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Mental Time Travel Question

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posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 07:07 PM
First I would ask that if any trolls are going to respond, please do me a favor and don't.

I came accross some information alittle late, some very life changing information (11 years later! "Thanks for telling! 11 years too late, huh!?!?!" is what I felt like telling them), anyone know of a way I can get that information to my younger self?

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 07:21 PM
I would LOVE to help you out but I doubt that it is possible. If you were successful in transmitting this life changing information to your earlier self it would change the current reality. Now if you want to talk about different dimensions or universes, that's a whole other story. I wish you luck in your endeavor but the best advice I could offer is to learn what you can from the situation and find acceptance with your current life.

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 07:28 PM
Ah, I see. Unfortunately no... I don't know of any way. I've often wish I could have, but I haven't.

Even so, it does not matter - and here's the two reasons why:

First example, let's say you can send a message back to yourself, and that time works in a way that everything that will happen has happened (if that makes sense to you). In this kind of universe, the grandfather paradox is a real paradox.

In this case, even if you could send a message back to yourself, something will happen that will stop that message getting back to you... otherwise you would have already gotten it, and used it, and you wouldn't exist currently to send it back in the first place.

Obviously that means either a) time travel doesn't exist, or b) time travel exists, but not in this fashion.

The other fashion would be case #2 - a universe where every event that can happen, does happen. In other words, there's a universe where you flip a coin and instead of coming up heads, it comes up tails. Now, this also extends to every chaotic and random event (including positions of electrons).

In this universe, if you are somehow able to send this important information back to yourself, it won't help you now. For you see, your past has already occured. However, your "others" past has not - and in his universe he'll recieve that information, and maybe (or maybe not... or even more confusing, BOTH) use that information. However, that won't change you because it isn't YOU... merely someone whose life was the same as yours up until that event.

In the end, you're screwed either way. You can't change your past.

However, don't let that discourage you from changing your future! The future isn't decided yet. Listen in for a message from the future. If case #2 does exist, then there WILL be a universe where you do find a way and a reason to send something back. Just wish that you are in a universe where that information is picked up (remember, there are many other yous out there that might pick it up).

Things start getting wierd here... more or less how there's "infinite" yous to recieve the message, and an infinite, though not "as infinite" number of yous sending the message back (Recievers = approaching infinite > Senders = approaching infinite).

In the end, keep your ears and mind open. Try to change your future regardless. So what if that information would've been useful 11 years ago - now you got to find out what to do with it NOW. Live today. Or as they use to say "Eat, drink and be merry (today) for tomorrow we die!"

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 08:09 PM
Hi Godzilla
There wasn't a day that wouldn't go buy, that I would wish for that, I lay in bed at night and pray to go back, and warn myself! Until that is, that the Good Lord said to me, ever so gently- "If I ever allowed that, then you do know that you wouldn't be where you are now, helping the ones in need that your helping, for you wouldn't have gained the knowledge of the experience, nor the love & compassion that you've gained from your experience! For when you help others your helping Me!
I stopped wishing & wanting, and accepted what was, and now live in the Joy & Love of God for giving me His Wisdom through a Lesson Well Learned!
Hope that Helps

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 09:21 AM
I don't think it's possible, also because it would create a slight paradox: let's suppose someone here gives you a technique to contact your younger self, and let's suppose it works and you manage to send a warning to the younger you.

It would change your life, and probably you wouldn't need to ask this question here any more.

So, the actual now would be changed, you wouldn't ask the question, and now you wouldn't be able to contact your younger self... but without contacting your younger self, you wouldn't send yourself the message, so the younger self would "mistake" again... and so the circle would start again

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 10:03 AM
Here's a simple time traveler experiment you can perform each night before you fall asleep. Place yourself in a space and time where you can remember yourself being happy and carefree - perhaps one of the brightest moments in your life. Now, as you recall the environment first, and then the faces and circumstances surrounding the time frame, connect with the feeling you had. Feeling is the key to placing yourself back in a certain time of your life. Without being able to feel your emotions back then, it is merely nothing but a two-dimensional picture in your mind. This is a form of mental time travel, and if you connected with your true feelings then, you are officially initiated as having traveled back, using your brain/mind to enter into another time period to reexperience what you felt surrounding an event. After you feel comfortable with travel back into your own past, you can branch out using your imagination to reexperience events in history you have always longed to witness. Perhaps you will be able to penetrate some mysterious time warp field allowing your consciousness to breakthrough into a different time, past or future.

As for changing history i really don't think it is possible, you can only view past event's,but you never know unless you try.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 03:39 PM
What you might want to do is create a habit of sending and receiving messages from yourself. Every night at the same time, sit down and concentrate on a couple of things -- sending a message back in time to yourself, and listening for a message from yourself in the future. If you set up a specific and regular time and place where you send and receive messages, you might have better luck "tuning in."

The question I have, though, is what message do you intend to send? Or receive? What would you like to know about the future?

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 03:50 PM
You ever watched the film 'The butterfly effect'?.. reminds me of that where he goes back and changes things and they have drastic consequences.. really good film.

