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Scared and Shocked

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posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by NinjaCodeMonkey
So the reason i failed math class is because i am genetically predisposed to fail math, excellent. Tikitok sounds like it was made up by some 3 year old, are they somehow related to the Poopoohead race.

The Poopoohead race, that is soo funny! Really, it is a great story. I read the whole thing, and I have a short attentio.........Oh, sorry*! The Poopoohead race!

*I really did enjoy it.

Peace. K*

posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 09:20 PM
very interesting....but i really hope your not making this up......cuz its very

wierd to remember every single stuff that happend in your dream....but i

want to believe you and hope your not making this up

is that story in there about the same as yours?????/ long ago do you think the humans [Umians] stayed in this


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posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 09:55 PM
amazing absolutly amazing.

i tell if i wasnt used to hearing about the basic stuff... Grays, reptilians,controll of the government. THen i would deffenetly belive you.

Other than that i have a great feeling that in the future (if we dont all suffer amagedon), many of the people on ats will become directors,writters,anything in the form of entertaiment. I tell you that was good stuff and i would pay to read it again.

i give it

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 06:53 PM
I am appaled at the level of closed mindedness seen in this thread

so who gives a (bleep) if you don't believe the poster, you have no proof it didden't happen, so you can't say it didden't ,you were not their so you don't know and thats a fact.

fact number 2 - anything is possible nothing is impossible

if you don't believe someone then just say so, then say why and don't be insulting about it as per ats rules.

and if you have no other reason other than you just don't believe them then just don't bother posting

also the link that was posted has nothing to do about a planet its about the Omarion Nebula not a planet named Omarion and the story in their is no where close to this one the story presented is about a huge fleet attacking the home planet of the founders and the entire fleet being destroyed, their is only one simularity in the story the name Omarion is used nothing else is even remotly simular

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 08:24 PM
In other words you have stated run and return system mentioned in ancient texts also the surgery is as simple as babel.

conjunction junction whats your function

They don't have anything on me. Only time will tell how I hold up to Lucinerd.

Originally posted by Milkriver
Hi Guys

I'am not sure what to really do because 2 weeks ago If somone asked me if I beleived in Aliens I would say "Get out of here with your nonsense". After what happen to me and what I heard and saw I felt the need to tell everyone. I searched for a website where I could find people who would best understand what I was saying and hopefully someone who share the same experience I did. I will try to put the major points of what happen to me and answer questions as best I could

I was kidnapped on a spaceship and when I woke up I was surrounded by 5 strange human looking being. I could tell one was the leader and one was younger around my age. The other 3 were dressed in sort of a military outfit.

They looked similar to humans as in they have arms and legs with nose, eyes and mouth. The only difference was that they had what looked like a separate set of arms coming from their shoulders and their skin looked hard and darker.

The captain (leader) kept mumbling something I could not understand but after a few minutes they started speaking clearly. I was screaming and trying to get loose from my restrain and he kept telling me to remain calm. He said to me that there is something very important that we should know but he can't tell me because the time is not right. He kept reassuring me that he was not trying to hurt me but to help me

While in voyage back to what they called their home world their ship had a malfunction and they had to do an emergency landing on a moon. We had a really bad landing that the captain and the three guys in the military outfit did not survive

I began to befriend Scados who was the only surviving member and the youngest of all 5. I asked him what the captain meant by he has something to tell me but the time is not right. After hours of pleading he began to open up.

He told me that Earth as we call it doesn't belong to us and that the true owners of that planet is coming back for it. The Takeish are mammal looking creatures that live in peace and harmony on earth for several million years. They were forced to leave the planet because of an asteroid. After millions of years away from their home land and being refugees throughout the galaxy they have become very evil and now they are tired and want to come back home. They are upset at what we have done to the planet and intend on wiping us out clean.

I was shocked at the news he gave me but I was more so excited at the fact that we were not alone in this galaxy. I asked him if there is anything we can do to avoid the takeish to which he replied "there have been several people working on your behalf but to date there have been no resolution.”

At this point I was beginning to become very scared as I thought about my family and whether or not I will ever see them again. He looked deep into my eyes and I could see tears in his eyes as he began to tell me what I now call the worst destruction ever to happen in the history of beings.

With a soft spoken word he began by saying "There is allot more"
I begged him to explain.

