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Open Letter to America from a Canadian - Read at own risk!!!!

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posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 10:27 AM
Originally posted by Illuminati

You really think you have freedoms, then visit Europe some time and you will know what real freedom is like.

A : But, wait a minute....I'm LIVING in the EU. In Belgium exactely ! And if you think that we are free, you're out of subject.

In this country, the left, the ecologists and the so-called right are in the gov'. That's what we are calling a political coalition ". A great word to say that we have no choice !!!

Originally posted by Illuminati

while in Europe cops treat you with respect,

A: Of course. In the EU, now, cops do not have any power. Everybody is laughing from them. Lacks of materials, lacks of cars, lacks of men/women,lacks of power....Lacks of everything. The EU cops can't do anything to help you when you're in trouble. Only bandits and thiefs are happy from this situation. The honnest citizens is completely afraid. We are in danger here. If you're under attack, do not even try to defend yourself, YOU will be the bad guy and your attacker will be the poor guy.

In the EU, nobody believe our justice system anymore.NOBODY !!!

So, please, don't tell me how the EU is free and nice. The EU suck like hell.

Originally posted by Illuminati

most people would then say yeah but in Europe the crimerate must be higher, well wrong again. Europe has a very low crime rate and compared to the states the difference is so phenomenal it ain't real anymore.

A: Really ? Wich criminality rate did you take ? The official one I think. You don't believe the US gov, but you believe the EU gov'....HA HA HA HA HA......In my country, everybody is laughing from your so-called " low rate " !!!

Originally posted by Illuminati

You have obviously only lived in the states and you cannot see what is wrong in the US. Well I can.

A: Yeah yeah yeah....sure....So, you was thinking that I was a US citizen.....You're a " great " analysist "...Really, it's astonishing how your analyse is accurate, speacialy about me....It's terrific !!!

Originally posted by Illuminati

I am not justifying Saddam or any other tyrant running amok but compare politicians in Europe with ones in the US and you will know who the freaks of nature really are.

A: That's what I did. In the EU, policymakers are ALL tyrans. All of them !!!
They are allways pro-tyran and anti-democrat. I know them, more than you think. I had my support card from one of our political party. A so-called right wing party. I resigned !!! When I have to vote, d you know what I do ? I spit on the computer ( yeah man, we have to vote with a computer !!! ) and I use a magnet to fool my electronic vote card. HA HA HA HA HA....

Originally posted by Illuminati

I also practice law and I know the US law by heart, as do I know the European laws and when I put these next to one another I again get smacked in the head and get a huge wake up call.

A: Woaaaw....You know ALL the US laws by heart ! I have a doubt....Forget our EU laws. These laws were done AGAINST the EU citizen. Not to protect him.

Originally posted by Illuminati

Phoenix, I feel you are just a little kid, not much older then 16 who really has no clue what he is talking about, you think you are free but actually you are not, you are bound by laws.

A: One more time, a really accurate analysis. I'm 34 years old. But you right. I'm bound by EU laws. Why do you think that I'm so upset ? Just for the fun may be ???

Originally posted by Illuminati

I suggest you come back in 10 years from now after you have investigated some more. You are talking like someone who has no background on any of the topics you raise, I can debunk every single one of your statements and prove without a shadow of a doubt that you are wrong in just about everything you say.

A: Ok, so, just do it.........You'll not do it, cuz you can't do it. And you can't do it cuz I'm right. You didn't give any answers to all my previous questions in my previous post. So, I don't see why you would do it now.

Originally posted by Illuminati

I am not even going to bother, I feel like talking to an illiterate and no matter what I explain you will only believe in your preconceived notions.

A : Another great analysis. The illiterate, like you say, know 3 languages + some knowledges in 2 others language.

In my former job, I was a microship technician. I had to use special machines. So hard to use that you would even not find the "on/off " button !!! And me, I was using them, repairing them, programming them and so on...And I had to do it with english manual !

And if you want to know it, I'm also a radar operator. I know how to use them, repairing them...bla bla above. And I can use civils and military radars. So.....don't make me laugh with your foolish statement about my background, ok man ?

Oooops...Did I mentioned that I have a scientific degree from a high-school ? Oh yeah, I don't want to forget.... When I left school, I was 17 years old, and I had my degree in my pocket ! Yes man,and I was just 17 years old !

Originally posted by Illuminati

Just ask the French, Belgian and british ground troops who did all the hard work.

A: Nyeff, just do like me please... : BWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........Without the US GI's, we were all nazi or communists for the rest of our lives.

