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Admin,SuperMod,Mod Thread Post total

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posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 01:19 AM
Just pondering if there has ever been a thread where all the Mods,SuperMods,and Admin have posted in? You know, something all us unmodded members could see. Curious to see what the topic would have been about.

The one I found there were 8 SuperMods/Mods total that posted......
Click Here.

What about anybody else, you found any with more than 8 in a single thread?

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 03:14 AM
Well, I don't know if there is such a thread.

Do you mean all the current Admins and Super/Mods?

Or aeveryone who's ever been a mod?

Because, that could get confusing.

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 11:47 AM
Nah,just random thoughts, i'm thinking a current thread, like maybe the serpo thread where all the Mods contributed.
Don't mind me, I was not in the right frame of mind last night when I posted that.

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 01:27 PM
lol gosh there was one ... Where we welcomed a member, and for some reason it turned out to be all mods,supers ect i think it went to like 3 pages ,

was quite funny

no idea what the thread was called now

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