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Why Are You At TSC Paranormal Studies?

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 09:44 AM
I was vibing that some people here have a lot of Psi abilities, and some people have a lot less experience with the Paranormal (I won't say that some people have no Psi at all because I believe everyone can develop certain Psi abilities, if they try hard and believe, and also I bet a lot of people here have had paranormal experiences but just didn't realize it), and I was wondering if maybe some people here in the Paranormal section are just curious or looking for a little entertainment, or maybe some are here researching Psi for academic/scientific purposes, and others here are perhaps writers hoping to pick up ideas for their stories. In the past I have also met people at other sites who admitted to me that they are Psi Dillentantes, (people pretending to have Psi powers or experiences) just for the fun of it, and to belong to a cool group. (A couple of these people I talked to also belonged to 'role playing sites', and they didn't mean any harm, by pretending to be Psi it was just a form of 'role playing' to them.) Also, maybe some people are here looking for answers because of something they aren't sure about that happened to them or a loved one.

I don't know the people here so I was hoping everyone could tell me more about yourself, your experiences and what drew you here. I am not judging anyone and mean no insult, I am just curious about who the people are here. I know its not a requirement that someone has to be Psi gifted to be here, anymore than its a requirement that I have to be marine biologist to go to an aquarium and look at the fish.


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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 11:41 AM
The reason i come to the Paranormal Studies forum, is a kind of quest for the truth. I am not an academic, though i have a degree, yet I try to approach everything written here from a rational scientific point of view.

What was once an interest and a hobby is becoming an intellectual and almost a spiritual challenge. I am in no doubt that the paranormal for some is filling the void that religion once filled in our lives.

I am ready to believe, I am open minded, yet I need scientific proof. I firmly believe that the supernatrual is only an area if science we have little understanding about. Though I believe that most cases can be explained away by normal explanations. If we are to understand the paranormal it is vital we move away from peoples knee jurk reaction to phenomena. And try and find alternative possibilitys, rationally. Only then can we attempt to investigate true paranormal activity, and i do believe it exists!


posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 12:17 PM
Personally I wouldnt say I have any abilities as such but ive always been interested in the unexplained. My main interests are lucid dreaming which I have on a regular basis and OBEs which I've started having over the last 8 months or so... I've had the odd experience that I cant really explain but nothing serious. I stumbled across this forum when I was trying to find out information about OBEs and now I just seem to be getting deeper and deeper into it all. Once I started reading about lucid dreaming and OBEs I found that this then led onto another subject which could be related and so on...... I think if I didnt start having OBEs then i'd more than likely not be as interested in it all.. OBEs are certainly an eye opener.

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 03:20 PM
Hi Dan & Hi Clarky,

Thanks to you both, for being brave and telling me about what you are looking for. I found what you both had to say to be honest and interesting.

I am on Quest For Truth too in an existential sort of way, Dan. I came here one day, because the Gotpsi link went dead, and so I was browsing around to see what other Psi tests were on-line, and I saw there was a thread here started about the Gotpsi tests that I thought would be fun to read. And, that's how I found ATS the second time. The first time a few months back I found it because in another section here, people were discussing the 'Flying Tigers', and my dad is one, and he recently came back from a Friendship Tour to China, so I came here to relay his experiences, he got to go into some pretty 'secret' areas, that only Emperors were allowed in previously. But my dad asked me not to say anything, he is very modest, so I couldn't post anything. But I can post about my own Psi experiences, and learn from others Psi experiences and debate Psi here, and I have been doing that! Also, some of the posts here are very humorous and great fun! And I never thought about it that way until you mentioned it but I do think Psi fills a kind of spiritual void for me too. I thought of what you said about proof and everything Dan and I wrote this for you:

I ask that my eyes not be deceived, that when I see something that is only a wisp of smoke, a flash of light across my eyes, a shadow wandering over my mind, a flight of fancy, that I will not believe it is anything more.

I ask that my eyes not be deceived, that when I see something that is truly there, something that I can see plainly with my eyes and feel with more than my eyes, that I will not dismiss it, and disallow I ever saw it, that unless I discover a truth otherwise, that I could not know with only my eyes, then I will believe it.

