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Paul McCartney died in 1966 - replaced by Billy Shepherd

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 06:50 PM
That Merky person just can't see the broader implications this entails.

Good to see you make an appearance, Excitable_Boy. This thread has been pretty lively
It's funny how some people think it's obvious that Paul had a double & others can't even seem to grasp the concept. lol

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by faulconandsnowjob

There are many mysteries. This is one. I was glad to see the rebirth of this thread as it has been quite interesting. I haven't been posting but have been keeping up with the debate. Excellent stuff.

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:29 PM
PROOF that Faul isn't Paul:

This has just come to my attention - at

A scientific team made an accurate biometrical comparison of Paul & Faul. They wanted to demonstrate it's a hoax, but the result was just the opposite. This article is from the Italian WIRED magazine of August 2009.

It seems they are saying that too much of "Paul's" head and face changed for that person to be Paul. There is too much difference between the skull, palate, mouth, nose, jaw, chin, & eyes. Paul would have had to undergone a series of major surgeries. He would have had to wear wires and braces which could not have been hidden simply by growing a mustache.

Translation in next post.

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:31 PM
This translation was made using Babylon translation software:

Many polls confirm that the legend of P. I. D. is among the most
known by public opinion. From today, perhaps, new polls
could give results even more debt, thanks to discoveries
of two Italian researchers that to check the whole of history are not limited to send the opposite musical tracks or to make the exegesis
of a text but are appeals to rigid protocols that regulate
the practice lawyer of the methodology identification.

Gabriella CARLESI and Francesco Gavazzeni are a strange couple:
she is an anatomopatologa, he is a computer. You are an expert in the recognition craniometrico, he puts the potential of computer available
for discipline born in the mid 19 th century: the
craniometria precisely. According to the Zingarelli, "is the science that deals with the measurement of the skull in relationship to Anthropology and the comparative anatomy". Now, to identify a person absolute certainty the damage two tests: fingerprints and the DNA (if
the samples is carried out correctly, which is not always the case). In the absence of blend of samples and the methodology of DNA identification avails itself of the anthropometry and, in particular,
the craniometria, which is based on analysis of certain specific points.
present in the face of anyone, due and codified in the 1800
from the French Paul Broca. What are these points? In terms
not scientific we could define them the distance between the pupils, the intersection between the nose and the arches sopraccigliari, the point where the basis of the nose is detached from upper lip, the conformation of jaw and chin, the pavilions headsets. Then there is the form of the skull.
In general but the anatomy topographical prefers to talk, more than of
specific points, to "regions", because in a few centimeters
of skin may be more useful characteristics to establish similarities and
differences. The anthropometry and the craniometria, as
have an origin nineteenth century, are the basis of biometrics, the
science used today for the recognition staff from intelligence
more sophisticated of the world. Huge database of biometric data
of terrorists and sought are quickly crossed and, according
to algorithms generated by points of the face, reveal the true identity of people shooting by cameras or photographed to airports. As
to CARLESI and Gavazzeni, cross their powers and, as happens
in television series, see dawero what we unlani we cannot
imagine. For this have assisted the investigations in
cases of chronicle black or of intrigues international: from the monster of Florence the attack to John Paul II, from crimes Erika and Omar
in Novi Ligure in the investigation into the death of journalist Ilaria Alpi.
Each time by adding elements vital, both for the police investigations in
both for the tribunals and parliamentary committees of inquiry
. Their expertise anthropometric on photographs and Movies
have contributed to exclude that he was the Somali Hashi Omar
Hassan to kill Ilaria Alpi and its operator MIRAN HROVATIN in May
1994 in Mogadishu. halido they opened a new
track in the case of monster of Florence when, together with Professor
John Pierucci, Dean of Italian legal medicine, have shown that
the man from the lake Trasimeno in 1985 was not
in fact, the doctor Francesco Narducci, Principal of the killings
of suspected "monster."