Originally posted by Illuminati

But oooh offcourse US has liberated Europe because it gets shown in all the movies what a bunch of nonsense. Just go watch another western and feel good about yourself, pat yourself on the back for your amazing knowledge of history.

A : Really, your history sens is weird. Where did you learn it ? In Peking ? Pyongyang ? Moskow ? East-Berlin ?

Originally posted by Illuminati

I feel like the world is populated by retards and I am the odd one out, so sad, I am really starting to believe that Americans have the poorest education on this planet and just twist all the facts and make up history themselves, everything that does not suit US mainstream gets twisted.

A : Hey man, your self-esteem is not low.
Now, I know why you like tyrans. All tyrans have a terrible ego. It's your case. Your egoi flying over the clouds, close from space....." Mister the Wonderfull Eagle who's flying above us, poor stupids guys who don't know how they are stupids "

Originally posted by Illuminati

Which brings me to the following point, how come in the US kids of ages 14,15,16 get tought simple mathematics of square root, division and adding while these same kids in Europe get tought derivitives, logarithms, and probable chance maths, how come in the US kids get tought 1 language and the same kids in Europe get tought 3-4 different languages, how come in the US kids get tought only US history and near nothing of foreign history while EU kids get tought the history of many countries, I can keep going like this and I know I am right, I have American family and more then often have I wondered why the educational system is so #ed up in the states but now I know why.

A : Ok. What's the better ? read this or to be blind ? It's not true. It WAS true, but it's still not. EU kids are now like dumb ass. Quality, in the EU educations matters, is going down and down, each days. Our policymakers want to destroy our educational system. I see what my daughter has to do by school. And I know what I had to do when I was by school by the same age. It's unbelievable. That's why I rent a personnal teacher for her.

So please, don't speak about the EU. You know nothing ! Strictly nothing!!! You just want to fool us with your so-called knowledges about Europe.

Originally posted by Illuminati

DUMBER PEOPLE ARE SO MUCH MORE EASY TO CONTROL and they do not question their government. And sadly this is just shining off of this topic, every single thought I had is being justified here and now.

A : I told you, go in China, and try to help them. Try to set them free from communism and collectivism. And don't forget NK and Cuba. When it will be done, go in the Middle-east, and do the same.

But you'll not do it. Cuz even if you try, you'll be stop to their borders. And if you try to overpass them, you'll be killed or sentenced to a 25 years jails sentence.

Originally posted by Illuminati

My sister in law who lives in Massechusetts is furious because she cannot send her kids to a proper college, I asked her what was up and then I heard this sad story. If you want a good education in the US you must be willing to pay 10,000 to 30,000 dollar a year, while kids in Europe can get a far far better education for only 450$ a year. No single school in the US can beat a European school in terms of learning experience and sheer volume of tutoring. And that only for 450$, every kid that wants a proper education can get one, so why is this in the states only for the real elite rich kids, look at the reason above!!

A : Oh ? Let me know this Eu country please. I'll emigrate there with all my familly. 450$....asshole....are you living in a dream or is it your propaganda ?

Originally posted by Illuminati

Why don't you come to Europe and I will pitch a 14 year old against you, and we will see who gets the most questions right.

A: hi hi hi.....I know the results. " ThePhoenix01 "...100, the " kid "....a wonderfull zero !!!

Originally posted by Illuminati

Sorry mate, educate yourself before you engage in a discussion with me. If you want we can discuss this further in German, French, or Dutch, for me its all the same.

A: Mais pas de problmes mon grand, c'est quand tu veux ! Je n'attends que cel. Ok, commencons dj par le Francais. Mais si tu parles le Franais, c'est uniquement parceque tu es surement Qubecois.

Et surtout, n'essaye pas de te foutre de moi en utilisant un traducteur que l'on trouve sur internet, dans le style altavista ou babelfish. Je le verrai tout de suite !!!

Originally posted by Illuminati

I am not trying to offend any fellow Americans with this topic but its the sad truth.

A :You didn't try to offense the US citizens? Woaaaw, it was a good imitation.

Your vision from the USA is soooo " Frenchie "....You're probably living in France I bet. You'reading these French newspapers : " Le Monde " & " L'Humanit ". 2 anti-USA newspapers ( like all the others frenchie newspapers anyways ).

[Edited on 23-10-2002 by ThePhoenix01]

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 10:54 AM
LOL,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, You mean like that ThePhoenix01? I guess thousnands of American soliders didn't die at Normandy.And the French what history book have you been reading.The French let Hitler waltz right in.The British were holding there own,but were running out of supplies,they too would have fallen without U.S. support.