He told me that we are not what we think. We are from a galaxy far away on a planet called Omarion. We are called Umians, similar to what we currently call ourselves "humans".

In that galaxy we are considered GODS, we are respected by all and our powers and abilities far exceed anybody known. People love and respect us. We had the power to think collectively and to move things with a thought. We could Control gravity. Control heat and cold, move things with our mind. We were great thinkers, Phylosophers, builders and protectors.

We had enemies who were constantly trying to destroy us so they could take control of that galaxy and quite possibly the world. Our main enemy were the Tikitok's, they were dangerous and had abilities similar to us although not as strong. During that time there was a man called lucifius as we now call lucifer. He was a Umian as were we. He wanted power and to be in control of Omarion and because of his greed he formed an alliance with the Tikitok's.

“Before I continue I must explain that the umians think collectively and everyday they would interconnect to each other and share thoughts ideas and be at a state of relaxation”

It is during this time that lucifius and the tikitoks made a plan to destroy all umians. While asleep during our telepathic session the Protectors were on guard and Lucifius implanted a code into our central system that sent us to sleep. Everyone on the planet went to sleep except the protectors. While everyone was asleep the Tikitocks destroyed almost all of the protectors while a handful escaped to nearby planet. They killed almost everyone that was in a sleeping state with once again only a handful escaping with the help of the protectors.

“The thing about a Umian is that when he/she dies, only the body dies. The spirit continues and finds a new born to continue its life. Therefore we are not really dead because our souls live on.”

The tikitoks searched for all umians from all over the galaxy and enslaved us. They did what is now known as the worst destruction that is known to anybody. With the surviving Umians they performed brain surgery on them and placed something inside their brain to block out allot of their thinking ability. Their memory of what happen was completely erased.

After years of slavery they were rescued by friends of the Umians and brought to what we now Call Earth. The spirit of all the umians managed to find their way to earth and take a body to continue but through years and years of human evolution we lost that ability to think and our memory of what happen is still erased.

I was left in shocked. Pissed I screamed #..From GODS to This was what I said.

He began to explain that friends of the umians have tried thousands of times
To try reverse the surgery done to us but with no luck. There are others who have tried to find out what the surgery is because they want to use this against their enemies.

I was in tears in disbelief. I asked him what happened. Who were the protectors? Then he began to explain.

The Umians were divided in 4 groups.

Blacks were the protectors
Whites were the leaders, Government
Chinese were the thinkers, Phylosophers

Just as he was to continue a huge ship landed 100 feet from us and a whole bunch of people in suits came running towards us. They began asking Scados what he told me and he screamed “Nothing, I swear nothing”. One of the men came towards me and put something close to my neck and that was when I woke up in my bed. I checked my neck immediately and didn’t notice anything at first but the day after I had a huge itch. On the same spot.

I am trying to write this down as I remember. Really hoping someone share the same experience

posted on Nov, 25 2006 @ 09:09 PM
hey milkriver, how can i get in touch with you. I think we need to talk. i had a similar experience and i was told the same story.

posted on Nov, 27 2006 @ 12:20 AM
That was a fantastic read. It sure beats that reptilian stuff...very original. I hope you post more.

posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 05:30 PM
Forget it

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 05:55 PM
Forget it

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posted on Jan, 8 2007 @ 08:52 PM
wow and i thought peopel could go no lower well i must say many of you people should just give ats up and go to a sceptics forum to talk about how much you dont beleive other people accounts and how you are so rude and hateful just sayin if i were an admin more than half of you would be banned for life.( dont bother replying to me ill never read this thread again just to not read all your rude and hateful comments. plus i dont read u2us i delete them.)

so have fun being haters.

peace out
-the king

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 08:38 AM
Just came back because I wanted to see what others were saying about my thread. I see it’s been moved to BelowTopSecret, not sure what that is or if its a site anyone will even read or view.

Just to answer a few questions.

No I don’t watch Start Trec

No I have never heard of this Omarion System or Planet

The fact is this was not a dream and I firmly stand by it. I wanted to believe it was a dream. I really did. I didn’t want to be the guy who saw aliens. Or the guy people on ATS thinks is lying and trying to get attention. I went along with everyone and wrote it off as just being a dream.