The decision that pushes two experts this level to devote time
and intelligence to the verification of P. I. D. is taken in a Saturday
March 2006, in the Institute of Legal Medicine of Pavia.
It is here that has its center the team gathered around to Professor
Pierucci, holder of the chair of Legal Medicine with the
passion for history. And it is here that are recording the interviews
for a documentary on the death of Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci, theme on which Pierucci and "its Boys" have no fact discoveries sensational by analysing the
photo of Piazzale Loreto, taken in Milan on
29 April 1945. Old and dramatic images
able to reveal, only thanks to the most
recent analysis techniques, special unpublished
a dynamic of the events other than that
of the classic execution. In practice:
no two execution in front of the famous
gate near of Mezzegra to 16 and the
, 28 April 1945, but two killings distant
between them some time and a few hundred meters away.
First Mussolini, perhaps during a
over, he is struck from the front and
to point while is t-shirt and without
boots; later you, dressed and in fur, is
cut to the shoulders. In later, he lined
to better and you without more fur, are brought to
Piazzale Loreto. That day,
none of the many photographers could imagine
how many things could reveal,
60 Years After, their shots.

chiviato the case Mussolini-Petacci, comes the proposal
for a new challenge: why not take a look a little
old photos, this time of the 1960s, and demonstrate the groundless
a legend underground so widespread as
incredible? The challenge is collected by Gabriella CARLESI and Francesco
Gavazzeni with fun and a peak of enough, because here
there are corpses or holes of bullet to analyse. Rather, it must
push as far as possible their capacity
to compare the images to discover if two faces belong to or
no to the same person. A speciality that the two had already
put in place some years before, when it was understand
if in Piazza San Pietro, on 13 may 1981, next to Turkish Alì
agca that shot to John Paul II there was or was less EC in reality
it was discovered that there was) the Bulgarian Sergei Antonov.
The junction between craniometria and technology (which, among other things,
allows to bring in proportions of the same subject homogeneous photo
taken at different times) has allowed to observe,
as never before, a series of images of Paul McCartney
the 1960s to today. Gavazzeni explains: "Now is infinitely
easier to see and note certain things, because the technique
of Digital Processing allows a speed of comparison
and a precision of analysis clearly superior to those of only
ten years ago." The first step is therefore search and select
images to put in proportion
to the best Pictures quality and framing and carry out measurements and respect.
At the end we can deliver the verdict. On which neither Gavazzeni
nor cadesi, to the top, seem serious doubts: "But Yes,
I have said, we put two minutes to conclude that this is the same
person", recalls the smiling anatomopatologa...


posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:34 PM
cont'd from above:

"A look at what they were on the Internet seemed sufficient
to clear the affair: do not know operate with a proper methodology
and so prove what they want".
In general, on many Web sites devoted to the legend of Paul is
dead, the demonstration to what door? To say that, in November
1966, the "real" McCartney died in a car accident
and was replaced by a double, left-handed and musician as him.

An operation sophisticated (but not the point of not
leaving a trace), a deceit necessary
for not obstructed a mechanism that
produced gains fabulous. So amazing
to give a breath of oxygen to the entire economy
English. And so, for the rank of
complottisti, also thanks to numerous tests
that the same Beatles would have sown the seeds for
years in the songs and on the covers of their
album, the truth is only one. Not at random,
Paul McCartney of successes by soloist, the tour
record, of the campaigns vegetarian and
of divorces billions is often called
faui. Not Paul but "OUT", a merger between fake, i.e. "
false", and paui. The nickname is between the consequences
of a storm media that
begins on 12 October 1969 with the call of
a not better identified Tom (Alfred for
some sources) during the transmission conduct by DJ Russell
Gibb on Radio wknr of Detroit. Tom was alleged that McCartney
was dead, that his disappearance was kept secret from the other
Beatles and from their management but that the group had also decided to
sow a series of evidence in the disks, but no one is
was still unaware of anything. The call in direct
gave the boot to a treasure hunt that, at a distance of 40 years'
not highlighted to finish.