(I think people can and do prove Psi with RV and with Psi testing, and other ways. Have you thought about trying RV Dan, to see how you will do? Also, I can put an experiment up here for everyone..I could ask everyone to think of a single shape, and I will email the shape just to you Dan, so you can verify that was the shape, and then I will telepathically transmit the shape I am thinking to everyone here, and we can see how many people get it. What do you think?) oh btw..I saw that you make Avatars and I need do I get one? Do you make them yourself?


I would love to hear more about your OBE's and your lucid dreams too, Clarky! Thank you for sharing info about yourself and how you came to be here! I like your quote from Napolean Hill, I also think the more you believe in something the more likely it is too happen. The more open you are to the energy the stronger you can feel it.


Please keep the posts coming in and tell us why the rest of you are here too!

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 03:57 PM
Thanks for that fantastic reply.

My main problem is this: (with a view to Psi and RV) That how do we test these powers, where do we draw the line between hallucination and actual RV. I have never tried RV myself, to be honest I dont know how, but it is something I am keen to try.
I dont doubt that these powers are possible, there is a great deal we dont understand. However I also know that the human mind is a tool more powerful than we imagine, in terms of the ability to hallucinate and imagination.

I would also like to know, the science behind, RV and psi, if it is true then we should be able to understand it: Is it a kind of energy transfer, what do we 'see' these things with, is it certain types of particles, are more people prone to it than others.
This is the next step, we say ok we have established it exists (which i dont think we have catergorically), now how does this happen and then a much more difficult question... why. This topic goes from paranormal to science to the creation of mankind and evolution right up to philosophy.

I know we cannot answer these questions here but we can make a start!

I am interested in taking part in an remote viewing experiment, though i feel we need to get more people involved and establish a scientific basis, and procedure!

I look forward to your reply

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 05:34 PM
Hi Dan, I have an RV partner and we are looking for more people to join up and practice RV and do Psi experiments with us. My partner Paul is a top rate RV'er (from England). He is very scientific minded like you, but also spiritual in a general sense. He has read every book there is on the subject and his favorite author is Joe McMoneagle. Plus, he practices RV everyday and is a top tester. If you are in the UK/England you should be able to be in the same compatible time zone as we are... so you can practice with us if you like. I am in the U.S. but we meet at his 9:00 p.m. (England) and my 1 p.m. (U.S.) here. Would that time work for you?

We have some remarkable results from time to time (more often than not). When these results occur it erases all doubts. For instance the other day Paul Mind RV'd an amusement park ride I think it was called "Hellraiser" to me, and I saw a red, tall strange building with a slanted top, that was mechanical like. I saw people with their arms thrown out at their sides. The ride is a tall red mechanical building like structure and Paul was RVing it with people riding on it with their arms out to both sides for balance! When it was Paul's turn to receive an image...I sent/RV'd Paul a camel..he saw an animal that was a like a horse or a giraffe that was light in color, he wasnt sure if it was white or off-white. After a couple more guesses he guessed right that it was a camel!

RV is nothing like actually see the energy/like light, that comes off a color, off an object, and you learn how to read that energy correctly, and then you know what the picture means. Sometimes you may even see a picture flash by of the whole picture entirely! You use all of your senses to feel for the picture also, not just your eyes. It's just a different way to see/sense things.

Yes I agree! The more people involved in the experiment the better the results will be! Also, the more witnesses there are when succesful hits on a target are made...the better! I am new and not sure how to get around this site, and u2u people. (Correction, I just figured u2u out, and I found I have messages there too! I better start writing back to people, or they will think I am a schmuck!). I left one for you Dan!! If you want to Email me, or feel free to u2u Dan (or anyone else who is interested), if you would like to do RV with us! You are more than Welcome and we would be happy to have you!!!

Thank You for your interest!!!

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 05:35 PM
I guess I am looking for confirmation. I have had some pretty amazing experiences and at the time I am blown away, all doubts gone.
Then time passes. I start to question things and attempt to rationalize.

