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New Orleans says it won't give free ride

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posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 10:52 AM

That was the message from three New Orleans City Council members who said government programs have "pampered" the city's residents for too long.

The news that some New Orleans City Council members weren't keen on the city's poorest returning home added another layer of discomfort in Houston, where local residents and elected officials alike have stretched to meet the needs of thousands of Louisiana residents in the months after Hurricane Katrina.

Chief among the complaints: Houston didn't discriminate when New Orleanians — from the poorest to the richest — filled this city's homes, hotels, motels and shelters. And Houston didn't flinch when nearly 100,000 evacuees needed subsidized housing for up to a year. So why, asked one Houston city councilman, are only the educated, healthy and employable welcome back in New Orleans?

This is so predictable! Another Cuba "boat lift" of the unwanted, unwasted, have been floated out of NO never to return. I pitty the City of Houston now..............thousands of permanent "bums" that even the "chocolate" city won't take back.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 11:21 AM
I'm afraid that the New Orleans mayor has added to his city a nickname that will be handed down for some years to come.
His city's decision to tighten up the dole programs which allowed for so much of the populace to exist will certainly mean that a large portion of those who fled or were re-located will never return.
The 'boat lift' analogy is unfortunately correct. Those cities currently housing former New Orleans residents will find they've acquired new permanent citizens.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 11:43 AM
Maybe the real conspiracy has finally reared its ugly head. New Orleans has tried for years to eliminate its poorer districts to enhance it's image as a tourist destination. Instead of this being a plot by the Federal Government , maybe it is the State and City Governments doing the plotting. I still think that it is funny that whenever Katrina is mentioned New Orleans is in the same breath. Other places suffered the effects of the storm but they have been kept in the background. Maybe this is the real reason that all of those FEMA trailers are still sitting empty. The people who would occupy them are not wanted back.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by JIMC5499The people who would occupy them are not wanted back.

If you've ever been to New Orleans, you'd understand why.
If you'd hang out at night in the French Quarter around Bourbon Street (and you're a tourist), you will be told DO NOT stray far from this street at all. My question was "Why?" And I was told, "Because if you're a white man you will be robbed, beaten, or killed." Also, the 9th Ward (that got wiped out) was one of the worst neighborhood ghettos in the South. For many in New Orleans (those who loved the inner city, but didn't live directly in it), when Katrina trashed the 9th Ward it was a godsend. I don't think there was any kind of conspiracy with Katrina at all. It was a fecking hurricane. I think the government got a good look at the types of people they'd be dealing with and were kinda like, "Oh noooooooooooo." You couldn't have paid me enough to venture into that mob. Nobody wanted to go in there and rescue the dregs of society, because for many Americans, we'd be better off without them. And this was an easy way to get rid of one to blame but Mother Nature....that way it's nobody's fault. I hope they bury New Orleans, I don't want my tax money going into that.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 07:16 PM

New Orleans doesn't want its poorest residents back — unless they agree to work.

This one sentence says everything that needs to be said. Now that New Orleans has been so severely damaged, housing is going to be at a premium. The people who return need to be those who will contribute. Those who weep for the poor know not whereof they speak. The term that best characterizes those whom the city does not wish to return is "criminal." The population of predators who lived in New Orleans was staggering and no part of the city was ever safe because of these worthless scumbags preying on anybody who crossed their paths, breaking into cars, holding people up at gun point, shoplifting, hustling tourists with stupid word games and intimidation.

Zerotolerance speaks the truth. The lower ninth ward was one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world and those who traveled along St. Claude Avenue after dark took their lives into their own hands, so to speak. The criminals were so brazen that they would pick up a rock and throw it through a window while a motorist was stopped at a stoplight to steal whatever was on the front seat and stray bullets were an ever present threat.

The other lie that the media just can't seem to quit telling is that the ninth ward took the brunt of the damage and that it was only poor blacks who suffered, but that is only half the story. The breach in the London Ave. Canal did do extensive damage to the ninth ward and the ninth ward was mostly black, but somewhere along the way, the media forgot about the 17th Street Canal and the mostly white Lakeview neighborhood that was just as badly damaged as the ninth ward.

Look at these official statistics of identified bodies in New Orleans due to Katrina. Remember that New Orleans was no less than 65% black. Take note of the percentages of black and non-black victims.

Demographic Information for the 562 Victims Identified

Race # %

Unknown 48 8%
African American 267 48%
Asian Pacific 0 0%
Caucasian 230 41%
Hispanic 13 2%
Native American 3 1%
Other 1 0%

Just some of the pictures from Lakeview:

Lakeview Flood Pictures

Want to see more?

Lakeview Google Image Search

Lakeview Google Web Search

And while we're at it, lets not forget St. Bernard Parish, which was mostly white and was utterly destroyed.

St. Bernard Parish Google Image Search

St. Bernard Parish Google Web Search

Oh, and let's not forget Plaquemines Parish--again, mostly white:

Plaquemines Parish Google Web Search

Plaquemines Parish Google Image Search

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