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Abduction case? Im bothered.

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 08:47 PM
Im experiencing relevant dreams. Let me tell you them as exactly as I remember. Im experiencing them for 2-3 weeks now.

First, I was in a plane, or an object that is flying. (I think my mind percepted it as a plane). Then if there is a plane, there is a stewardess, I was seating on the front, or perharps, laying on something at the front of the flying object. And then I noticed that the stewardess, I presume, was negotiating with two entities, I remember them as males, but I cant possibly confirm if they are. Then I also noticed that the hatch, where you can go out of, was slightly open. Then in that dream I realized that I must ive reached my destination and land. The next situations are now unbelievable. The object slightly lowered its altitude then I jumped out of the object.
And I slowly landed, landing in one foot then stepping the other foot (something like that). I noticed that from where I landed, there were many people. Then it suddenly ended and I returned back in my bed.

Second thing I clearly remember was my dream earlier this morning. I was in a place that I cant distinguish where, but it was something like in a meeting or conference, but people dont notice me. I was holding a phone and it rang. I answered it of course. Someone talked but I cannot understand what it is saying... I answered back, "English, please.". Then suddenly, it answered , "You are intelligent". The voice, from what I remember, was like computer-generated, it was like talking to a number-station (female) but was answering to your questions in a conversational tone. I thought it was computer-generated because it was like seperate words strung together. It is like you have a database of english words in audio formay and strung them together, something like that. I remember that we talked about "secrets" of the earth, the governments, the peole. Sadly, I cant remember the exact words of what we have been talking. But I remember that I said to her that it is funny that all around us are so many secret buildings from where extraterrestials possibly live with us, humans. Then she hung up. I checked the phone and it reported that we have been talking for about 31 minutes. I wanted to check the call register of the phone (oh, btw, it is a cellphone) but I failed and suddenly woke up...

I have dreams that occured between this experiences but I cant remember details of it. It is sad that this is bothering me alot. I need help of what I can possibly do. I am willing to be hypnotize so someone can record of what really happened to me between those dreams... It seems like ive been abducted and possibly the ones who abducted me kept communication with me. And one more thing, I have one more evidence that lead me to this claim. My watch and my cellphone, two things that I am with always, suddenly became late exactly 50 minutes from other clocks. I have 5 clocks at home and I treasure time a lot. But I was dumbfounded of how could 50 mins be missing in my watch and cellphone that is with me always? Is it a possible time lapse?

Please bear with my typing and my experiences, it might look like a normal abduction experience that many experiences a lot, but this is what happened. Any comments? or suggestions? Could this be any experience that science can explain?

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 09:13 PM
Maybe the nightmares are a mental manifestation of stress brought on by a heightened sense of Paranoia and distrust of the Government coupled with newly founded Xenophobic fears of Alien abduction after being exposed to these topics on ATS for 6 months.

O.k. well I'm not a professional but I would just suggest not worrying so much about being abducted in your normal waking daily thoughts.
You will always have bad dreams about things that scare you , at least that has been my own experience.

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 09:16 PM
I like your thoughts about it. I just want to clear things up. Maybe they are not nightmares and the ETs are trying to say something? Or it may be the case that it is not a dream but was interpreted as one?

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