I think I come here to jumpstart the conviction that I seem to only hold for short bursts. Every time the doubts seep in and the big questions start.
If only I could hold on to it.
Sometimes I am encouraged by the topics other times I am fearful at the possibilities that exist

I am also a coward and most often dont click on the 'ghostly' links, even though the thread usually indicates the pics have been debunked.

This sight allows me time to think about things. Life is very busy and no time during the day is spared for contemplating. This is my chance to mull over all the possibilitis.

Best wishes

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 06:40 PM
Hi Again Dan, I reread your post, I am not sure how to set it up an RV session in a scientific way, exactly but would welcome your ideas on that! Except to go and use the RV tests that Gotpsi and other sites have, because they are already set up to scientifically prove/disprove Psi. Also, if you want to set an experiment up here to be used on this site, and not go off-site, that would be fine too.

I think first learning RV would be a good place for you to start. If we teach you how to RV then you would know where to go from there to prove it on paper! Just do it succesfully a few times and prove it to yourself first. It wasn't that hard for Paul or I to learn RV..we took right to it..(I never even read a single book on the subject but instinctively knew the same things Paul told me he read in Joe's books). Different people do differently at different things, you just have to have courage and confidence to try, and then you have to feel for the object with all of your senses, but in a very relaxed, nonchalant way. Don't worry you will get the hang of it.

Hi Noo,

I thought I better reply to you before I leave for the night. Doubt is the biggest Psi Killer. I agree it is hard to hold on in believing some Psi things I have experienced that were beyond bizarre. I like coming here too, hoping that some people here can help shed some light on what I have experienced or share similar stories like Angel has done with me in her Angel thread. I don't think you a coward, at all. You are here searching, and brave enough to tell people who you are! Good Job! Don't ever quit seeking, and believing in what your own eyes tell you! And, don't quit thinking because the possiblities are endless and require much contemplation. Have a Great Evening!! Thanks for your Post!!!

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 04:10 PM
Hello there I am known the Scarecrow here on ats. I am a twenty year old guy from canada. My life well.It is hard to say what my life really is.An experience?.
As far as psi abilities I think it is safe to say that every moment we use so many unique and strange things to communicate and feel,that we all use psi abilities.

The question I would like to say here is,How far down the rabbit hole are you?.

Not a direct question of course,but one we have to ask ourselves.

Within the levels of understanding we have here within the different scocieties and studies,we have numerouse amounts of information at our disposal,some based on many many years of study and dedication by others.

When it comes to understanding who we are and what we are capable of it takes an extremely open mind.and alot of patience aswell.To get anywhere,for there is soo much connection between every single aspect of exsistence from sunlight to ladybugs it is all part of something we have little understanding of.

As for the whole Scarecrow thing.I have almost 500 posts here in paranormal board in the short three or four months I have been here.
I have created this persona of the scarecrow based on myself.
And am now making stories based upon him.There are also four podcasts here to help the scarecrow image go along called the scarecrow report.

A close friend showed me this site ,at first I didnt even care to look at it.I was struggleing much with my mind and exsistence at the time.He knew that it would help me alot.

Saying you don't really know how much you know he tried to get me to post something.Since then I have been told that I have helped many here.

Now I am almost crazier then hell,At twenty four having experienced many horrible levels of psychosis.

If you are curious as to the level of truth behind what I say.go look at my posts,I never say (well i try not to).That what I say is fact but gathered information.

Here on ats I feel I am accepted and welcomed into the ranks and feel at home here for as long as I will be allowed to stay.I now have strength behind me here.With a few friends.Some of which have been vital to my recovery from the depths of life that I have been through.

Anyway ill post again later


posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 02:36 PM
Yes...Wow! Please do post more here about yourself, Toraylin!!! You might be the one person who has gone through enough and is honest in the sharing, to inspire me and other people to be more courageous and also share some similar things with you and everyone.

I haven't gone to read your scarecrow story yet, but I plan on it! Sorry, I havent checked this thread in a long time, and that's why I didn't answer you back sooner. I just discovered a button called 'My New' at the top which shows all my threads, and that's what lead me back here.

