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My strange events.

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 02:11 AM
I've lurked around ATS for a while and found everything interesting, but never joined because my experieneces were never that major, really, but tonight something definite happened and I can't really pass it off. Okay, I have to warn you, this is a LONG post. The last paragraph is my latest experience, the one that made me post.

To start, I'll say that I've always felt things and been very sensitive. A very strange experience happened when I joined a softball team when I was younger. The first day of practice when the whole team met, I was drawn to another girl. We looked at each other and it felt like we knew each and were best friends. It was a strange connection between us, and we both felt it. The moment we met we got a strange look and it was sort of like, "I know you" but we had never seen each other before. It was so strong.

I would say it really started in third grade. My mother and I had moved in with my uncle and cousins after my aunt's death, to give my cousin's a woman's presence (my mother). Nothing strange happened until one day my cousin and I were running around and playing. Suddenly the door to my uncle's room began opening and closing, opening and closing. Naturally, we freaked out and hid. Now, I'm willing to pass off as the wind opening and closing the door... but the wind from a window opening a fully closed door? I'm still not sure on that, but I'm willing to believe wind.

My mother and I moved back to my hometown into a little apartment (duplex). It was fine for a while then I started to hear very subtle whispers at night. My mother assured me these were because the next door neighbors used ham radio and it interfered with the answering machine at night (it did interfere with the television occassionally.) But I never told my mother that I felt like there was girl in the hallway at night. This is where I first noticed I was sensitive. I could never see anything but I could sense that someone was there and I could tell their sex. I never thought much of it, but then one night I went into my mother's room to get something. She was in the kitchen and I looked toward the doorway and saw something walk past. Not a whole something though, just like an arm in a coat, but it had a walking motion. It wasn't fully developed. It walked by quickly and I was freaked out. At this house I had two friends over during the day and we closed the front door then went to the living room. A little while later there was a slam, like the front door was slammed shut - but we had closed it. Now it could have been the people downstairs, but we were all sure the noise came from the front door. We hightailed it out of there.

It was around this time that I found a stupid little ability - I could sort of guess what was going to happen. My mother and I had looked at a house about a year earlier and I KNEW, just KNEW that we would end up in the house, even though a year had passed and we had no word on it. I KNEW that we would move in there. Well, we did. But also I have the funny little ability to know who is going to win in a game show and if someone is going to get a question wrong or right. I do it involuntarily - I cringe before someone answers. That's not a big deal, I just find that amusing. It's small. Sometimes though when I dream I'll get an image of something, a little clip - for example once I dreamed for about ten seconds of a little red car driving on a road. The next day my mother, her friend, and her friend's daughter went to an arcade. My mother's friend's daughter and I played a game - a racing game where that same red car drove down the little road.

Anyway, so we moved into the new house and I guess that's sort of where things began moving faster. I started hearing more whispering at night. I couldn't make out words, but it always sounded as if there were people downstairs talking and I could only hear the muffled sounds, as would happen if it were actually happening. But there was never anyone downstairs. I knew again that it was a man and a woman talking. It was around this time that I started to feel that a man watched me as I slept. Sometimes I could feel him near the bed and other times more toward the door, but I felt him very strongly. The only thing was, I can normally give myself a loose idea of what the person may look like in my mind, but not with this man. I only get a black sort of image in my mind. Now, this man has never scared me. I mean, it's scared me, but it's never been where I felt as if he would harm me. I feel as if he looked over me. Now I begin to wonder if it's my grandfather and I'm not getting a picture of him because he died before I was born. I'm not sure on that though. I just know he's there.

Later on, I remember this night very clearly - it was after homecoming and I was having people over. My friend Allie had come with me and we were eating and we needed more lights so I went to turn on the one in the foyer. The stairs are in the foyer and as I turned on the light I just felt as if I MUST look at the stairs. I stood transfixed, like someone was talking to me. I knew it was the woman and the non-conversation that I could not even hear had that sort of parental "You better not be too loud or leave the television on" sort of feel to it - event hough there was no conversation at all. I just stood there like an idiot. After it happened I told my friend and she said she saw something white flash near the stairs, but I don't know. I didn't witness what she did so I can't be sure. A few months later (on Halloween day), I was walking past the bathroom and felt this energy rush at me. It felt as if someone jumped out at me and screamed "BOO!" It had the same feeling. I screamed and ran down the stairs. Whenever I passed the bathroom I felt like there was a little boy in there, standing near the mirror. Those were the biggest experiences. There were also smaller ones where I was looking for something and in its place was dusty tape dispenser. That was just odd.