"We knew these stories in a superficial, as a little all", they say CARLESI and Gavazzeni. "but not this was
our point of departure. For us the base had to be
good images, in large numbers and with an acceptable compatibility
anatomical-monitor between them, ". The search is conducted
to the whole field: pictures taken before the 1966 and photos certainly
dating from 1967 in next, and while the Beatles were still
united both during the period soloist of McCartney. "not been
as easy as could seem" recalls Gavazzeni. "For
the photo of the first years I noted the widespread uncertainty on dating, what that does not occur in the subsequent period
. Even, some snapshots
have different dates in different agencies and
the Best pictures are the property of photographers
that not the grant too easily ".
To be able to make a comparison between two
different periods was therefore necessary to fix
some fixed points, comparing
the best available images of the same
subject and realized in the short distance of time
. As a base element to determine the proportions
and be able to proceed in the work was sacrificed an important aspect to the identification:
the distance regulation. In fact, having chosen this criterion, such as
point of alignment of the images, not been able to use
for comparing the different pictures. In other words, because all the rest
were in scale something had vary.
Two images pre' 66, to be compared and brought on a single
SCALE OF REFERENCE TO MAKE uniform the proportions, show a
perfect coincidence of the main key points. In particular
the curve mandibular, i.e. the line that you can track
to the computer to define the lower perimeter of the face, say
from ear to ear passing through the chin, is basically
identical. The margin of error is less than one percent
. "As the perfect coincidence between two images is
virtually impossible," explains Gavazzeni, "For convention
is considered acceptable to maximum of 2, 5% of difference.
Beyond this limit, the discrepancy is that favour
the different identity between the two subjects under consideration. Given that in this case
the difference is less than the% a not a problem
: the two pictures depict surely the same person ". This was
at this point to seek other pictures, with similar characteristics,
but after the alleged "accident".

The first photograph useful, TAKEN
, to say, a picture emblematic. It is in fact
inside of the cover of a disk
not only important for the history of rock
but fundamental, even in the development
of the story of P. id.: Sgt.
pepperjs Lonely Hearts Club Band) published in June
1967. For over eight
months the Beatles not appear in public
and now is catching up with a change of
style and look that, with hindsight, it makes that increase the doubts. In fact, even
without the craniometria, in the past
P. id. has been able to count on some anomalies
able to feed the suspicion that
, perhaps, something had happened really.
For the rest, not knowing the
searches of CARLESI and Gavazzeni, Glauco
including, author of the one Italian book
on this theme (the case of double
Beatle, Robin editions, 2007) noted that
", there is no doubt as
the most of the facts or evidence is
easily rebuttable, or appears decided mind ludicrous and paradoxical; on the other,
it can be said that a good 30
% of them remains worrying, and not explained the
logic". In the only Sgt. Pepper's been counted 40 different
evidence, including the photo on which it has focused the attention of
CARLESI and Gavazzeni. The legend of P. id. would not have had the impact this has had
, without another initialled at first sight not less opaque
: O. P. D. is the one that is law on a curious distinctive McCartney
has on the left arm in that picture. For almost
all, McCartney in head, is a casual choice, a funny gadgets Canadian.
In fact O. P. D. would "Ontario police department.
The version complottistica o.p.d. would indicate the formula
used commonly by the police to declare the death of a person
: offlcially pronounced goddess D, namely "officially declared dead
". "At the beginning we have chosen the McCartney of Sgt.
Pepper) s not because we thought in the true meaning of O. P. D. but simply
because it seemed a photo that was to our case.
Certainly not imagined yet how many things we would have helped
to discover the ", says Gavazzeni.
That McCartney, certainly portrait in the first half
of 1967, was then assisted on another picture of a few years
later, taken between 1971 and 1972...


posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:35 PM
cont'd from above:

The objective was to repeat the operation
of comparison already made with images of the first 1960s and then proceed to COMPARATIVE EXAMINATION OF
DATA emerged from the two groups of images. Also in this case
, between the two new images there is a good compatibility
. There was therefore that compare the data
of the images preceding the date of the alleged
incident and subsequent. "The surprise was a great
", says Gavazzeni: "The curve
mandibular BETWEEN THE TWO GROUPS OF picture had a
discrepancy of more than 6.5 percent, well above
the threshold of error. But there was more. CHANGED ITS
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROFILE mandibular: before the 1966
each side of the jaw is composed of two curves
net; from 1967 there seems to be a single curve. There is therefore
a curve morphological different ".

