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advice on weird coinidential dreams.

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 04:21 PM
so, I dream just like everyone else, a few years ago I started keeping a dream log. because I would have deja'vu and remember exactly the dream I had. I'm not saying I can see the future or anything like that. but, its just a weird thing that happens.

I've connected alot of my dreams to minor I dreamnt I was in a place talking to this red head girl...eating french fries. then it happend a month later...stuff like that...but, the reason I don't see this merely as a Coincidence because of body gestures and phrases and sentences I can finish from people it happens with...but, I do dream normally too, its not like everydream theres angels and crap..I still have dreams about having super powers or out of whack stuff happening so whatever its very unpridictable...but, my guess is everyone has this.

but, anyway.lately I've been having dreams about a girl I used to be involved with, and havent had a solid kind of any relationship with her in a few years..but, I don't even fathom about this chick..and then I have a number of dreams about her in a row..and I always wake up with a sense of forlorn and helplessness...can maybe someone give me any kind of advice of some kind regarding this? and or does it have anything to do with my speculation of having "prophetic" perse dreams.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:29 PM
I can relate to every word you have posted. I have spent many hours trying to piece it all together and try to possible inhance what I was experiencing and use it in some way. I have not kept a log per se but I do have a really good memory for reocurring incedents. One of the theories I have come up with on the deja vu angle is that your mind plays scenerious in which the events are common in everyday life. When an event that actually happens that is very simular to your dream it can be construded as deja vu. Now as you said you even have dialoge that is the same which brings a new angle and level to the program. I suggest you continue with what your doing and possibly take up meditation if not already to help clear your mind and give you ome propsective on what you experiences might mean.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:45 PM
Hi Waffle
This happened to me, and still does time to time! I pay close attention on the dreams that do repeat, because 1. either its going to show true some time soon, or I need to call and find out how they have been! Twice it happened that each person was in deep despair! So much so they didn't want to live any longer! Of course I took the time, and showed how important they are to all of us, and that tomorrow even though it may be painful still, everyday gets brighter and brighter!
So I always pay close attention to dreams that do repeat themselves! I say you have nothing to lose if you call her to make sure she is ok! Unless of course you don't particularly like the person, then I would say pray for her if you are a believer in prayer! Hope this helped! Interesting thread!

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 02:03 PM
Let me just say this.Life is a very strange thing.Where as many think that thoughts and dreams are just part of the imagination.Many do not even understand what the imagination is part of.

Lets take simple hearing and talking for instance.Something most people don't even think about as being paranormal or anything.Yet through using certain muscles and the air i breath in through my lungs.I push out that wind through these muscles and tendons or whatever to produce verberations which make sound.Then using my mouth and lips I change the shape of the area which the verberations are carried.To produce certain sounds.Then all those around me have receptors ,which pick up those sounds and register them in a memory base of all the sounds which they have hard before.Not only do we store these sounds but have a basis built up around these sounds depending on tone and intent surrounding the events in which these"words" come about.

When it comes to understanding the entire purpose of our exsistence and time
and space it is very difficult to go on any kind of research in general.Understand that when it comes to the mind,we might be acting as huge antennae serving as recieve/transmit entities for this greater sense of exsistence.

Many say that all possible outcomes of any situation past or present and future,are all connected through dimensional planes of exsistence.Which are separated only through the perception of the individual at hand.Saying that we have endless amounts of copies in different times and places.Some of which can be completly different than the plane we are on.

Now in many of these studies it is said that our minds work as a sort of
compiler.using the informnation it recieves to continue the world line we are in.Yet it still picks up much information on other world line possibilites.Where as while we sleep our concious.The part of our brains said to process and use the information to create the time/world lines we are in,becomes more attached to the subconcious.the part that recieves more information about possible time line.

This interaction allows us to see possible outcomes and timelines,through pieces of information put together,such as events to come within the time line we would come4 to experience.

Anyway hope that makes sense to at least one of you guys.


posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 04:47 PM
Toraylin Thank You for the Info, yes made sense to me! I had a question if you would be so kind! I use to be able to control my dreams all the time when I was little, and fly whenever I wanted! Now only do that once in a great while! I would like to do it whenever I want again!
So today before taking a refreshing nap, since I know you are more apt to have a lucid dream at naptime, then again I heard some can have lucid dreams anytime!
So before nap I concentrated that I would find something in the dream which would click my knowing that I was dreaming, therefore allow me to take control of every circumstance.
So In my dream I did just that, I realized I was dreaming simply by realizing what I was touching was part of a dream! Then upon knowing that, I then was able to feel all what I touched, also when trying to get through some bushes because of a short cut I scraped myself, and said interesting I can even feel pain.
Then the dream took an interesting twist, I was running from some mean dudes and was looking for a place to hide, well they were hot on my trail, so I said to myself well I don't like this dream so wake up, I told myself. Which I did!
Now why didn't I tell myself to just fly away? Why didn't I know I could have thought him into a baby or a kid so he couldn't harm me. Or does one not have control on others in a dream just ourselves? Is it through much practice that I will become more & more aware at my own capabilities?
Would love to hear your advice on this if you would.
Thanks Angel

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 06:11 PM
This brings up many different points angel.

In most of my dreams I am able to somewhat control many aspects.Here is one of the strange points.What do we really control in these states.Now I don't know about the labels of oobe or lucid dreaming and planeswalking in regards to eachother,yet seem to have experienced them on different levels.

We have our world and reality which we usually take in through the main five senses(i think its five anyway).