[Edited on 10-23-2002 by nyeff]

[Edited on 01-08-2002 by nyeff]

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 11:36 AM
Huum, yeah. I've the same point of view.
Without the USA, Europe was under nazi occupation until the end of the times.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 12:28 PM
Well hello Phoenix,

for someone that is supposed to be a microchip technician I must say your English is astoundingly poor, are you sure you can read and understand all the technical limbo???

If you want we can continue in Dutch, I know that language as well, its not like you say I know a few words.

Als je zegt dat je van Belgie bent, okay dan vuren we er op los. Jij zegt dat je Europa triestig vind en je wil meer flikken, nou ik kan toch al eerlijk zeggen dat hier in Zweden ik nog nooit 1 geweerschot gehoord heb, dus waarom meer politieagenten. Wat jij voor punten aanhaalt dat slaat op niets, als er in de US iets gebeurt en een inbreker bedreigt je met een wapen, denk je dan echt dat die 100,000 flikken uit New York je komen redden??? Het antwoord is neen.

Du machts mich viel spab mein gompel, du weist nichts!!!

And what history lessons did I get, I got tought at the Leipzig university, after that I went to the US to work there for 8 years, now I am back in my hometown in Sweden.

So Phoenix how can you in Gods name tell me something about US education when you obviously know #, I know for a fact that US education sucks 10x harder then EU education, and I also know for a fact that I paid 450$ per year for my university degree!!!

And you say everyone is laughing at the EU coppers, well I will bring you right down to earth again mate, I laugh at US cops because there are more gundeaths in a day then we have in 10 years, so hows that for your good cops, if they are so good then how come I see these high crime rates???

So laugh all you want, you will be laughing at yourself I am sure.

And sure 1000's of Americans died on the beaches of Normandy, where did I say that they didn't, what I said was is this, the war was won by the EU long before the americans hit the beaches and no we wouldn't be living under Nazi control if the Americans had not shown up. If you pull open your history books you will see that Hitler was suffering heavy casualties during the years 44-45 well before America stepped in, Hitlers war machine was allready failing, there was no more talk of expansion, Hitler was trying to retain his control but was failing miserably.

So Nyeff, your mind has indeed been filled with historical nonsense. I know what I am talking about, I would not even dare tell lies in regards to our past and in particular WWII. What the US did was nothing more then a speedup in the process.

Also Phoenix, I didn't want to say anything before about your poor English and being such a Bush lover I automatically assumed you were American, I have allways been tought that pointing out errors in writing was a bad thing, as long as I understand what you say there is no point falling over this, but since you brought this up I will not hold my silence.

What you say about EU educations going down the crapper I must agree but like I said its still 10x better then the US, and back when I graduated exams were tough as hell, maybe these last few years the global elite are making a policy of creating dumb europeans because they question # too much.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 01:10 PM
Illuminati-NWO, long before the US showed up? And who exactly was that was supplying the 'eu' with the goods needed to fight Hitler? Speed up the process huh (that's debatable). More than likely you would have been under communist control after WW II if we didn't show up to 'speed things' up. I have dead relatives that helped 'speed things up' for your sake.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 01:16 PM
Yes I have a couple of wounded relatives as well.Ungrateful Europeans.And the fact is Europe has a much bloodier history than America ever will.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 01:47 PM
Fact #1:Europe is way older than America...

Fact # 2: You don't know if America will have a less bloodier future than Europe's past. You don't know... I don't know...

Fact # 3: The majority of Americans are descendants of Europeans

I'm not taking part for Europe... I'm just saying what is...

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 02:34 PM
Eerm like I said if I trace back history then I can honestly say on black and white that the US in its short history of 200 years has had as much wars as any European country during their long reign of 2000 years.

I don't think you people know how many wars there were for a country like France for example.

The biggest warmongers in earths history were the Persians and second is the US with its mere 200 years in power. And you see I am comparing a middle eastern country because I simply cannot dig up a european country that has had as much wars as the US has.

The Philippine American war
War Of 1812
Mexican War
Cuba crisis
Spanish-American War
Korean War
Vietnam War
French War
Indian War
Texas revolution(Battle of the Alamo)
and many more..........

I am not comparing US with asian countries because a reference cannot be made with countries reigning for well over 2000 years, thats like comparing apples with pears. If China has been in 40 wars over 2000 years and the US has had over 30 wars in a mere 200 years then you know who the biggest warmonger is don't you??