When you ask "How far down the rabbit hole?" do you mean paranormally, spiritually, psychologically? I just never heard that expression before. I also think TS is great..with awesome people and topics, and its irresistable, so I keep coming back here... just like you!

I think we all need to go beyond our first impressions of people and really get to know them. Because every life is a miracle of being.

Thanks Toraylin!!

"We can't compare our insides to another persons outsides"

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 03:28 PM
I am deeply interested in all things psi since my GF predected an event that she had no way of knowing would happen. My skeptcism melted like a popcicle in the rain. I now realize the cosmos is much more than just what our senses can detect.

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 03:41 PM
Definitely Whaaa! That's really a ephipheny when something clearly happens like what happened with your GF. I think it takes something big sometimes for scepticism to melt, also. Sometimes, you have to have something happen to you firsthand to appreciate the 'Wow Factor' of it. I just wish everyone on earth could have at least one really big Psi thing happen to them.

Yes there is so much to explore and appreciate out in the Cosmos, and in each persons mind too.

Luv ur post...thank you!!!

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 11:02 PM
One of the strangest thing I have encountered with dealing with other humans is the amount of dissassociation they have with not only the world and others around them but who they themselves really are.This is not a hard thing to do as there is much distraction around us.Aswell I think genetics and the amount of evolution of the mind has taken place within those who came before you.Of course this is all theory from my perspective as for nothing it seems is reliable when it comes to any kind of information we could percieve at this time.

For a strange reason and I really have to stop myself from speaking from a self perspective less i want to rouse the villagers.People can actually see the future.

Now this is all very strange to most but,deja vu it seems happens to everyone for a reason.I dont really want to get into it cause it is too controversal,There seems to be alot of speculation in regards to how we actually recive and transmit energy and information within our brains,ecspecialy when it comes to how we effect those around us and vice versa.

Take the study of fate for instance.This is an amazing theory,in this it says that through endless amounts of etheral information and substance of matter,we are all part of an interconnecting thread of time space event and reaction or whatever.THis means that what ever happens happens for a reason,thaivh many say often.To go beyond that and say okay,so i am part of this fate thing that means what ever happens to me I am supposed to go through.Believe it or not this is one of the first principals of the Jedi.

This fate thing says that george lucas created this film through a series of events to touch many people across the world.I was a very impressionable boy and the ideals of the jedi fescinated me.Boom I am here now many years later talking about it.Many people here read this.Mabey one kid reads this and decides to go watch the films or something.Boom he studies it .

So all this fate stuff brings up the question.What is really going on here.In this hypothetical/non hypothetical case.Where did the whole reason for George Lucas creating this idea from.What made him make the movie's that for one would open my small mind up?Fate or something else.I will talk more later.
I am pretty much just going on about different stuff so im sorry if you think this is off topic.But then again it isnt ,mabey this fate thing is true and im here to do exactly what im doing now just because it is supposed to be.Hahahaha j.k.I have no idea about that but you never know.he he he.


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posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 12:07 AM
I wanted to find people who were like me.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 01:41 AM
Hi Toraylin,

I am glad you came back and wrote more. You are right people are dissassociated in many ways. I think we are going too fast in society, and working too hard. We need to slow down and meditate and get in touch with our inner selfs. And notice people and things around us more.

Star Wars made me feel great. I thought it was very spiritual movie...I loved the idea of a "Force" being out there..."May The Force Be With You". I believe in fate and ending up at some point in life because we are meant to also. Good insight into that aspect of the film Tor. So, even though we have free will, we must be being directed, also. George Lucas is probably connected to the same Subconscious Universe as a lot of the rest of us are. (They did that movie on a shoestring budget too). Who knows he may even somehow find himself here at ATS reading your post Toraylin.

Hi Denial,

I hope you succeeded!

posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 06:14 AM
I haven't written enough posts to do private messages, but I'd like to talk to you.

You are in the seattle area and are looking for people to join your group..right? I'm in that area too, and I can do what you can do. I have a friend I practice with and he could join as well. I'm good (but I need practice too). Write me and you'll see. I'm private about it though, so write soon - so I can delete this post.



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