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 02:33 AM
First of all Godzilla1985, I must congratulate you on your method of steering trolls clear of this thread. It seems to have worked so far. I'll have to remember that in my next post.

Seriously though, this is a really interesting thread. I think the suggestion to send a message to yourself in the future and receive a message from the future at the same time each day is a real probability.

I suppose it depends on which perspective you take. The paradox science predicts makes logical sense, but I suppose your younger self would be greatful for the information, even if your present self doesn't get to enjoy the spoils, so it wouldn't be a complete loss. However from a less scientific point of view, perhaps a "Butterfly Effect" type situation can happen, or "Back to the Future" for that matter. What an amazing thought that is! I guess as it has never happened to date, it remains possible and cannot be ruled out.

After all, I believe not just anything, but everything is possible. Good luck in your quest.

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 12:41 AM
Hi Godzilla
For 3 days now, I'm trying like heck to find the title to the movie for you that I saw. Was of course about going back in time!
Maybe someone on ATS will read this, and recall the name!
Excellent Movie, About A Gent, Who receives a pocket watch from an Elderly Women, she tells him "Come back to Me" he had never seen the Elderly Women before and thought that was strange.
He then went on a well deserved vacation, jumped in the car, and drove to wherever fate would lead him, ended up at this beautiful Inn and in the Inn they had a Museum Room filled with Pictures & Memorable Pieces of the early 1900's I forget the year, anyhow he saw a picture of a most beautiful women, and fell in love with her immediatly, and when he looked closer he saw her name was the same that was on the pocketwatch! Then as He went on a Quest, found out from an old guest book he found in the Inn's Attick, that He too was a Guest at the Inn, at the same time this Beautiful Women in the Picture Was! He knew somehow He was going to find the key to Going Back in Time!
The Women was a Singer I believe in Plays at the Inn, & very Famous! After more research He found out her Favorite BooK was about Time Travel - and the movie gives the name of this Actual Book from Einstein I believe was the Author, so it showed in the book how one could have the chance to travel back if
1. the surroundings they were were in fact the place they
wanted to be in the past.
2. Find one room in that place and empty it all except the bed!
3. make sure your clothes you have on, top to bottom are what suit the era of the time you want to go back too! Don't forget the shoes/socks/laces
If you can't find clothes for that time, then one must not where any! You'll have to worry about the clothes once and if you make it back there!
4. Make sure anything in your pockets is of that era - for example money etc. Check make sure jewelery rings you have are of that time also
5. He made a tape recording of His Own Voice saying over & over again
His Name Im at Give the Home Address or place its 1945
for instanceIm Godzilla Im at Clover Hill School its the year 1945
(He Played The Tape Over & Over Again for many nights day & all through the night! Because He Had to believe with all His Might He Could Go Back In Time to that specific time and place! Like Brainwashing oneself!
If the house you live in now Godzilla is the same house you lived in with your younger self you are in luck!
6. When the time came for him to attempt going back, he had the proper clothes etc. he had removed everything In the room except the bed!
He Lied down on the bed, and over and over again repeated what the tape said while also listening to the recorder, at many failed attempts he realized that the reason he was failing at this, was because of the tape recorder, he had put many things in the closet, but this he put under the bed once he realized! ( I would say have no recorder present at the day you attempt, that is if you attempt this lol!
7. He then attempted again by closing His eyes lieing on the bed, saying over & over again what was on the tape. He then must have fallen asleep and when he did awake - Yep you guessed it He was back in the time to where that Beautiful Young Women was going to be Singing that night!
He then started to rehearse how he was going to introduce himself to her, saying, Good Day Mame You Don't know Me But You Will -
8. As for Yourself Godzilla - Lets just say hypothetically you have some strange miracle and are sucessful with trying to attempt this, or some other form, How would you get your younger self, to believe you first of all, or listen to you in the first place! You may try to pass yourself a note, but being a kid, and doing what most kids do, could toss the note away, without even reading it! Especially because the note coming from a total stranger! Unless of course once there, you mail it to yourself, then again your younger self could think its a prank, but when the time in His life does start to unravel, he could see that it is indeed true, if you give him many little facts that will occur prior before the one that you want to warn yourself about!
Just thought I would add that last note of info, which you probably have been through this already in your mind over & over again, what you would say & do if given the chance!
If I find out the name of the movie, I will let you know, so you can try to see if they have it on DVD I know its a well liked movie. I think the year it was made was 1985 but don't quote me on that either - I searched high and low to find it, I watched it Monday or Tuesday on the Love Channel & was not listed in the TV Paper Guide! Drove me nuts, looking lol But finially said I have got to share this anyhow with you, it was so good, and I saw how important it is, that you are looking for advice on which to attempt this! Well My Dad Gave Me Good Advice When I Was Young -
He always would say to me when i was ready to give up on something I was trying hard to do - He'd Say, "Never Say Never" It Helped me never to give up something that I found to be of importance! I always seem to succeed whenever I remembered His Words! Hope they help you too, on your quest! One Never Knows Unless They Try! Good Luck! I know it was a movie, but One Never Knows Until They Try!


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