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USA: 37 Million Poor Hidden in the Land of Plenty

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posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by Stratrf_Rus
You better take what I say next very seriously because unless you stood in a bread line for days; or rushed into a Mall to buy winter clothes so you don't freeze to death and it was empty; you don't know what poverty is.

There are a great many places in the world where there are no bread-lines or malls to buy cold winter clothing in. I suspect you have as little first hand experience of real poverty as i do, meaning nothing.

Americans don't know what poverty is; and even the bums on the streets are often dressed better than people in the third world; or how bad it was in the final days of the Soviet Union!

So why should Americans have to live like that in a country with such wealth? Why would you want to do the globalist thing and compare American living standards with that of extreme poverty on other continents? What the hell kind of stupid-as-hell logic is that anyways? Why should Americans put up with a government that disagrees about what poverty really is?

Now here's my infinite wisdom about economics to impart upon your fragile and obviously impressionable youth.

Well i reckon your infinite wisdom will probably be nothing of the sort but I'm open minded.

The rich make wealth: Not hoard it. How many billions more dollars are there now thanks to Bill Gates, thanks to William Buffet, thanks to numerous successful business men?

The rich does not make wealth. This whole notion is shear fantasy as wealth is just money and credit which comes from banks who decides who to loan it to. If banks stop giving credit or call in their loans even the 'wealthiest' enterprise can do bankrupt in weeks or days. Buffet did not create wealth anymore than Gates did as they all just used credit and money which is entirely artificial anyways. There is no logic behind the wealth creation argument as money is completely manipulated.

It is the poor; the governments; the bureaucracies that hoard wealth. Like parasites they consume it and waste it by the their sheer numbers or ineffectiveness or lack of ingenuity.

Without the life energy and labour of the average worker non of this "wealth creation" would be possible anyways but i guess you will never mention that as you just have a issue with human beings wanting relatively little in life anyways. While governments and bureaucracies do massively limit the inherent growth capacity that leads from human interaction I do not even know where to start with your ideas on the poor and i just find your entire take on it quite odious. You should really consider whether you want to take part in human society if you think it's average member is so completely worthless. That you think they are so by nature is even worse.

If you want a rich nation; it must be one where the rich are allowed to get richer. Only then will the poor have any wealth from which to suck off the teate of plenty.

This is complete BS considering that the British empire was built on the back of tally sticks made entirely of wood. 'Wealth' can be created at will with not the slightest trouble or leap of faith if our governments wanted the average person to have power over his own destiny. Since governments inherently hate independent thought and action they control 'wealth' by limiting the availability of our primary methods of exchange. Banks are in existence to give us 'credit' ( that comes with interest strangely; asking back more than you gave when it's a created out of thin air anyways) with the state there to regulate effective ways for us to get trapped in the credit trap by educating us badly and otherwise creating a framework that makes escape almost impossible.

Your years behind what i know about the artificially manipulation of wealth and life-energy for the sake of virtual perpetual slavery.


posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 06:03 PM
I would be considered poor myself. I have been out of a job for 2 years and have no health insurance. I am a white male who is 35 and has a 4 year degree. If I did not have the help of a parent, I would be living on the street. What has hurt me is job discrimination. I am gay. In the south this hurts you. I keep looking for work and hope things get better. It is not fun being poor because you never have any money.

James Klich
Charlotte, NC

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