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DHS Takes WoT to Public Library - Anti-Porn Commandos!

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 01:53 PM


Two uniformed men strolled into the main room of the Little Falls library in Bethesda one day last week and demanded the attention of all patrons using the computers. Then they made their announcement: The viewing of Internet pornography was forbidden.

The men looked stern and wore baseball caps emblazoned with the words "Homeland Security." The bizarre scene unfolded Feb. 9, leaving some residents confused and forcing county officials to explain how employees assigned to protect county buildings against terrorists came to see it as their job to police the viewing of pornography.

After the two men made their announcement, one of them challenged an Internet user's choice of viewing material and asked him to step outside, according to a witness. A librarian intervened, and the two men went into the library's work area to discuss the matter. A police officer arrived. In the end, no one had to step outside except the uniformed men.

"Excuse me sir, you'll have to step outside with us now."
"What, why?
"That banner ad exceeds DHS standards for maximum sexiness in the context of a library environment. You'll have to come with us please sir."
"Are you off your nut son, just who do you think you are?"

[enter librarian]

"Okay, you two, what have I told you about this? C'mon, outside, right now."

What a couple of twits these fellas must have been. I would have loved to be that cop showing up. Of course they weren't fired. Oh no, just reassigned. Probably to an armed division.

Putting national security in the hands of men like this...

God help us all.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:18 PM
I read about this incident earlier this afternoon and LMAO! Anytime you place a couple of Big Brother wannabes in a position of power or responsibility, hiliarity ensues.

Seriously, though, why would someone think they can police the Internet in, of all places, a public library? It's bad enough the neocon movement is trying to ban (burn if they had a chance) books in the first place. Now Homeland Security is protecting library patrons from porn?!? Somehow, I think there are larger issues Homeland Security could spend their time resolving.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 08:16 PM
While I don't think a library is the best place to choose to view porn, what exactly does that have to do with national security? (I hate the term homeland security.)

Reminds me of the past incident where DHS agents showed up at a store selling knockoff Rubik's Cubes and ordered them to stop selling them.

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 12:53 AM
To be honest, The Computers to "view" Adult meterial. Should be Closed off, Like they do with the xxx meterial. (At some video stores.)

But I think that Job should be up to the library officials. Not some Feds with a power trip.


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