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posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 04:10 PM
Okay, Yarium challenged me to abduction poetry. I will try my best to not offend.

Reflection in glass.

As I walked down the cobblestones of my town,
The echos of my footsteps, the only sound.
The only sound that seemed to spread for miles,
Alone I was, no recollection of smiles.
I was alone in the early hours of the morn,
walking on cobblestones, chilled to the bone.
As I walked, I looked up to the blanket sky,
Constantly bewildered by folk who don't look and pass it by.
Such a wonderous thing this universe! Oh believe me it's true!
What would be possible if we could fly in space? Well...I'd leave that to you.

“How could I think of such a thing?” I muttered to myself.
Star Trek drives me mad. It isn’t very good for my health.
That crazy show...
Warp speed doesn’t make any bloody sense don’t you know!
Probebly still writing up the new series,
Filled with the same crackpot schemes, and silly theories!
I was travelling along that cobblestone road staring at the midnight sky,
when something caught my fleeting eye.
It was my reflection, covered in glass.
"Still not handsome?"I sighed to myself, OH ALAS!

I laughed at myself just for a mere moment,
but something queer was closing in.
My laughter cut short, foreboding was here,
As I felt this same sort of old ancient fear,
Someone stood before me, before my...fleeting glance.
A beautiful woman, who appeared to be in a troubadour’s trance.
This felt familier. This damned deja vu.
Like I've felt like this before, like most folk do.

She softly walked towards me, into the light of the empty street,
What I saw blew my mind.
What I saw in that lonely street,
I still struggle for words to find.
Blue eyes, pink thighs, yet she was a woman of orange skin.
Her green eyes softly whispered “Love is no sin”
Well, what did you expect me to do? I stuttered, I stammered, and I even swore,
”What in the f!*k do you want with me?” as I tripped and hit the floor.
Well, lets just say I ran away like a wee girl, and tried to get away so very fast,
I sadly was disappointed. There was a blue disk on the reflection in glass.

*NOTE* I've never been abducted! Don't hurt me!

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 04:26 PM
Your entry has been noted...I'll suspend any comments until Yarium has posted his.

I hope Yarium doesn't have writers block, like me right now.

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