A month later I had another visit from Scados and a friend of his called Buju. This time for some reason I was not scared because I had already made up my mind that this was a dream and I didn't care. I woke up because my room was extra cold and there he was standing in front of my TV looking at it. I don’t know how he gets me in his ship but all he said was what sound like "Seeda Rapaa Dundat Mangra" and I woke up on his ship. This ship was a lot smaller than the one I had been on before.

Before you start giving it to me. Let me just say, I know a dream. You can usually tell when something is real or a dream. Something just aint right. I remember hearing my cousin talking about he dreamt he had to take a leak and he took a leak in his dream and when he woke up he had piss his bed. I took my thing out and started pissing..right there..i did not care. Scados was laughing but every time he laughs his head would snap back so it looked like he was hurting himself. I decided to stop because it looked weird. I said to myself, in the morning check your bed for wet spot.

He turned to me and go, "How are you my friend", and something came over me and I go, "Am I F#$cking dreaming, tell me because I don’t want to be going crazy" and he goes, "no my friend". And did that same weird laugh where his head snaps back..phucking weird...

His friend came to me and Scados told me his name was Buju. He told me that Buju is his best friend and he wanted to meet me. Buju seemed very excited to meet me and was looking at me as if I was a lion with an elephant’s trunk. Scandos asked me if I told anyone about my experience and I go Yeah but nobody believes me and he said, don’t worry when I told Buju I met you he didn't believe either. I smiled and they smiled as well. He asked me how people took it and I told them most people do beleive Alien exist but the government is doing a good job to cover it up. And he agreed by saying this is true. He says the government on his planet has been hiding the fact that Umians are still alive in the universe from its people. For generation the mass believes that we were wiped out of history and the government is trying to hide this from its people.

posted on Jan, 10 2007 @ 08:39 AM
I asked him why and he said, some people will take the news as a threat to their existence, some people may feel compelled to seek revenge, some might think the government is going crazy. Mostly all world leaders are aware of our existence in the universe but are not willing to spread it to the mass. After all at the condition we are currently he says it’s as if we are dead. We are like babies compared to what they can do.

I asked him how the process was coming along with trying to help us and he said slowly but people are work as hard as they can. He mentions that the takeish have rested on a planet in a galaxy far away. He's not sure how long they will be there but says they are still intent on coming home.

I asked him if we can trust the leaders of our world to try and protect us. He replied that they have been doing a good job so far and we should continue to trust and believe in them. He says just understand that everything is done for a reason.

The one question that I wanted to ask was, "Is there a GOD”. And he looked at me and said yes, there are several GODS. I asked if there was one all and powerful and he said his people have been

searching for that answer for generations. Well this leads me back to square one. There are GODS, but no clear answer if there is an All and powerful. I asked him about how they get from their home to ours so fast and he said, “My friend, that is too much information for you” If I start you would be lost at the beginning”. I said try me and he said “waves” and I said “what” and he goes, exactly. I felt foolish but decided there was more I could probably ask. He told me that we should continue working on different form of energies and one day we will get it. He looked at me and said, “Now it’s my turn” and I go “for what”, he says “to ask you question”. He said what would you to do me right now if I was able to remove the blockage that’s causing Umians to be this way. What if you were a GOD like you were? I said, I really don’t know, he goes…To have all this power and all you say is, You don’t know...I said well I guess the first thing I would do is to destroy all the tikitoks across the galaxy. Let them pay for what they have done to us. And he said. Exactly what I though. Scientist who are aware of your existence believes that they can somehow remove part of the blockage but you will be left with traits of what we are now, in us. And as a people we are extremely violent. I knew I had made a mistake by saying kill all tikitoks. I only said it because for some reason I thought that was the best thing and only thing to do. He said that’s what some of us are afraid of. That the Umians might hunt down the tikitoks and destroy them all. The process of removing the blockage has to be done correctly or we will carry all the negative traits in us. I said you don’t know unless you try my friend and he said..Thats the problem, they did..2 weeks prior they tried it on 12 Umians and they immediately became violent seeking revenge. He said he can’t stay in hiding for too long because our scanning technology has increased significantly and our government can detect ships quickly. He told me to close my eyes and I woke up around 1:00pm the next day with my brother knocking on the door. He came in asked me why my windows was open. I checked for the wet spot and couldn’t find any. Not even a stain.

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