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Inventory: Fridge, pantry, and spice rack!

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posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 11:54 PM
I have spent several years perfecting my diet and notice quite a difference between the insides of my fridge, pantry, and spice rack relative to my peers. I very rarely eat out... I'm too obsessive about GMO's and organic food... so what's on the shelves at home is what I eat on the daily.

I store everything in glass jars from 2 gallon to 1/2 pint and as something runs below 1/2 a jar full, I downgrade to the next smaller size. I keep food stocked like a Morman. Anyway, I thought I'd share my diet with you and hope you can find the time to inventory your food for us as well. At the very least it is a great exercise in what you really eat. Without further adu, my pantry:

2 gallon glass jars:

Dried black turtle beans
Dried kidney beans
Dried Black eyed peas
Long grain wild rice
Black rice

1 gallon glass jars:

4 full of granola cereal
dried bananas
flax seed
coarse oat flour
coarse wheat flour

Quart jars:

Powdered vegatible broth
Dried onion
3 Dried vegatable protein
Sesame seed
sushi rice
Dried Red lentils
Dried Brown lentils
Dried Green lentils
Dried Mung beans
Dried Split peas
Sunflower seed
Pumpkin seed
Cinnamon sticks
Crushed nori seaweed
Crushed kelp
2x coffee beans
Kava kava powder
2x oatmeal
cocoa powder
2x olive oil
sesame oil
2x organic cane sugar
2x honey
2x oatmeal

Pint and half pint jars (mostly spices purchased in bulk):

coarse black pepper
red pepper flakes
garlic powder
french green clay
ginger powder
celery seed
chili powder
curry powder
white pepper
all spice
baking soda
3x preserved fruit spreads (no sugar)
2x peanut butter (no hydrogenation)


8 - 28oz muir glenn crushed tomatos
20 - various canned beans and lentils

Fridge and freezer

Frozen peas
Frozen corn
Frozen brussel sprouts
Frozen spinach and mustard greens
Frozen lima beans

2 lb carrots
5 lb potatoes
5 lb apples
3 gallons of organic milk
4 gallons of various juice (I cheat... non-organic on juice... organic OJ is like $7.50 1/2 gallon)
dozen flax fed eggs
apple cider vinegar
braggs liquid aminos
Source of Life vitamins
balsamic vinegar
onions and garlic

Thats it... plus 6 bananas on the counter and a bag of Yerba Mate. No processed or prepackaged foods in my home.

Interested to see what is in everyone else's kitchen...

Sri Oracle

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 10:03 PM
That's a nicely stocked pantry, Sri Oracle!

I have many similar items in my pantry, though I must admit to having prepacked or frozen food as well. I eat organic when I can (it can be pricey), and grow my own vegetables/fruits in the summer. I'd love a bigger garden, though.

Throughout the summer I pick wild berries and do my own canning. Makes for easy, organic preserves and canned fruits all year round. You can't beat it.

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 08:36 PM
For some reason I thought you would be first to reply.

That's a nicely stocked pantry, Sri Oracle!

My Morman friends think I'm understocked... they keep themselves 12 months out... which would be roughly tripling my stash. Need more glass for that. I've been considering storing food in 5 gallon "Cornelius Kegs" (soda kegs) because I'm in the process of moving to an "off grid" location in the Ozarks and could see the need to store larger quantities. They are stainless... I've always been a glass person... but used "cornies" are about $25 and they pressure seal. You don't know of any down side to storing dried rice and beans in stainless?

I must admit to having prepacked or frozen food as well.

We just eliminated our last prepackaged frozen food from our diets: "Morning Star Farm Veggie Burgers". It turns out they use GMO's... even they're "organic soy" patties... the soy may be organic... but everything else in the patties is GMO and chem-o-ferted. For what it is worth... 6 years ago I was a fast food junky.

I eat organic when I can (it can be pricey)

Removing meat, packaged food, and "eating out" out from my diet has left plenty of room in my budget for organic food. I get past the "it can be pricey" feeling by mantra-izing: "Yeah... but it is not REAL", whenever I consider purchasing something I know to be inorganic. As a carpenter I can say that solid wood cabinets "can be pricey" but at least the illusion does not crumble when they get wet like pressboard cabinets. Same goes for organic food. I tend to stay healthy while those around me crumble in bad weather.

I pick wild berries and do my own canning

This is something I have yet to get into... but will soon enough. There is a 30 acre field of blackberries that I earned access to last year by helping clear downed trees. Do you can in glass or metal? I've heard that often times the local "Church of Latter Day Saints" (morman) will allow non-members to can foods using their canning machines. I also recently became aware of "ball ideal" and "atlas EZ seal" jars... they're the ones with glass LIDS that are out of production... they trade on ebay for $5-10 each... as much as $30 for 2 gallon. The alchemist in me is always seeking ways to purify my means of containment.

One of the most recent additions to my diet is Yerba Mate. I am gradually reducing my coffee intake and shifting towards Mate. One of the things I really like about it... aside from the lack of acid and less 'edgy' caffiene... is the fact that it MUST be shade grown under rainforest. Everytime I drink a glass I quitely recognize this fact; knowing with each sip I slow rainforest depletion. Thanks and Praises.


Sri Oracle

posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 12:00 AM
Glad it's not just me! I've never been able to throw glass jars away.

Interesting selection of stuff.

I also bottle my own chilli oil - usually just chillis but sometimes with garlic or lemon grass/kaffir lime leaves for Thai. I have various vintages of various degrees of power

Have you tried smoked paprika - fantastic condiment

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