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EPA OK’d plan to dump nerve agent into Delaware

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 02:53 PM
Here is an announcement that I've been expecting. Remember the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty that says the chemicals have to be destroyed by April 29, 2007?

An extension to 2012 has just been requested.

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 01:14 AM
Just a brief follow up with the latest news.

A bill has been proposed that effectively could delay dumping the VX until next year.

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 09:48 AM
Unfortunately, this is nothing new with DuPont. They've been dumping toxics in the Delaware for years. About 25 years ago, when my husband was in the Coast Guard, they were called out to inspect the Delaware river, where very suddenly thousands of fish were dead. He went out to inspect, along with several others, and found chemicals so highly toxic, they had killed all the life in the river. DuPont received a very small fine, was told not to do it any more, and then DuPont proceeded to keep right on dumping toxic substances in to the Delaware River.
Myhusband was never told what the chemicals were and DuPont wasn't even told to clean up their own mess.

There is an excellent video out by PBS that was done by Bill Moyers. It talks about the secret pact made back in the '50's by 13 (I think) chemicall companies such as DuPont, Dow, etc. THe pact was that since the companies knew their chemicals were highly toxic and even lethal, but they all agreed to KEEP IT SECRET FROM THE PUBLIC AND CONTINUED USING THESE TOXINS IN THEIR PRODUCTS. I think the video was named "Trade Secrets" and you can get a transcript if you Google it.
A definite conspiracy for sure.

Enginer Q, as to the government killing its own people, of course it is. Haven't you ever heard of a little plan called "Global 2000"? It's a paper on depopulation and how to reduce the population by about 2/3 by 2050. It was written in the '70's and signed off by Pres. Carter at the time. Google "Global 2000" and you'll get alot of information.

Lastly, do you really think that the govt and/or private companies are going to tell us their products are harmful? Hell, no. My brother used to work for the Department of Energy, under Reagan. One of his jobs was keeping news of nuclear leaks secret from the public. Many times he was called out to plug a leak in the news and keep it from getting out to the general public. Concern for the public? I think not.

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 02:07 PM
It seems that in addition to the EPA OK, the CDC has now given its approval for the plan.

The only thing stopping dumping this stuff into the Delaware is the Government Accountability Office study.

Meanwhile the Army Contractor continues forward with the VX-to-CVXH caustic hydrolysate treatment.

Or rather, they are stumbling their way thru it.

Reference March 15, 2006
VX destruction has 4th caustic water spill

About 300 gallons of caustic wastewater, a byproduct from the destruction of VX nerve agent, spilled at the U.S. Army's Newport Chemical Depot on Tuesday, the fourth spill since operations began in May.

spills (also) occurred in June, July and October. The largest was Oct. 28, when 500 gallons of byproduct leaked as a result of faulty gaskets.

Work also was stopped most of last summer after spills in June and July that were blamed on faulty valves and after it was discovered that the byproduct was more flammable than thought.

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