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Hitler didnt support Muslims

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posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 10:45 PM
I was reading your article. I noticed by mistake the hysterical Kahhanite JDL motto "NEVER AGAIN" underneath, and promptly expected a load of crap. I was not disappointed. "Secret vaults", "secret shredded documents", information which is so full of baloney he needs to imply the CIA doesn't even know it exists (how convenient, so when they deny it you can say that to them), an utter lack of scholarship over the history of Islamic movements, and so forth. Baloney. Propaganda. If I were a Muslim I'd pretty pissed at how he treats them as dupes with the usual "Oh it's Wahhabi Islam that's the fault, Islam isn't reeeeaaalllyy evil...", anyway, I rarely defend Islam, but this article is so ridiculous that I just had to for once.

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posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 01:54 AM
That wasnt the point of the article.

1.The point was that the Muslim Brotherhood was a secret arm of Nazi intelligence In WWII.

2.At the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood was wanted for war crimes. The whole net was rolled up by the British Secret Service. Instead of prosecuting the Nazis -- the Muslim Brotherhood -- the British government hired them. They brought all the fugitive Nazi war criminals of Arab and Muslim descent into Egypt, and they were trained.

3.The English sold the Arab Nazis to the predecessor of what became the CIA as a counterweight to the Arab communists. We had to rename them. We couldn't call them the Muslim Brotherhood because that was too sensitive a name. Its Nazi cast was too known. So we called them the Maktab al Khidimat il Mujahideen

4. Mujahideen split in half. The most radical of the merge of the Arab fascists and religious extremists were called al Qaeda. There are alot more detail.

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posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by Tasketo

Read whole thing, this guy was on 60 minutes. Sounds very credible.

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Holy sh**! This has really opened my eyes. Everyone should read this.

That was very good article Tasketo. I have to say that there are many correct points in the article to consider it as credible source.
What brought my attention is the following points:
1- Terrorism was manufactured to counter communism
2- Russia supported communists , and the CIA secretly supported extremists like "Muslim Brotherhood Movement" and Al-Qaeda


But the Egyptians became nervous. Nasser ordered all of the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt or be imprisoned, and we would execute them all. During the 1950's, the CIA evacuated the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia. Now when they arrived in Saudi Arabia, some of the leading lights of the Muslim Brotherhood like Azzam, became the teachers in the Madrasas, the religious schools. And there they combined the doctrines of Nazism with this weird Islamic cult, Wahhabiism.

Everyone thinks that Islam is this fanatical religion, but it is not. They think that Islam -- the Saudi version of Islam -- is typical, but it's not. The Wahhabi cult was condemned as a heresy more than 60 times by the Muslim nations. But when the Saudis got wealthy, they bought a lot of silence. This is a very harsh cult. The Wahhabiism was only practiced by two nations, the Taliban and Saudi Arabia. That's how extreme it is. It really has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a very peaceful and tolerant religion. It has always had good relationships with the Jews for the first thousand years of its existence.

That what I said several times before , but no one was listening. And yes Nakash Al-Qaeda are Wahabbists and it's the fault of extremests like Wahhabists not the fault of Islam. (Wahhabists are less that 1% of Muslims that what I also said before).

I also mentioned before that terrorism was manufactured by some governments for their political advantage. Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA to counter communism, Hams was created by Isaac Rabin to counter Fatah (secularism) , and in the past "Muslim Brotherhood Movement" was supported by Britain and USA to counter communism.

If you think about it correctly you will find that there are no emotions in politics , religions and Ideologies are only tools in the hands of governments. This is proved to be true in modern age unlike the Age of Crusades were religion was a strong motive for the West. Now only benefits are the motive for World leaders, emotions and religious stuff has very little to do with politics. If Russia was Islamic and the Arab world was Communist , then the scenarios from the past and the present will be much different, for ex: Communists will be called terrorists , and communism will be supported by CIA to counter Islam. Which one of the coin faces you have to look at? it doesn’t matter as long as you chose the winning side.

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