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Interesting Experience...(one of many)

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:08 PM
I'll try to make this short and sweet. While lying in bed a few weeks ago I was touched by "something". Here's how it happened. I was laying on the right side of my bed laying on my right side. My wife was on the left side on her stomach with her head facing me. We had our 5 month old son in between us on his back with his head our shoulder level. Now My wife and son were both sound asleep and I had just layed down for about 10 minutes and just got comfortable. I was in a stage where I had found something pleasant to think about to fall asleep to, you know a meditation teqnique to slow the brain process down. But I was definately NOT asleep. I was fully aware what was I was doing nor was I really tired. At this time I felt a very strong pressure on the back of my head near the top. It felt like someone was pushing my down with the tips of thier fingures closed together. I reached up and grabbed what was pushing my head with my left hand. Now keep in mind that the pressure was very strong to the point where it almost began to hurt. Now when I grabbed at what was pushing down I grasped a hand with fingures together just what I thought it was. I was a little annoyed by the whole disruption so I grasped hard and threw the "hand" back away from me and looked over at my wife. When I looked over at her she was very sound asleep and both of her arms where under her head. Nor did she move when I looked over at her. Now I consider myself very knowledgable when it comes to ghosts and the likes and I felt no presence and the room temp was warm. Just to state again I "know" that I wasn't asllep or even near it. I thought I would just throw this out there for anyone who might take an interest and wan't to talk about it.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 06:36 PM
Sounds spooky, I was going to say sleep paralysis but if your sure you wasnt asleep then It wont be. I used to have something similar happen to me a few years ago but it wasnt my head it was my ribs. I'd be laying there watching tv and all of a sudden i'd feel this digging under my rib cage as if someone had there hand there and was gradualy pressing harder and harder and I'd end up jumping out of bed for it to go away. Now the wierdest thing about this is that about a year later my dad and his girlfriend moved into a new house and it was haunted and I mean well haunted, my dad was thinking about getting sectioned at one point. He used to tell me about his experiences and then he told me about this digging feeling he'd sometimes get under his ribs and it sounded exactly like what was happening to me.. I couldnt believe it. I think if it only happened that one time then you could probably rule out a spirit or something.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 06:58 PM
Hello Sabot
So Interesting, this type of subject! Also glad I'm not the only one this happens too lol. Anyhow, my first thought was maybe it was an Angel, they like to touch you to let you know they are around! But then I said hmmmmm don't think so, because it continued to press down on your head to where it started to hurt! My belief an Angel would not go that far!
Only thought maybe the Angel because your room stayed warm, no cold spots. But I have had pesty spirits come and it stayed warm...
But I still have to go with the notion that it was evil, because of the pain involved! Or starting to have pain.
Is this the first time it happened, something like this? Has anything other than this that was strange happen at all?
Have you received any articles from someone? Like furniture or picture within a frame that you recently you hung up? Sometimes receiving items especially tag sale items, or Antique items have evil entities attached to them!
Hopefully you don't have a Quija Board, they too can bring these pesty evil beings into a home!
Oh Sometimes when People you just meet happen to come into the home they too, can bring in demonic beings as well! Some spirits like to come & go! Bother people for a bit, then find another individual who they can frighten! They look for individuals who are usually strong so they can weaken them with fear! Not that they don't go after the weaker ones, that they do! But I find they go after the stronger & more spiritual ones more so!
That is why its good to cleanse the home periodically - since their are so many ways they find a way in, especially into fun loving homes, where they love to cause all kinds of trouble!
Sometimes they affect people's moods, one who can be always joyful, peaceful & loving, can find themselves moody & iritable for no giving reasons!
I pray the baby has been well! Hopefully you haven't noticed any changes their correct?
If you pray, put a prayer of protection daily & at night around all of you, Psalm 4 is a good prayer and of course Psalm 91 - But also cleanse the entire Property and the House- Placing the Angels & Warrior Angels at the edges of the Property are a Powerful Way of Keeping them from entering, but first, Cleansing the Inside of the House is Very Necessary! Then You can take Olive Oil say a Prayer Over It- as State in James Chapter 5 - and then Pour a few drops at every corner of the Property and with the House Annoint the Outside Doors - Windows, same on inside - and also Annoint Every Room Including cellar doors Windows Garages etc! As your Anointing have your Wife Read Scriptures in the Bible the Psalms are Powerful when Cleansing the Home! Then you can also if you feel the need too Keep an Open Bible in the Bedroom to Psalm 23 when you sleep!
Many who have been viciously attacked, then found after doing the above, were not bothered any further!
If ever you or someone who gets attacked and say one is being choaked by an entity which could not be seen, and you cannot speak, even thinking the words, ( Blood Of Jesus I command you to leave this house & property now, It Must Obey ) The Powers of Thought are just as powerful as Words Spoken!
If your not a believer in God or that type of Prayer! Even Words or Thoughts Commanding Them To Go Also Brought Positive Results As Well To Some! Hope This Helped! I will Pray for all of you! Take Care

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 07:38 PM
Thanks for the posts guys. I'm going to try to answere a few of your questions. First off the baby is fine and so is my 5 year old, a really appretiate your concern. As for good or evil, I felt no presence of either kind. There were no good feellings or bad. To be honost I am not a religious person but a spiritual one. I do not believe in angles the normal orthidox way. Not to say there aren't any, I just wouldn't know. I haven't had any house guest that I didn't know and haven't recieved any new items either. I would consider myself a strong person physically, mentally, and emotionally. The only thing that frightens me is the thought of my children in a bad way somehow. I just don't scare at all...not including those screamers that people make and put on the web, those will make anyone jump. Man I hate those. My wife is Japanese and is into the feung shau or how ever you spell it, so I beleive the houses "chi" is good. I don't get to sleep much so I was more frustrated at the disruption than being scared. I thought out loud that if it happened again there would be hell to pay, ghost or no ghost. And I meant it. I'm the kind of guy that would make huanting MY house a living or a former living hell. Not on my watch, no

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by Clarky I'd be laying there watching tv and all of a sudden i'd feel this digging under my rib cage as if someone had there hand there and was gradualy pressing harder and harder...

Oooo I hate that. I had that happen for like a month almost every night; but the pressure sometimes was in other areas on my lower abdomen, and sometimes it moved to the side or up to my solar plexus... paaaaaainfuuuuuuul! Doesnt hapen alot anymore. The only time I got it to stop was to start praying in my sleep.

I moved recently and the "feung shuei" is much better in my new room. My head is still pointing northward. I dont know if thats good or not for me, but I dont face a bookcase and closet anymore.

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 02:20 PM
There are supposed to many different types of entities that can interact with us on many levels.
When it comes to the mind and other entities trying to get into your head.
It could have been a high level poltergeist or even a shadow being.Ecspeacialy since you were somewhat connected to the etheral realm.Remember that the more open your mind and perception is,the easier it is to connect with other worldly or dimensional forces.

I never go into or try to go near anykind of channelling I have to keep my focus on not letting anything in and keeping walls up.Where I can work on my own inner force.

Now opening my book to battles across the planes. It says in some circles
that there is huge amounts of battles going on out there.For what varys.The christians say that it is a battle between good and evil.Others
say that it is more like a huge game where we ourselves are the controllers with good and evil residing within us.two halves of the whole always struggleing for either balance with eacother or control over the other.

With this mode of thought though comes the question.Well why am I only starting to experience these things now.
Well as far as I have understood based on my studies,is that these shadow beings or entities or whatever focus mainly on those of certain awareness and ability.

This is just info and i am not saying any of this is what has happened to you.


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