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Anomalous Events...

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posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 09:05 PM
So, after reading another thread on here, I decided to start one of my own about some anomalous events that occured to me in the past. I have posted about a few of them, but never put them together, and I figured the skunk works would be the place. So, to begin, here is a rundown of the events:

November '99 - I get a call from my girlfriend, who is at my house. She is terrified, crying, begging me to come home. She says there are strange noises, and various electronics keep turning themselves off and on. I go home, a little pissed off, because it sounds really stupid, and the girl in question had always seemed a little nutty to me, anyways. I get home, and she is huddled in a corner, with a knife. I ask her a few questions, and eventually, we come around to the TV and VCR, which she claimed had been a couple of the offending devices. I walk over towards them, to turn them on and assure her they are functioning properly. When I am about two feet away, they turned on. I backed away, and they turned back off. I was like, ok...a little strange. I move back towards them, and I hear my computer turn on, which was in my bedroom at the end of the hall. By now, I'm a little pissed about it all, and so I head down the hall. I see the bedroom light is on now, too. I get about halfway down the hall, and they both shut off. So I'm a little creeped. Then the front door, which was down the hall by the bedroom door, swing open violently, but I don't see anyone there. I go down the hall and shut the door, and then waited to see if anything else would happen. Nothing did, and that was the end of that event.

December 99 - I see a strange ball of greenish light fly over the area where I lived. This occured at dusk, as I was turning onto my road, on my way home from work. Approx two weeks later, I begin recieving unusual messages on my answering machine. The calls would last in duration from a few minutes to one that lasted over half an hour. These messages consisted of some heavy breathing, and what sounded like an animal, perhaps a dog, being beated and howling in pain...never anything more or less...the calls would come in at various times, yet never once while I was home.

January 00 - Late january, I leave work, and instead of going straight home, as I almost always did, I went to the closest mall, which was about 30 mins away...on my way back home from said mall, I sstop back in where I work, to pick up a couple of things. One of my managers there calls me over, and tells me that there had been a caller looking for me. The person who called said they were from the state police (I think it was state, either state or county sherriff) and that they were looking for me. They also stated that they had already been to my house, and wanted to know if my manager had any idea where I might be found. Well, I was a little weirded out on that, because I was a real do good homebody then, so I couldn't imagine why the police would be looking for me. So I head home. It had snowed during the day, so I could see the tracks of boots that had gone to my door. They had, in fact, gone inside. (the lock on my door was broken at that time.) I could also see that they had left. I went inside, and being the good boy I was, I called the state dispatch to see if I could find out why they might have been looking for me. After talking to three different people, they all tell me that there is no record of anything involving me, and that if there had been, they would know. Thus, it seems, whoever it was that had called, and gone to my house, was not actually a police officer.

Things seemed to calm down for a bit, after this period. The strange events resumed the next winter.

November 00 - The "wrong number" phone calls begin. By this time, I have caller ID. I begin to recieved 3-4 wrong number phone calls a day. To a number, keep in mind, that had been at that address for 14 years. The callers ask for various people. Occasionally, some of them are extremely bizzare. One was even a tape recorded conversation between an elderly lady and another person, about how she was dying. There didnt seem to be any reason for this, that I could figure, but this continued for almost six months.

february 01 - I am making dinner, talking on the phone to a friend. Suddenly, very loudly, an inhuman sounding voice says "Human." It was loud enough that my friend I was talking to heard it as well. I checked the TV, computer, etc, but they were all off. Nothing else occured, and I have no idea where that might have come from.

April 01 - I am woken up in the night by the same voice as about, saying "you're dead." I have never been sure whether to attribute this to an odd have away half dreaming state, or what.

Again, the summer is calm...strangeness resumes in September...