And the surprises do n't end there because the implacable
Gavazzeni, as a boxer that feel near the
and of awersario, not spring the TAKEN ON THAT Photo
in which McCartney, ignorant, mentions a grin
a bit perplexed: "to the naked eye will note that that
will be a constant in the photos from that moment on,
a couple of readjustments photographic sufficiently evident at
a glance expert. There is a shadow that covers
the outer corner of the left eye. only for some time
not seen more. and going to observe in that
point, where for years there has been that spot dark,
now we note a middle way between a scar and the sign
of the skin stretched as to a readjustment aesthetic.
The explanation is that probably immediate,
already in the 1960s, HAS BEEN MADE AN OPERATION TO
INTERVENE ON THE eyes but which remained something
of imperfect, which for a long time has moved on
to mask ". There is then a detail that concerns
the conformation of the skull: "Even,
the impression is that the form of the head has been made it a little
more rounded nose", says Gavazzeni: "Therefore, be reduced
in l ength effective, by means of a escamotage
in use at the time and that it had in phase of the press'
. Modify actually the conformation
of the skull of an individual person is an impossibility.
Yet, judging from the photos, it is precisely
what one sees.

Gabriella CARLESI adds a further element:
"compared to previous photos, that of Sgt. Pepper's
shows clearly that the commessura speech, that
the line formed by the union of two lips, suddenly
elongated. which, of course is not possible and
that the moustasches not manage to camouflage ".
In other words, and is phenomenon all too often now, Lips can be inflated and increased
in volume, but the extent of commessura speech may not vary
much. can be very slight alterations, but this is not the
case of the photo examined: here the difference between the BEFORE AND AFTER
is too strong to be caused by any
surgery. And in more, and always moustache
, McCartney of Sgt. pepper>s, perhaps it is tried to hide
another element: what the experts called the point
nose-cord or sottonasale. is the point between the two nostrils where the nose
begins to break away from the face: "This is also in this case for a feature
that the medicine surgical cannot alter. can change the shape of the nose but not the
point nose-spinal ", explains Gabriella CARLESI.
"and between the McCartney of the first group of
pictures and that of the second that point varies

Conscious of not having left nothing to chance,
CARLESI and Gavazzeni, between the surprised and the
amused, are beginning to admit to being
puzzled. says Gabriella: "we liked
the idea of applying also to this case a rigorous methodology
, accepted and request
for work of some importance. But not publication of Sgt. pepper>s Lonely Hearts
Club band> instead, the palate of McCartney
widens considerably, to the point that
the front teeth not revolve more on
its axis as before. With the only,
on, except in the usually Canino.
"a change in the form of the palate",
concludes CARLESI, "in the 1960s
was not impossible but would be very
traumatic, the fruit of a genuine
intervention maxillo-facial surgery". In practice
McCartney would have put
in a transaction that would have resulted in the
opening of suture Palatine, the breaking of
bone and then a long orthodontic treatment
and prosthetic. In other words, to obtain a
in the 1960s sensitive to McCartney would have been
not only to a
particularly painful intervention and cruel but also
the use of a fixed orthodontic,
then multibande, for more than a
year. What it would not be possible to hide
and that would have had obvious effects
on vocal performance of a singer
professional. "But above all",
concludes Gabriella CARLESI, "that reasons
could have Paul McCartney to undergo
such a calvary?".

Unnecessary put this question to direct
concerned: Paul McCartney, as the other
Beatles, has always preferred clear
on questions DIRECT OR IS appeal to the irony
to put in ridiculous throughout the whole affair.
One between McCartney and the legend of
his death is a game'. In
reality, reaffirm CARLESI and Gavazzeni, had he
wanted to put the word end to all
this history McCartney could
do this by time. As long as was in life, his father
could do for example
an examination of the DNA to confine the history of
P. I. D. once and for all the world of
imagined that in a certain point, our investigation
would have taken the direction that
was taking... ". The same wonder that picks who
analyses in its dynamic (esoteric, communication, musical
) the story of the presumed death and replacement
of Paul McCartney takes possesion also of the two researchers, as and when
it concerning in the study of the images considered most suitable
for checks craniometri that. "The more we encouraged a response and
most other time", recalls Gavazzeni. "seemed
impossible but the idea that something was always reverts
stronger, day after day, photo after Photo". The challenge was made
intriguing, would have gone forward: also because other aspettiimportanti
awaiting examined. Starting with the one
in which cadesi excels Gabriella and for which enjoys international fame:
the identification dental. More McCartney sings and
show smiling, more CARLESI collects elements to feed
its doubts: "For me the evidence of: tests is represented by the shape
of the palate, still more than from the teeth"...