I feel very strongly connected to that house, like it's where I should be living. I've moved a lot (lived in 6 houses) but that's the only one that I have a strange draw to. I can't explain it. I just know I need to live there, I need to live in that house.

Needless to say, I moved from that house (so the feelings of needing to be there are strong). This August, in fact. Some family things happened so my mother and I, along with my aunt and grandmother moved into a house across town. (I still feel so connected to the last house.) Nothing extraordinary happened at this house and I felt like things have stopped. Well, about a month or so after we moved in, my mother put up pictures downstairs. She hammered them in and everything. That's just to set the story up. About a week later, another aunt of mine was over visiting and my mother went to the store. From the downstairs came the same noise that had come when my mother was hanging pictures, a hammering pounding. My visiting aunt came into my room and asked if I was hanging pictures. I said no and that I thought she was because of the noise. I haven't heard the noise again and can't explain it (there's no furnace or anything noisy downstairs, it's our living room area - we live in a ranch house now.) It was around this time that I felt the man was back. At night he is always standing by the door, I feel him but don't see him. Sometimes I'll see reflections in the TV when it's turned off and it's always quick and sort of shapeless or an animal shape (I've often felt a cat presence in the old apartment - once I saw a picture of a cat my mother owned that ran off before I was born and I sort of feel like that it's that cat.) I've also seen little... bugs I guess you could say, but they're just small little black dots that pop up on my wall for a flash (my walls are orange so it's noticeable.)

That was months ago. The latest thing happened tonight. This was the weirdest thing yet. After a night out with friends (no drinking or drugs or anything, just a night out to eat and talk - it was around 1am) I came home and needed to take out my contacts. I went to the bathroom and took out the case and such then looked around - no solution. I sighed, "Come on." then I figured I must have left it in my room with my shower things, so I went in to check. It wasn't with my shower things so I thought it might've been in the bathroom medicine cabinet so I went back in.... and the solution was sitting on the counter right next to the sink where I had just looked. I stared at it for a moment, not believing it. I took out my contacts and left the room. I sort of felt something follow me out of the bathroom and to my door - but it didn't follow me in, it seems like only the man is ever in my room). It was just too weird. I can usely find some explanation, but this time I couldn't. I knew that the solution wasn't there. I could not explain this one at all.

Any thoughts on any of this? Or what I can do? I'm stuck, I don't know what I can do about any of this or... I don't know. It freaks me out to be honest.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 06:06 PM
My friend I would like to say welcome and thankyou for posting.I will admit I only read about three quarters of the thread that being the first half and the last paragraph.Sorry but I am very how could you say impatient when it comes to topic matter.

I am kind of sorry to hear that you are this kinetic(sp?)

You are not alone and it seems that it is gettintg stronger within more of us.I have been through a torturous amont of events and happenings in my life.Which has turned me,a once nice boy.Who I still am still in many ways.
Into a Scarecrow.What the definition of that is a dark gypsy who trys to do good and protect good people from those who are part of the darkness that has enveloped his heart.Sometimes it gets out and I become that which I have fought all my life.

I would like to say that in you times of despair and isolation hold onto what you are and what you know you are.I hope your path is not as dark as mine but understand we all have different roles in this.

More later.The Scarecrow....

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 08:37 PM
Hi and welcome!

Pretty interesting stories you've got, indeed.

Just a quick idea... who were the pictures you talked about of? Are there also pictures of departed relatives? Or pictures (or frames) that belonged to departed relatives?

Because judging what you wrote, these entities seem to be bound to those pictures (at least, to some of them)

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 08:44 PM
The pictures my mother was hanging of the basement were framed photos of me and random landscape paintings (not hand painted or anything, the type you could pick up at any arts and crafts/decorating store.)

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 09:10 PM
I see...

Well, at least it seems these spirits have good intentions, and maybe are there to protect you.

Sounds quite a good news to me

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 10:17 PM
There are many different kinds of ways to attain attachment with entities or ghosts as it were.Aswell as have protection or as in some circles favor of the spirits.Even down to christianity most pray to god for protection of others and the well being of all,or something along those lines I think I dunno.

Many faiths speak of favor in turn for good deeds or just being generally good in every day life.While other circles would say that the earth protects us in ways.Pertaining to different crystal masters different minerals and stones can bring protection.

In the world of Witches and Scarecrows those who connect with eachother send and transfer energy on regular occasions whether through meditation and soul seeking through the etheral realm.Or in some other way like an exchange of speacial items that belong to one another.

In some cases mages or witches travellers and gypsys(many others too).
Will start an exchange of rocks or objects on their travels.Keeping one item for a while to charge it so to speak with their energy.Or just to plainly move around the energies believed to be found within the crystals or rocks


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