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H5N1: A Sign That Marshal Law Is In The UK Planning ?

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 08:59 AM
Unfortunately, the actual piece of the interview that this post is about was not thought worthy enough to be included in the story that is linked to below. The interview was on the BBC this Sunday morning with the UK Secretary of Defence, John Reid. The specific piece I'm interested in was after a discussion on troop deployments to Afghanistan.

Interviewer: I must ask you about the news that the Bird Flu epidemic has spread to France. Alot of people are worried about it. Can you assure the British people that all the neccessary preparations have been made ?

John Reid: Yes I can, not least because I've played a role in drawing up those contingency preparations.

Why would the Defence Secretary be involved in such contingency preparations unless it involved the military and the Marshal Law contingency ?

I hope the full text of the interview will be posted somewhere soon.

It's not saying anything that any of us didn't know already but it's the first sign from the UK government that it is beiong considered.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 10:01 AM
From what i have actualy seen so far i see no evedance of martial law being imposed.

these are the official plans

In the time it takes to develop and procure the new vaccine, the following measures would be used to try to buy time and stop the virus spreading:

Travel between the UK and infected countries restricted and health screening begun at ports

Infected people asked to go into voluntary isolation and those who had been in contact with them into voluntary quarantine

Public gatherings such as football matches and concerts restricted, along with movement of people within local areas

Schools closed

Infected people, those who had been in contact with them and possibly the general public told to wear face masks.

it talk of voluntary isolation, but im not sure it would really be so voluntary. Their would atleast be alot of pressure put on the individuals to go in of their own free will.

Because the Military would probably have a big part to play in the plans i would say that justifies the minister for defence becoming involved.

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