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Icons of the Field Conference

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posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 07:55 AM

ATTN ATSers - especially those in England.

Icons of the Field Conference
To be held in London in Mid March.

This looks VERY interesting.
Anyone wish to attend and report back here?

Excerpt -

February 20, 2006

The Zero Point Field could be an explanation for the Near Death
Experience. As Dr van Lommel has observed, consciousness must sit
outside the brain for people to be conscious when their brains are ‘dead’
according to the EEG monitor. Instead, the brain may merely be a
transmitter and receiver for information, a conclusion that was reached
independently by computer scientist Simon Berkovich and brain researcher
Herms Romijn.

“Our waking consciousness, the consciousness we have during our daily
activities, reduces all the information there is to a single truth that we
experience as ‘reality’. During Near Death Experiences, however, people
are not limited to their bodies or their waking consciousness, which means
they experience many more realities,” he says.

The cliché that people see their lives flash before them at the time of death
seemed to be true for many of van Lommel’s participants, but some also
saw future events. One man who van Lommel studied saw himself in a
family that, years later, actually came to pass.

But the other cliché that we are judged on all our past actions is not true,
says van Lommel. Instead, it appears to be more of an experience where
the person can gain insight. What matters more at the moment of the ‘life
review’ is the importance of the intention behind our actions and
thoughts, and the way they have affected others. One woman who had a
Near Death Experience apologized to a person she had upset 20 years

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