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 02:40 PM

Originally posted by nyeff
Yes I have a couple of wounded relatives as well.Ungrateful Europeans.And the fact is Europe has a much bloodier history than America ever will.

Eeerm killing 4 million people with one press of a button, what exactly is bloody going by your perceptions??? In the next 10 years America will have more then equaled this eqaution. Remember Bush's words, this is an ongoing conflict and we will not stop until terrorism is wiped of the planet. Read into these words and you will know that this war could go on for 50 more years!!! Even Colon Powell stated this same figure in a press interview, pretty sick no, having to listen to the constant war propaganda on CNN

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 02:58 PM

Iraq/Korea: UN sponsored, US Led, in conjunction with Arabs. I assume you mean 'French and India War' and not two seperate wars. You should also know that at that time there was no country known as the USA. The Cuban crisis? that was a war? 1812? not are faults the Brits needed their butts kicked again. Spanish American war? Hardly warmongering.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 03:06 PM
Sure we can stop the war on terrorism,but I think you will end up regretting that.One day it might be your family that a terrorist blows up.And then Europe will blame the U.S for not doing anything to prevent it.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 03:24 PM
yeah, I don't get it. Because it can take 50 years to eradicate the world of those that wish our destruction we just should not bother with that? Sit back and hope it goes away?

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 03:56 PM
Again a big eeeeurm, do you not notice that terrorism is just getting worser and worser, the war in Afghanistan did nothing to stop terrorism and the war in Iraq won't either, it will just add to the fire.

Even if you lay waste to the entire middle east, people will pull theirselves together and you will have 100x more possible terrorists. Innocent people who lost children or family will join the army of terrorists and with all their relatives lost they have nothing to lose.

If you bomb a country literally into a marshland then don't come complaining if the mosquitoes are bothering you because thats a problem you yourself have created(with you I mean Bush's and his cronies)

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 04:10 PM
So are we to turn a blind eye to terrorism,tell them its ok we understand.I don't think so.I don't think its gotten worse,it has stayed about the same as always.There are alway's a few attacks somewhere in the world every year.Just more people pay attention to it now.We will never root out all terrorism,but we can make it harder for them to operate,kill the one's we find and the ones that survive lock up for life.Then nobody gets hurt or killed.And who is leading this battle not Europe,they would rather sit on their butts and do nothing,hope it just goes away.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 04:40 PM
Illuminati-NWO, like many others, doesnt give credence to the terrorist attacks that have been stopped, prevented, etc. There are terrorist that have been captured, funding that has been frozen, and their network overall disrupted, thus lives have been saved.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 04:56 PM
Sometimes its things you don't see that are most important.Could you imagine how much faster we could stop terrorism if we had the help of the whole world lending a hand.(sigh) Just wishful thinking I suppose.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 05:51 PM
You bring up good points but I remain in doubt if the Bush government really has the best intrests of the people at heart.

You cannot deny that laws have gotten stricter for all US citizens, was it not George Bush that said "we will never give in to terrorism"?? Well looking at how they created all these new laws it seems Bush indeed gave in to terrorists and they have won because you are less free now then you were before.

I still feel there are strong ulterior motives about this whole charade, I can't put a finger on it yet but time will surely tell if I am right about this hunch or not.

posted on Oct, 23 2002 @ 05:57 PM
I know about the new law's ,the Patriot Act etc. I hear how horrible they are from the liberials.But to be honest I have not seen any change because of the new laws.Life is going on the same as it always has.So I guess we will wait and see.

posted on Oct, 24 2002 @ 05:52 PM
Hi Illuminati-NWO.

Sorry, I was busy and unable to post.

Now I can do it.

Now, I understand your position. You're Swedish. The most highly-taxed nation from the whole world.

A country where the gov' will take almost 80% of your incomes. You just had to pay 450$ when you went to University....Of course, the rest of Swedish citizens had to pay for your Univ' degree.It's really unfair.

You did some statements :

1) " If you want we can continue in Dutch, I know that language as well, its not like you say I know a few words. "

A : Hey, I wrote you in French, not in Dutch. Why don't you write in French ?
Bha, it's ok, if you want, I'll do some dutch posts just 4 u.

Oh yeah, the answer is " Yes ", not " Neen". And " neen is not Dutch. But " Nee ", yes it is.

2) " Du machts mich viel spab mein gompel, du weist nichts!!! "

A: My German is rusty. What's a " Gompel " ?

