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THE killing in the world..Genocide

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posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 05:52 PM
Genocide....Can you belive this i mean how can people do this its just wrong and god why the $&@#$& do they do this.

i mean why do countries send weapons to other countries.. what for money then later in the future those weapons are used for what lese killing...genocide.I mean how can countries just sit back and watch these things happen and just say " oh wow... a genocide in sudan" and then get back to their dinner.If i just had any power in this world i would do something to stop all the killing at any cost.

I mean look at all the deaths:

Holocaust: over i million dead

Bosnia 1992-1995: 200,000 killed, this fact hurt me the most because it was the reason i left bosnia to come to america when i was a child

Rawanda lasted 100 days: over 900,000 people killed, if you want to learn more about the horrible truth of genocides go rent Hotel rawanda, it will change ur life.

Sudan 2004 to present day: 300,000 and growing. I dont know if the numbers are right but it is happening today and im sure many of you know about it.

God i cant tell you how much i hate the killing
No one should just look and watch they should do something... I mean many countries have the force to stop it with a swipe of a hand.


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