September 01 - On the 10th, I come down with a mystery illness. I felt fine in the morning, went to work, but within 30 mins, I could no longer stand, and nearly lost consciousness. I turned incredibly pale (which is a feat for me, as I am rather olive-skinned, you could say) and weak, but otherwise I felt fine. After about 20 mins of sitting, I managed to leave work and go to a doctor. The doctor could find nothing wrong with me, he said, and had no idea what it might be. He took some blood samples, etc, and sent me home to rest, and said if I felt close to losing consciousness again, get to the hospital. I went home, and slept until the next morning. Of course, well all know what happened sept 11th. On the 12th, the wrong number plague resumed, but much increased. I began to recieve 10-15 wrong numbers a day. Also on the 12th, I was followed on my drive home from work. I lived in a very out of the way place, and so I found it odd when someone had followed me my entire route home. So instead of turning down the road I lived on, I continued past, looped back around, and drove through three of the surrounding towns. The car following me never left. Finally I decided "the hell with it" and went home...the car behind me followed me to the end of the road I lived on, which was a private road. After I turned down it, the car stopped at the end of the road, then turned around and pulled out.

December 01 - Someone broke into my house, and got on my computer. I wasn't able to figure out what they did, beyond accessing my email. Various items on my desk had been moved around, and the books on my bookcase had been moved around. Nothing was missing.

June 02 - My house is broken into again. Again, things were moved around, and my computer had been used. However, this time, someone had accessed not only my email, but messenger programs as well, and somehow had editing my message histories, removing some items and adding others. (I know a bit about computers, but no idea how one would do this?) I am not sure what else, if anything, was done. I did find out about two weeks later, a few of the falsified message histories had actually been printed, because they were mailed to my girlfriend at the time. What they contained were messages that made it appear I was cheating on said girlfriend. This whole situation was really bizzare. There were several other strange points revolving around seperating this girl and I. I was followed, threatened by various anonymous means, and similar events that I'd rather not disclose. Again, had someone claiming to be a
police officer call looking for me. Again, it was not actually a police officer.
These events stretched into october of 02.

November 02 - This was the month of the random pull-overs. I was stopped six times in two weeks by state police, for no stated reason. They did the routine license, insurance, registration. They would shine flashlights in the car windows, and once searched my car. Never a single time did they say why they stopped me. Twice I was asked why I was out driving. Eventually, after about 30-45 mins each stop, they let me go.
Also of note, another UFO sighting this month, again right over the area where i lived.

Jan '03 - I wake up in the middle of the night, twice in this month, with every light in the house on, and the desk lamped turned to shine directly in my face as I sleep. And, of course, all the lights had been off when I went to sleep. (edit) I meant to put this in the original, but forgot to, because I was trying to figure out exactly when it happened, and don't remember precisely. In any case, during the winter of '03, the most terrifying thing to ever happen to me, occured. It was about 1230am, and I had just turned out my light, and turned to face the wall to go to sleep. Immediately after that, someone sat on my bed. Like you would if you were to sit beside a person laying on a bed, and lean over and look at them. I could feel their back against mine. The house was locked, windows locked, and I had arranged it so that whenever my door opened, it made a loud noise. (Was getting paranoid) So I don't see how anyone came in. And I don't know who it could have been. No one else had a key to the lock, and I kept it locked at all times, by this point. I was afraid to move, or to look. I didn't know if the person might have a malicous intent, and, in the dark, I figured if I moved and let them know I realized they were there, and they did have a bad intent, I would be at a real disadvantage. So I just lay very still, and after half an hour, they got up. I never heard anyone leave. About half an hour after that, I finally turned the light on and checked the doors, windows, etc, and made sure all the rooms were empty. Everything checked out... (/edit)

Feb '03 - A couple of strange occurances. First one, kinda minor. It was approx 930 at night, I way laying in bed, reading a book. Suddenly the floor lamp next to my bed shook violently, then stopped just as suddenly. That was it. About two weeks later, said lamp randomly burst into flame, without even being turned on. Second one, was again around 930pm, and again I was laying in bed reading. A common habit of mine. Next thing I know, I am sitting up in bed...and it is 330 of my contacts is missing, and the eye missing the contact is very irritated. Im totally confused. I can't figure out what happened to my contact, so I go looking at my eye in the mirror, cant find it off the the side, or anything. Eventually, I give up, and then I found it. Laying in the book I had been reading. The book that was laying in the floor, next to the bed when I "came to."

