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Aliens and society: Your thoughts?

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posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 10:52 AM
The truth about Alien existence is suppressed for a reason. That reason is supposedly for the better of society as a whole. Could u imagine how society would be if it were told that yes ET's exist and have lived amongst us for x amount of years? How would u react? Would u be willing to openly accept them? or would u be afraid? Society at large would want them off this planet, and scientist would want to run a million and one test on them. Would u want to be exposed to that if u traveled to a foreign world? How would those of u who are skeptics and non-believers feel about it? Every news channel on the planet would want to interview an ET, and all other news would be ignored. Panic would fill the air from the time of the first broadcast, and people would go crazy. There will be a day when they let it all out though. The world at large just isn't ready for that yet, but if u notice, they are making adjustments to the childrens state of mind so that they will be more accepting of it than the current generation of adults. T.V. , movies, toys, etc are all indications of a reprogramming of the mind to be able to accept ET's when it is all finally unveiled, that is unless there are ET's out there who decide to unveil themselves for other reasons. I dont wanna make this too long, so Im gonna stop and allow yall to post ur thoughts on this. Thanks.

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posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 11:06 AM
Why is the scenario always that human beings upon learning that ET is real will run amok? I would not run amok.

I would be glued to the television I imagine and waiting to hear what GW has to say about ET.

I would call my family and friends and talk with them about it.

I would get up and go to work the next day because the bills will still have to be paid.

That is, assuming that we are not all going to be killed or enslaved or have to do battle with ET. And if we have to fight them, then so be it - let's fight like hell. We all have to die sometime anyway and we'll all die together.

It could be that our lives would improve and things could get better. Hey, if somebody knows how this all turns out, please let me know!!!

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 09:18 PM
I always thought what if the aliens appearance is real threatening and hideous to us. I don't think too many would be fond of a reptilian, though some people would. It depends would we be their friend, take them in as family and basically respect their higher command and greater intelligence. Or would we try to savagely defend ourselves from these things like the military has done so in the past. We're talking a religous paradigm shift of ultra proportions. I myself would exchange whatever art or literature I had to them. Hope they dig music, that is even if their ears are tuned to our acoustic range 50-20,000hz(?). Imagine all the different jobs merging our civilization with theirs would create.. inter galactic trucker yeah right, hauling cargo to star A. Next rest area 2.4 light years. I'm totally against suppresion, let the weak minded multitudes experience a little culture shock. However I do know that there will be a select few laughing their a$$ off the whole time, as if they knew along. If there were only better ways to reach out to them..

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 10:36 PM
imagination of the human races current capacity swells at the harmony of great things through out the world, left tottally blank in the demise of social inhibition. notions of other worldly beings and technology are prominently inclined to a increases in adjusting the human mind set and abilities. only wait for the advancments in hyper logical computing in the future prospects of advaned technology.
human kind in all its resiliance virtue and respect of the universe marks a great time in being a part of the planet earth. there for we could be presentable to the encounter of extra terrestrial biological entitie occurences in many respects. the capacity and knowledge is of most pertainance through out the world and time. mabye they can have the intellectual understand to know relevant content of materials associated to imperative precision of greatness
imagination is so crucial of platform to project love and compassion we all need to cherish each others minds. 84 -0 superpositparticlecoersion/desolate era/home run

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