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Endangered Species Act: Nothing but a con game

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 04:51 PM
Endangered Species Act: The Greatest Conspiracy of All!

"Of all the con jobs American politicians have foisted upon their constituents, a grandiose one that seemingly surpasses all others has grandly succeeded; but the politicians don't get the basic credit for that because they, too, were suckered into promoting it. I refer to the Endangered Species Act, henceforth E.S.A. If you think E.S.A. is primarily a harmless and noble effort to protect bald eagles, sea otters, or other cute, fuzzy and lovable little creatures, I wish to awaken you. Details of the origin and the results of the Endangered Species Act will be presented a bit later. Meanwhile, suffice it to say that both the real agenda and the result of E.S.A. has been not so much that of 'saving' little critters as that of transferring ownership or control of private property over to the government ..."


Interesting theory here. The Endangered Species Act allows the government to take over land if there are endagered species in danger there. The government has taken over ownership of a lot of land since the act came out. Is it truly for the good of the animals, or is the government trying to take over as much private property as possible? And if so, what do they eventually plan to do with it? Are there any secret bases or labs hidden deep inside these protected lands?

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