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follow up on an ubduction

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posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 01:43 PM
About a month or two ago i was having strange ocurrances with alien ubductions, so i came on here for help. You guys (and a phycotrist) helped me find out i had sleep paralysis. or so i thought. Four days ago i was having one of my "episodes". But somthing happened i was able to move. and as i did the aliens beside me jumped and started scrambling around, yelling in a weird diolect i could not understand. i hoped off the table onto a metalic floor and i was just as scared as they were so i stood my ground when they came at me with needles and this wierd tube like thing. I punched one in the head and cut my hand open, when i turned to punch another one they shot the tube thing into my wrist and thats all i can remember.

so i went to my physcotrist the next day and he looked at the cuts on my hand and said that i was just bitting myself at night. he walked outa the room but told me to wait. a couple minutes later two men walked in one in formal dress and the other dressed moderatly. they started questioning me on what i saw and what happened, i told them i was a phycotic patient and they shouldnt worry about it.

when my mom took me home later that night and looked out the window and saw this white cadilac sitting about 200 yrds down my rd. i didnt think much of it at the time but when i got home from school the next day it was still there with ppl in it. i could see they were watching me so i went downstairs to my gun cabinat and got out my hunting rifle becuase it had a scope. i went back up to my window and aimed it at the car, through the teloscopic lense i imeadiatly saw them duck below the windows then peek back up and look at me, i waved at them then gave them the finger. they havent showd up for a couple days now

i will keep u updated on any further complications

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