @ 12:07 PM
Regardless of the path you take.Much does happen in the worlds of this
"Atoi" a term I had yet to hear about until now. Many nights do I do battles within realms that I seem either a part of and just assume that role.Or Alien to altogether.While in this state I am fully aware of myself and surroundings.

In many cases I am doing battle with numerous nasty things aswell as people.As with you I am usually being hunted down or chased with extreme odds against me.

I have seen many beautiful places,aswell as cryptic and outright horrifying places.

I am glad that you have been shown this way of travelling,and hope you can achieve the ability.Though i tell you now that it will totally change your life if you embrace it.

Many circles believe that the dream world and reality have to both be searched in order to fully try to understand ourselves and the realities we find ourselves in.

All for now.

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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 11:16 PM
atoi is iota in reverse...

it's also french for "with you"

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