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Arrests of an Admitted Rapist is Called Unconstitutional by NAMBLA

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posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 11:13 AM
First for those of you who are not familiar with the anacronym NAMBLA, it stands for North American Man/Boy Love Association. It is a groups of supposedly "adult" men who are campaigning to allow them to engage in sex with children, boyts who's ages normally range from as little as 5 to as old as 16 years old. This is the same group of monsters who have been satirized on South Park.
Five years ago, the FBI was able to infiltrate this group while trying to investigate a travel agency that was arranging trips for these monsters to travel to Thailand and Mexico so that they could rape little boys there. The FBI in an attempt to curtail this groups activities set up a fake travel agency which nailed a few members of NAMBLA who tried to sign up for a trip to Mexico for the expressed purpose of having sex with underage boys.
Two of the men have plead guilty and will be receiving (in my opinion) light sentences. A third man is fighting the charges. This man's lawyer is arguing that NAMBLA is a political organization and as such the FBI was wrong in infiltrating their organization and setting up it's members.
Here is a link to the story:
Dallas Dentist Pleads Guilty To Sex-Tourism Charges
The following quote is from NAMBLA's web site:

We tend to be blind to our own taboos and invent rationales for seeing them as completely reasonable. Boy lovers are

no strangers to this blind spot in American society. Affection for a boy not one's direct relative is at best considered strange

and suspicious. Add to it the slightest erotic dimension and the consequences can be calamitous. Taboos are irrational and

so are the punishments inflicted by the societies that hold them. In the United States, the manufactured fear and aversion

to man/boy love has exploded to unbelievable proportions. Police agencies, no longer finding "victims," are busy entrapping

boy lovers by posing themselves as "victims." The scams are conducted almost exclusively on the Internet.

The newest entrapment twist involves enticing individuals into trips abroad. Everyone should be aware that even

planning such a trip with the intention of sexual encounters prohibited in the United States subjects the individual to

Draconian Federal charges. The fact that this legal invention borders on mind control should not fool anyone into thinking

that the law cannot be enforced. Taboos always trump common sense. Not since the Roman Empire have the consequences

of defying the state been as horrendous.

Love is blind and "the love that dare not speak its name" is no exception. We just hope that our warning will shine a light

bright enough to make the blind see the danger in front of their noses.

There is a saying that God looks after children, fools and drunkards. It is unlikely that this is any longer true for those

belonging to the last two categories. Unfortunately, we do get some letters and e-mails from fools. They are always

indistinguishable from police entrappers.

Just how dillusional are these monsters?
Next thing we will see is organizations popping up by rapists and pedophiles who now will claim immunity since they are a "political organization"

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