March '03 - Another UFO sighting, this one a little more intense. It was witnessed by me and an ex-girlfriend. We pulled over in a field to look at it, and it, eventually, flew directly over us. This was, needless to say, the last time said girl came anywhere near my house. (the sighting occured in a field only a few hundred feet from my house.) It is also of interest to note that from late 02 until this time, well, a little beyond this time, there are large portions of my memories just missing. No idea why.

Things calm down signifigantly after this point. In January of '04, I moved to a different town. Two days after I moved, I was followed home. The car following me pulled into the driveway across the road, a person got out, took a picture of me, got in and drove off...and then things were normal again, until I moved again, that fall....again, two days after I moved, I was followed home, and this time the person took a picture of the house I lived in. (that might have been what they were doing the time before, as I was standing in front of the house.) Then they drove off. It was, I think, the same car even. Since then, I have moved again, but this time, instead of moving instate, I moved across the country...and so far, nothing more has happened.
Now, there are a few events i have left out, for personal reasons, and probably a few I forgot, as well. However, I am curious what anyone might make of these events? If you have questions, ask...I just find them all to be strange, and wonder if there is any connection between any of them. What do you think?

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posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 09:33 PM
That was a great read!! I counted about 24 things happening to you. Highlights were: Voice saying "Human."
Door Slamming
Phone Calls with Dog Howling
Edited Computer Messages
And I cracked up when I read this one; Guy Hops out of Car and just Takes a Photograph of You.

Now I would presume you are telling the truth.
The household things, like the rattling and burning light, voices, slamming doors, could all be attributed to ghosts, plogorists to be precise[cant spell]. You did not say whether or not these occurrences followed you when you moved house. If they did, you've either got really , really bad luck, or there is something more evil at work here.
The UFO sightings are just UFO sightings. They may seem to be a bit weirder and of more significance when you link them up to all the other things, but they are most likely not.
Those prank calls are very odd. The fact that they always called when you were out and how long they all went for indicates that it wasn't just a bunch of kids mucking around.
The fake copper is indeed probably the most serious. Impersonating a police officer is, as you would know, a state and federal offence.

And the photography is just plain weird. Could be you had something done to you when you were a kid, and all this is just follow-up tests/investigations? Unlikely, though.
And I'll admit you have guts. I'd be out of my house in one second flat if lights started flicking on and off and turning to face me.

Oh, and install a better security system.

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 09:49 PM
Well, see, I can see how you break it down to being unrelated. That is how I always looked at it. But then, it occured to me, what are the odds of this many unusual things happening, and all of them being unrelated? Seems unlikely to me.
As for leaving when things began to happen...for one, I couldn't afford to move any sooner than I did. Also, nothing really threatening happened. Oh, I did forget to put in one very signifigant event that I will edit in, in a moment. It involves something or someone sitting on my bed in the winter of '03.
I have no idea why anyone would want anything to do with me. And yes, I found the impersonating a police officer the most disturbing, because it is a serious crime, and why the heck would someone go to that extreme. I would like to ask, should anyone know, if a police officer was perhaps doing it on his own, would dispatch have to know he was doing it? Can't see why anyone would have, but at least then it wouldn't be QUITE as disturbing. And I have no idea about the photography. Because it seems odd that they would bother doing it in front of me, you know? you'd think they would come back later...which made me wonder if someone was trying to play with me, but then, seems like a heck of a lot of effort...
so I don't know...but thanks for your thoughts!

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 10:16 PM
Wow, if all those things were to happen to me I think I would have moved way sooner then you did. Did you contact the phone company to have a tap put on your line to find out who was making the calls? Did you contact the local PD about all the pull overs and impersonation? Good Luck in your new home.