3) " And you say everyone is laughing at the EU coppers, well I will bring you right down to earth again mate, I laugh at US cops because there are more gundeaths in a day then we have in 10 years, so hows that for your good cops, if they are so good then how come I see these high crime rates??? "

Cuz EU cops are frozens. They don't dare to do a move. When they try, they have all the " EU humanists & progressists leagues " on their backs. It's a good reasons no ? And in the same time, the honnest citizen is not allowed to defend himself. Yeah sure, we are really protected.

4) By the Hell !!! You are NOT allowed to speak about WW2, even WW1. Your country was NEUTRAL !!! After all, may be not so neutral....Sweden was selling iron, copper and others good stuffs to the nazis scums. You were so afraid by the nazis, that you didn't a move to help Europe.

The same for the Cold War. You were so afraid with the Soviets, that you did nothing against them. I'm pretty sure that if we had to suffer a war with them, your country was......neutral !!!

When I called you a coward, I was really close from the true. Neutral with nazis, neutral with the Soviets, and now, of course, neutral with Irak and all evil axis nations.

In Sweden, is it a cultural fact ? I means to be neutral with tyrans and to be opposite to the democratics nations who try to remove tyrans ?

Also, I was reading your posts, one last time. And now, I know that I was right.

It seems you are seeing yourself like a smart and enlightened man who has the true, and thinks others are just stupids when they don't have your point of view on a matter. My words were rights. You are an eagle whos flying majestically above the clouds, and who's looking us, poors stupids humans. haha ha, your ego is more higher than mine. unbelievable !

Oh yes, please, keep for yourself your leftists tricks. I know them by heart.

1) Do not answer a question, when this question is dangerous for you.
2) In this case, insult your counter-part.
3) You have allways right.
4) Your counter-part has allways wrong.
5) You are smart, he's not.
6) You know the true, he does'nt.
7) Your values are morals, he's just a racist.
8) Do what I say, don't do what I do.
9) USA are evil.
10) Collectivism and socialism is the bright future of the humanbeings and the world.

Each day, I have to deal with peoples like you. Fortunately, I can do it in french or dutch, not in english. Do you know what ? They are losing, each time,they are losing.

I have to admit it, it's dangerous. Many friends told me that one day, they'll take their revenge. It's normal, leftists are all little tyrans who are just waiting for their hour.

Poor Europe who have to suffer with them. May be, if we are lucky, the USA will overrun the EU, and they will set us free from peoples like you. This day will be agreat one. We will be free to speak, when we will earn money, this money will stay in our pockets and will not go for this gov', full of vampyres like you. But a strange vampyres race. Vampyres who are not sucking bloods. Vampyres who are sucking money.

You are so....How can I say ?.... Socialist ?

But don't worry. Finally, we are agree on something.

You told me this : " Sorry to dissapoint you, I am not Canadian but Swedish. I utterly hate the pompous Frenchies "

I agree with on this point. But hey, I'm not French,I'm Belgian

Regards !

posted on Oct, 25 2002 @ 08:51 AM
" Du machts mich viel spab mein gompel, du weist nichts!!! "

has left even the old erudite and polyglot Estragon flummoxed.
I gave up after "machts" rather than "machst" and the spelling of "you know" left me a trifle dubious.
"Gompel" has yet to arrive in Hochdeutsch -it's a pretty common Dutch or Flemish surname, of course. "spab" eludes knowledge and the rules of Germanic phonology at the same time.
maybe it's some sort of Plattdeutsch slang??

Anyone, gentleman, enough of this linguistic trifling. While I yield to no one in my love of hisstory, I'm still unconvinced that anything can be inferred from the past with certainty.
The Swedes were a pretty violent lot under the Vasas and look at the dear old neutral Swiss -Europes main source of top-quality mercenaries for three centuries (hence still the papal guard) should make us at least reflect upon our modern perceptions..
No, we should not judge ourselves and others on what our, and their, forefathers did. Yet nor should we blind ourselves entirely to their faults.
As for personal freedom: general legislation and fiscal policies do more to restrict freedom than most obviously "defensive" legislation: economic policy does much more -few things restrict an individual's freedom as effectively as unemployment.
And as I've so often said: we muct distinguish the body politic of a nation from that nation's people.
I happen to think that the Bush administration is the rottenest the US has had -that doesn't mean that Americans are rotten -or worse than before. Or, for that matter, that Bush is worse than Clinton. Morally, I think he isn't.
On the other hand, I think Carter was the worst President since the war; but I think he was morally one of the best.
We have to be so careful about keeping all of these issues separate and we would do well not to rush into attacking what may turn out to be the wrong target.

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