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UK MP's condemn Guantanamo

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posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 01:26 PM
A cross-party committee of UK MP's has condemned Guantanamo bay, called for more strident UK Government opposition to its continued existance and said it hurts America's war on Terror.

The war against terrorism is being damaged by the US continuing to run its Guantanamo Bay detention centre, an influential committee of MPs has said.
The Commons foreign affairs committee urged ministers to make UK opposition to the camp "loud and public".

But Tony Blair refused to go further than his previous stance on the camp, telling reporters it was "an anomaly" which should come to an end.

He urged people to remember the terror attacks which prompted its creation.

Earlier, Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer said the UK would never have opened the camp.

And Attorney General Lord Goldsmith said everyone, including terror suspects, were entitled to a fair trial.

There are currently about 490 terror suspects being held without trial at the camp, which opened in 2002.

In their annual human rights report, the committee of MPs says the continued use of the centre "outside all legal regimes diminishes the USA's moral authority and is a hindrance to the effective pursuit of the war against terrorism".

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