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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:36 PM
cont'd from above:

There are things impossmili and things that are possible but at the price
of operations long, painful and never be perfect. Species if made in the 1960s
. Now, the careful examination of some images of McCartney
before and after the Autumn 1966 leaves, is the case of say, open-mouth
: "First of all there is the canine upper right", noted
Gabriella CARLESI. "n elle previous photos to 1966 is known as sticks out
compared to the line of dental Arch. is the classic case of a tooth
that lack of space ends for disallinearsi, pushed out of the
pressure of the other teeth. It is curious that the same Canino,
in the photos from 1967 in next, sticks out always but without apparent reason
: the images show that would have the space to be aligned
to the teeth neighbours. It is as if it is wanted to recreate a detail
in a mouth where that anomaly it would never could
demonstrate ". li crux of the reasoning of identification
Odontologica suggested by Gabriella CARLESI concerns the whole palate
of McCartney, before the 1966, is showing close to the point to justify
various misalignments of teeth, albeit in forms less
obvious Canino right upper. After the legends. Or Paul could run his younger brother Re, Mike. And instead has done nothing. Indeed, the only time that was forced
to an examination is has
fed new suspicions and questions. which
has given voice a woman of the German 45 years,
Bettina krischbin, so-called daughter of
McCartney fruit of a relationship between the young musician
not yet famous and Erika
against, a blonde girl of Hamburg
where the Beatles did part of their
dedicated. In 1961, when he was born Bettina,
McCartney not recognise the daughter wanted
but, curiously, contributed to keeping
with a monthly payment of
200 marks. Erika is long, Bettina
no. And, once come of age, decided to
turn to Court to obtain the
official recognition of the Father. The test
of authorship not gave the expected results.
But Bettina suspected that there was
a sham: the test could be presented
this as an double of the Father, as
would demonstrate both pictures taken that day
is an autograph, which, to a report,
would not only done by a mock
handed, but also quite different from other
autographs of McCartney. The uncertainties
continue to accumulate above all in virtue
of the last paper, of the last ace
this in the study carried out by Gabriella
CARLESI and Francesco Gavazzeni: detail
of a few inches square in court
could be decisive.

Technically is called piercing. All
we have two, one for ear, but the characteristics
are different for every human being
. "In Germany, in a procedure
for the recognition craniometrie or, the identification
of the pavilion headset right
is even the fingerprint data, namely
the fingerprinting",
recalls CARLESI. But what is the piercing? Is
that little cartilage coated Leather
that overlooks the auditory entrance of the ear
and that, like all the ear's pavilion
, is not changeable surgically.
How to explain the differences
between the right ear Paul McCartney in
an instantaneous previous to 1966 AND IN A
made probably the end of the 1990s
? is not only the piercing
to betray varying design
but also other parties as, just above
the entrance auditory, surveys of Litania and
the antelice. Things to ordinary mortals
may seem insignificant or little clear but that instead, every day, allow experts to detect and identify yet, even in the face to considerations of
this type, scepticism is hard to die
. "The still now do not know what to say
, in fact what you say" admits Gavazzeni
that McCartney, whoever he is,
it declares fan. While CARLESI is limited
to observe: "The doubts are very strong and
the discrepancies numerous, but there is expressing
yet with absolute certainty.
especially because we speak of
a character so well-known and more alive.
Before a corpse would be more clear:
the data emerged they would led to, and authorized to
proceed with more
depth and decisive examinations. However, if
replacement there was, the real masterpiece was to
find a double with anthropometric characteristics
in all,
very close to the original "" admits.
"There is to say that the analysis monitor
is, necessarily, accompanied by examinations
of other Type to make a report certain
to 100%".

Without be and without lead, at least in
words, to the extreme
their investigation, CARLESI and Gavazzeni embody
the essence amletica of the legend of
Paul is dead. Two different types of rationality
are hampered without the possibility of a truth
shared. as not to ask oneself
as can a man, in a few
months, alter form of the skull, palate, mouth,
nose, jaw and ears
while continuing to sing and to compose
music? There is the difficulty in
accepting an exchange of person almost
perfect; the other part, the craniometria is
not uphold the few indications inserted in the disks
, on the covers and in their video from the same

But the questions that may have found the answer
if they replace other, no less
demanding. Starting with the
question nobody, including
the party in question appears to give
an answer: who is the man we call
Paul McCartney?

