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2 recent paranormal 'researchings'

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 04:37 AM
I have been busy reading some books on the paranormal that seem to relate to some of the strange occurences reported here.

The first one is called 'Ghosts of the Old West' by Earl Murray. The writer supposrts the superstitious notion that many of the visions seen are spirits rising from the dead. As previously stated, my opinion is that the visions are memories that are 'handed down' gneration to generation powered by the living spirit. The reports seem to verify this for the most part. Also the reaction of some of the real people being extremely scared is a typical reaction. The book was written in 1988, and contains many stories of haunted buildings that still exist and are used as hotels now. Most of the ghosts are place oriented.

This is an intersesting concept. The visual input of the surroundings, the scenery seems to bring on the ghostly visions. This is much like your and mine repeat dreams of the same place, in which there are slight variations with the actions of the dream characters. The ghost visions appear to various people slightly differently depending on the personality of that person. That is like as if we all had dreams of the same place at different times and the ghost visions, like the characters in the dream appeared to interact differently.

However, interacting in the true sense of real people interacting is not the case. When the living memory supercharged with emotions and the visual image of the departed person is noticed there seems to be no real interaction. The reaction is usually fear, sometimes acceptance on the part of the real viewer towards this vision. Many of the stories are about the startledness of a first time viewer of visions. And they find out latter that many have had the same type of visions before them. The book is written this way for the shock value and then to calm one down, just like the person being written about has experienced. The question still remains why some people see ghostly visions and others do not. Perhaps an overactive imagination or an emotional content of excitement( or proper emotional mix) fairly matching the sight of the departed person back when.

In the second book, Wisdom of the Animals by Raphaela Pope and Elizabeth Morrison, the writers entertain the notion that animals mindspeak back to them. Here again, there is a problem with concept. The emotional energy of an animal hurting on the right flank is picked up by the author and translated into words by her own mind, the animal does not mindspeak. One of the writers also marvels at the idea she sent a worded message to a pet and the pet came over and sat in her lap. She asked Petey if he heard her to show her a sign. In my own experiments, I sent various emotions to my dogs and they woke up immediately and looked at me. What passes here is an emotion that causes a reaction, not a worded sentence from the pet. The reaction from thet pet can be the movement of the pet or a return emotion like a place on the body that hurts. Even the healing, that giving any living thing, loving attention, can help.

love you all,
Honor Seed

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 05:43 PM
Communication happens in many ways.In some ways people say that the interactions between us and others such as animals.Have very little to do with communication of sound,but more with the thoughts and feelings.Based on the circumstances around what is happening,we will act a certain way based on who we are and how we feel.

Animals need not to talk to you for a while to know what kind of person you are.Many people too such as myself can figure out a whole lifetime of a person just from the esscence they carry. Children have a good ability in this aswell.In every mannerism and spoken word,who we are and the slant of our intentions come through.

Unfortunately many do not focus on energies and behavior in regards to circumstances. On the other hand it can also hinder one to chronologicaly
log all behaviors by others and try to figure out who people are and why they do the things they do.I find that because of the way our scociety works and how primitive we really are in general in regards to how as whole we are horrible at understanding others,people tend to keep themselves guarded and hidden.Aswell as not trying to understand themselves.



posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 08:20 PM
It is a bit more complicated than all that Toralyn. You are on the right track . Wisdom is the motivation for aware people. Understanding yourself is not as easy as you may think. There is a constant flow of telepathic vibes through most of us. It is like a river going through the turbines at a dam. The electricity created, so to speak, is the paranormal power that so many seek to find nad channel for their own uses. But the situation is that the whole does not give up their mind energy to the one for anything other than you to be a servant of the whole.

Right now, since that mind energy of the whole continues to effect my nervous system adversely, I have chosen to serve the whole in a way that I see best, not a way that the whole seems to pressure me too. it would be like if a bunch of kids decided that a single parent needed to buy them everything they asked for and went about devious ways to acheive this goal.

The wisdom of a child quickly deteriorates as soon as knowledge is imparted. The path from wisdom to action goes through the "land" of knowledge. Like I mentioned 'Wisdom is the motivation for aware people.'
Few children, as they get to be 3-5 years old, ever have the awareness it takes for their actions to be a result of their wisdom. They may or may not, through lifes' lessons get it back latter in life after strife.

Jesus was one who I think carries the wisdom of a child through the 'land of knowledge as a maturing child and put it into the action of healing people at an older age. This is the only acceptable use of paranormal power. This is also the reason I will not teach my methods of mediatation here to anyone. What for, so they can entertain the whole with a power that should be soley used for casting the negative aprt of the whole out of sick people?

Another thing to look for here are, and I say it with all due respect, the words that indicate superstitution and ignorance. The problem is that telepathy was not taught as a reality in K-3rd grade when it is most required and needed for stable mental health.

There is a little girl here who sees the little people. She needs to be taught that the appearance of these little people is in a cloud of mind energy coming at her from other living people. And ALSO, very important, that the little people are the way her mind relates to this external energy before it reaches her. If she grows up thinking the little people exist outside her mind, she will be only be half-right, half superstitous and half-ignorant.

love to all


posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 09:23 PM
and besides what I just mentioned , can you imagine a mosh pit where people threw mind projections of force at each other? I have met very few people, if anybody yet, that can follow directions.
I see posts with people remarking they have a problem with other living peoples mind energy putting pressure on them. How do think hundreds of older ladies feel that have knocked off balance walking down stairs to break a leg or hip. Only to die later from complications. Broken bones can be lethal at an older age. So what part of the animal mind seeks dominance and tries to kill off the weaker animals and the alpha animal as it ages. My 9 dogs are am example of this. Many other species use their body language and other methods to cut out the older in the pack.

People are not in control of their minds energy and their attitudes and ways also reflect a negative energy going at older people. The thing is this does kill them. It also causes stress in other younger people like the guy who was worried that the living mind energy would attack his young child.

Coping mechanisms reach both ends of the wisdom soul emotional spectrum. The range from forgiveness and forgetting the intrusion, to a gentle reproach up to a furious rage directed at it. An if it persists, you can move your fists or hands through it in a furious way. This ends it. I prefer forgiveness as a way because I believe the living mind energy is reflected back to the original sender(s).

I will not teach the use of the mind to kill people, period. I will not teach the use of the mind to heal people. The knowledge is gained through a complicated series of events, in which you have to examine what you believe your wisdom is, your God given gift. You have to treat each encounter with paranormal visions and even words inside your head as if a real person is standing before you. With all due respect, I am not answering any more posts here that refer to the paranormal happenings as anything less than a science.
Ther are no dead communicating with you people. They are all in Heaven in Godly embrace. And you have an understanding held in trust by God, that will either be yours during this life, or for at least a moment after your death. Your choice.

If you don't like what your hearing in your head right now, reading these words and hearing your own voice mindspeak them, then you are having a conflict. My suggestion is stuff some cotton in your ears, the external noises are causing an inability to center on your own awareness, your own motivation and your own freedom of choice.
On the other hand, since a lot of people would advise me not to try and fix anything, just forget what you have just read.

Or if you are intelligent, forget the road of protection from fear and focus on the healing road.

love u all
Honor Seed

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