This world or most of the thought studies behind it are based upon physical theory of substance and matter.Most who study this form of reality tend to push off happenings of the paranormal(which is what we mostly disscuss on this board).

Now we have the studies of the mind and dimensional travel.I have posted much on these topics today through out the threads I have responded to today.

Now when it comes to our interactions of the etheral realms and dimensional travel through sleep and perception of the mind.We come into some very shaky ground.

Where as I have studied much of these things it is hard for me to say exactly what goes on.

Now in personal experience.I can do many things in my dream/planeswalking state.Now as far as flying I do not tend to do so.
When you asked about the not doing these things,like turning him into a baby.

Here is where I believe we can mix things.The more concious we are of ourselves as being who we are in this reality of physical being,the more we can do things such as fly.Or hurl fireballs.

In this I will have a hard time describing it but here goes.When talking about different dimensions I have written here in my book this...

while it would seem that in this study that it is possible to attain the persona of a different self or version of you pertaining to the situation or reality of the dimension you are in.That the question raises who are we really in these realms.Also are these"realms" a concoction of many different places from different realms.

Upon further study of my own participation in these dreams,a skeptical yes seems to appear when asked if I go along with the scenario happening.

Therefore if it is neccessary or part of the reality pertaining to your persona or version,to do unrealistic things pertaining to our own world and reality,such as ride dragons or shoot lasers from their would do so without question or hesitation.this has a sense of the more we let go of who we are and the world we live in the easier it is to assume total reality in another realm.This offshoots into several topics such as lucid dreaming.Where most people will have some control of their alter persona in another place they seem to be still in a dream state resulting in a different kind of experience more created through the will of the person rather then assuming a role within another realm.

In a dream state the person in question seems to have total control over
the situation at hand,where as the closer to being in another realm you get,the person seems to have to abide by the rules of that reality.

Now when it comes to many dreamstates you can simply change the outcome through being aware that this is a dream.Though in altered states
you seem to at the last moment or when you want out,to all of a sudden wake up.

Many times when dealing with certain world lines in my dreamstates.I want out and become awake.Yet I know my subconcious is still within that world line of recieving information therefore almost knowing I will go back to that horrible world.

A while back (like a month ago).I encountered a rather savage being that I may have connected with through a post by another member.

It almost got me.but I stuck it out.and crushed its head in a huge metal door.Now in that situation like all my planeswalking.I no longer really dreamstate.I could only perform on a slightly more immortal level of strength and ability.I was really in trouble and I tried to get out but couldn't. i had to fight it.

After I crushed its head i woke up but knew Ihadn't killed it.I ran into my bathroom and closed the door. I ran into my bathroom and tried to fill the room with energies.It was really early in the morning and the calling was really strong.But I knew that if I gave in and went back to sleep that It might finish me off.Now when I crushed its head it had a hold of either my arm or a weapon i had.I looked at my arm because I felt something weird and I had a long scratch.I knew I was dealing with a dimensional traveller then.So I hid in the bathroom and forced all energies out of it trying to not let anything in.
Well I made it and it hasn't bothered me since.

anyway I hope some of this is helpful to you.


posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 07:19 PM
Toraylin Thank You
Let me see if I have this correct, Is what you are saying, that most times, you go beyond the dream state, into a total different realm, and thus have to at times battle what comes up against you?
And if you don't win the battle, and awaken those energies, they can transfer into our awakened realm? Correct That is why you battled further by going into the bathroom and (spiritually I call it ) gathered up your energies and killed whatever that was waging war against you, so that your real life would not feel any of the negative energies that it was fighting with you?
Do I have this right! Putting it into my words helps me to see if I am understanding you correctly. Sorry if I'm way off, I'm so new at this, and really want to gain control of what comes against me! But now I'm understanding their is so much more, almost like my obe I had which is stated in My Guardian Angels Thread, But one can also have the obe while asleep and travel also to other dimensions & realities? I did hear however that their are levels and upon reaching the first level their are some nasty beings there, but one can bypass that when learning the know how correct?
One more question and forgive any ignorance on this part -
Is there any steps one can easily do to do what your able to do Toraylin?
Like 1 - 2 - 3? lol Just that I want to make sure I understand and are able to obtain it without incident! Or are their always incidents in learning just like in real life lol Thanks for your patience..... Angel

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 08:48 PM
This is hard to say.As for me.I have been to places in the real world within other worlds and in my own mind and soul.That would shatter alot of peoples minds.

I cannot say that going through what I have gone through in my life has had a total effect on who I am,I have been having a constant flow of what people understand and don't understand connect with eachother and help me understand many things in my own mind and exsistence. I dont think i killed whatever it was coming after me but had only warded it off.It is a long process my friend to understand these things.Unfortunately there is two sides to the coin.In order to move one way some say you have effect of equal amount towards the other end of the stick so to speak.I think you know what I mean when I say this.

AS for the one two three.yes it is like a way. But how to get there
is up to you and your world line hehehe

all for now hope that helps alittle
remember it takes alot of self study to know whast you are about and where to expand on your studies of life as i call it.
The universe is said to help us as much as we want it to.
i dunno.

Its hard to say,but from what I hear you are trying hard .keep it up,you will get to your own points of power.


[edit on 22-2-2006 by toraylin]

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 06:38 PM
Gee Toryalin you should write a book! I would love to hear your experiences, but I have a feeling their private, correct? Its just that the way you word yourself, they really are inspiring to say the least! You have my attention lol more please? lol
Much Thanks

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