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 10:37 PM
I did not call the phone company. Probably should have, but at the time, never occured to me. I'm a rather logical person, and not really that thus, I didn't take it that seriously at first.
I did not contact the PD about the pullovers, I mean, what are they going to say? At that time it wasn't legal for the police to pull you over without giving a reason, but, if I had complained, I don't imagine it would have made a great difference. As for the impersonation, I did call the first time, as I said, I called and was directed to the dispatch...who had no idea. Nor were they concerned with the impersonation. They basically just figured it was a prank, and weren't concerned.
And like I said, nothing tried to hurt why move? I mean, I didn't exactly enjoy all of it, but I was too poor to just up and move for something that in the end was non-threatening.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:51 AM
Let's just say that this is simply childish.

I even doubt this is a gov't related thing, it's just far too obvious, time consuming and generally useless, as a whole, 95% are merely annoyances and serve no purpose. All actions except the missing time & sore eye you reported are a) easily discernible b) serve no purpose. On top of that - abductions really shouldn't be noticed that easily and why affect just one eye? is there an conceivable medical purpsose behind this??). i even doubt you were abducted, they just paralysed you and poured something into your eye. Unless they managed to spike your food & drinks (tap water!), this requires either sound or radio based tech. Only infrasound cannot be effectively protected against, radio can be refelcted and ultrasound doesn't penetrate stuff all that well and lacks range.

That's a psyop of the stranger kind, tbh, who's behind it, don't know, what about taking your time and following them around for a change? perhaps even get friends or sympathetic nutjobs to do it. That and you might gamble and feed them JSP 30-06s, but prepare for a violent reaction and look for means of radio (broadband, not necessarily very sensitive), infra- and ultrasound detection, because THAT's what they're apparently using on you (surreal noise screams advanced audio gear to me) . don't be fooled, paralysing someone in bed without warning may seem easy but it's not instant and you would have time to dodge and escape and/or engage them. at this point, a friend or two with rifles would help tremendously. you could reverse the roles and ask them cute questions, when these clowns are tied to your chair, i mean....

PS: i really really doubt any alien or ET interference, these guys are human, even though they want to appear as ETs (shout 'human' in the middle of the night, how freaking dumb is that?) My bet is they are some kind of l33t guild using infra/ultrasound or radio paralysis devices and someone with a bit of knowledge of phone networks (average hacker). The only fly in the ointment are your UFO sightings, there ARE helicopters (inter-skimming principle, f-ex see kaman helicopters) which make next to no sound, but they're not cheap and even though mounting a modded searchlight is easy, soundproofing isn't.

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 03:12 PM
Long Lance-
Some interesting points. And now to bring up one of my conclusions, which I have kept out of this so far. That being that I personally think the Ufos, which is use in the literal sense, as unidentified flying objects, while one (the flyover) was clearly not any identifiable aircraft, I think they are perhaps military equipment. The area these event occured in is fairly close to a decomissioned base that, oddly enough, still has a small staff and some form of operations. It is also not far from a base where a rather well known UFO sighting occurred, so you never know. So honestly, I don't think those events connected to the rest...but I added them in, because you never know.
As the the annoying and useless nature of it...that is largely my point as to why I didn't move. Nothing threatened my wellbeing. The bizzare phone messages, I really don't get the purpose of, but the wrong numbers, I think may not have been wrong numbers...I think they might have been used to determine if I was at home. Only reason I can think of, as it wasn't people asking for a business or something, as occurs sometimes when a business gets a similar number to one's home number.
As for "fighting back," so far, since I moved out of state, nothing has happened. And prior to that, nothing more than being followed and some weird photography happened after I moved out of the first location. So, me, my thoughts are that there was something going on out where I lived (which was a VERY remote area,) and whomever was behind the phenomenon was concerned that it might be documented, or something similar. It would explain why someone would use my computer (even the gf part of it, as I had told her all about it, and she had witnessed a few events, and wanted to get "big" about it,) why someone would impersonate a police officer (though I think it might have been an actual officer, just freelancing it perhaps?) and why someone would want to know where I live, yet be so blatant about letting me know that they are interested.
If it's not that, then heck, I don't know. I'm not especially a paranoid sort, but...after living there for a while, I really started to wonder. Now that it has been a few years, it's just one of those little mysteries that I'd like an answer for, because I hate not knowing. So thanks for your thoughts, they help give some new perspective.

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