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:58 PM

Originally posted by pmexplorer

I got the idea of posting the same material again from you faulcon, cheers.

Now if you would, please take a look. Shame that your beloved photos
are being exposed for what they really are, a sham, just like this whole

You still haven't offered a decent explanation on the family and friends question.
It would be nigh on impossible for that number of people to be convinced.

The 'illuminati' is your safety blanket here, as I've said before, as soon as the heat gets too much, it's your get out of jail card isn't it.
"Oh well you wouldn't understand because the illuminati were involved''
etc. And then post random links which are totally irrelevant to the subject matter but some of the more gullible ones on here who will be sucked in by anything remotely conspiracy related will take it as fact despite the lack of any evidence / proof of their existence or how all this was carried out and by whom.

So save it.

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:01 PM

Originally posted by faulconandsnowjob

Many polls confirm that the legend of P. I. D. is among the most
known by public opinion. From today, perhaps, new polls
could give results even more debt, thanks to discoveries
of two Italian researchers that to check the whole of history are not limited to send the opposite musical tracks or to make the exegesis
of a text but are appeals to rigid protocols that regulate
the practice lawyer of the methodology identification.

Gabriella CARLESI and Francesco Gavazzeni are a strange couple:
she is an anatomopatologa, he is a computer. You are an expert in the recognition craniometrico, he puts the potential of computer available
for discipline born in the mid 19 th century: the
craniometria precisely.


What a fantastic translation!!

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:03 PM
It's over. Paul was replaced. BASTA. lol

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:03 PM
But I know some people are going to claim to know more about physiognomy than forensic scientists. lol Or maybe they will insist Paul went through a series of painful surgeries to transform his face? Maybe that's why the Beatles quit touring. lol

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:10 PM
Please stay on topic and refrain from attacking one another. This thread has just been placed on watch. The topic is:

Paul McCartney died in 1966 - replaced by Billy Shepherd

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:29 PM
More from the August 2009 Italian WIRED Magazine PID article:

You can see the different conformation of piercing A (billobato before the 1966) the different performance of ellce and the different amplezza of antelice and of the valley. Do not coincide even the proportions between the various points Litania-from antelice and incisura pretagica (or the depression between Piercing and antitrago).

First of all the sources:
CARLESI and Gavazzeni have used images acquired digitally from album original, photos of repertoire and steps with a digital different origins.
The question of their research, technically, is:
compatibility anatomoantropometrica between the portraits of Paul McCartney before and after the 1966, the year in which some believe is dead.
The images pre 1966 have been put in comparison with photo current, taking into account the impact of time past and surgery
aesthetics on soft parts of the face.
Before proceeding with the comparisons, pictures are
aligned and given to a single scale of reference.
Then (picture I) you have to identify the points
of craniometrici Broca (by Paul Pierre Broca, anthropologist,
doctor and surgeon French lived
in the 19 th century) and mapping the face of Pau!.

1. glabella (g).
2. nasion (n).
3. Centre of pupils (a parameter that we should abandon because it has been
used as point of alignment for the images).
4. Point nose-cord (Sn).
5. pogonion and gnathion (PG).

condilare gonion and emergency of articulation time-mandibular
serve to determine the profile

are beginning to arise the first discrepancies anatomical in figure the (two different images of Paul McCartney prior to 1966), extrapolating in detail the movements of the curve mandibular, we note the perfect coincidence of curves.
In the images pre 1966 the face of Paul McCartney is inscrivibile in a trapeze, in the rear in an ellipse, comparing two pictures taken in different periods the discrepancies are obvious.
The size of the third medium of the skeleton of the massive facial not match.

In Figure IV shall note the rough discrepancy of the trend of the curve mandibular, the pogonion DOES NOT COINCIDE AS THE commessura speech (the corners of the mouth).

In comparison with the image is the cover internal Sgt. Pepper's (figure (iii) is also noted a discrepancy of dimensional commessura speech that the moustasches (a completely new nellook by Paul post 1966) are unable to camouflage. Also the different performance
of the pavilions headsets is not completely hidden by the new cut of hair.

The existence of images of the mouth open of Paul McCartney before the 1966 (essentially live pictures of the artist while he sings) has also made possible a comparison on the look of teeth.

The figure v Paul dated 1966 show a marked endognazia, or a palate close to form the ogiva. There is a minimum distance between the canines, with misalignment of upper-right Canino for lack of space in Arch. There is also an arch of narrow chin also at the level. And molar. The Arch over the figure you left track dental arch different with the incisors central and lateral completely visible, and not aligned rotated on their axis. There is also a uniform of the color of the crowns in all the elements of
arch superior, that is we expect a ceramic encapsulation of the teeth.
It is important stress that no prosthetic rehabilitation is able to
create a bone that discrepancy, cellular and palatal. Aspects that in a person
shall be only through a surgical very invasive the suturing palatal and consequent orthodontic treatment and prostheses Co. these interventions, very difficult today, were particularly painful and almost impossible in the 1960s

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 09:24 PM
The Italian article asked at the end: "who is the man we call Paul McCartney?"

I want to know what happened to the real Paul!

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 10:00 PM
I wish the Italian article hadn't used this doctored photo of Paul:

The eyes have been changed to blue, & the eyebrows were tampered with.

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 10:26 PM

Originally posted by faulconandsnowjob
I wish the Italian article hadn't used this doctored photo of Paul:

[edit on 18-7-2009 by faulconandsnowjob]

Doctored like the vast majority of photos you have presented as 'evidence'
of a body double/copycat / replacement whatever it is you believe in
here, from which I have posted a link to a site which explains the so-called 'height difference', eye colour and all the other popular topics you
have lifted from the other 'PiD' sites you are a member of.

The link I posted of course was the one which you have so nonchalantly overlooked, instead opting to post a translation from the Italian version of the 'National Enquirer'.

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 10:27 PM

Originally posted by mrwupy
Please stay on topic and refrain from attacking one another. This thread has just been placed on watch. The topic is:

Paul McCartney died in 1966 - replaced by Billy Shepherd

Good work.

Shame it wasn't placed in the bin where it belongs though mrwupy

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 10:43 PM

Originally posted by pmexplorer

Originally posted by mrwupy
Please stay on topic and refrain from attacking one another. This thread has just been placed on watch. The topic is:

Paul McCartney died in 1966 - replaced by Billy Shepherd

Good work.

Shame it wasn't placed in the bin where it belongs though mrwupy

[edit on 18-7-2009 by pmexplorer]

Geez bud, if you don't like it, then don't post.
All throughout this thread you have insulted people outright and deviously and haven't noted anything thjat has been said while continually pushing your line (which is fine and debate is good (except that you use ad hominem attacks rather than just using the evidence itself).

I'm starting to wonder whether you are Faul?

That article was interesting, but of course it's rubbish because what do Italians know about forensics.

The nose is a curious issue, as are the ears.

Edit: syntax and spelling due to hangover

I had a look at the link you posted and it's not bad and certainly not good (the curate's egg anyone?), but not as compelling to me as the mountain of evidence suggesting he WAS replaced.

[edit on 18-7-2009 by aorAki]

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:12 AM

Originally posted by aorAki
Originally posted by pmexplorer

All throughout this thread you have insulted people outright ...

People who have nothing have to resort to insults b/c they have nothing else to counter with. It's pretty transparent.

I'm starting to wonder whether you are Faul?

Except it seems that Faul wants the truth to come out. He basically admitted to being the double on the Letterman show. lol

I can't believe this ever passed for Paul. Look at the eyebrow. Look at the nose. Oh, & don't forget the weird plastic ear piece. Good grief.

[edit on 19-7-2009 by faulconandsnowjob]

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 07:24 AM
I would just like to thank the mods here for spanking me for 1000 points. If I hadn't said anything to "Merky" you would have done nothing about his inappropriate post. So I had to be inappropriate back in order for you to do anything. His post was here a FULL DAY before mine.

As always...bravo.

Now...this thread is about Paul McCartney not being Paul McCartney. Let's get back to the debate which is what we are here for.

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